The year 2019 is the period when the epidemic started to spread globally. During that time, several announcements were made simultaneously to make the public aware. Accordingly, the Ministry of Public Health announced that 25 new patients were added within one day, conducting the total number of COVID-19 cases in Qatar to 526. That was the early stage of the spread of COVID-19. Accordingly, we are correct if we say that the headline “25 new cases in Qatar as covid-19 total reaches 526” created fear in people in the first period.

COVID-19 Pandemic In Qatar

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Qatar is part of a global pandemic that has affected the entire world. Its arrival in Qatar took place on February 27, 2020. Accordingly, the total number of cases of COVID-19 was 436,820. Out of which, the number of active topics is 930. Four hundred thirty-one thousand ninety-one cases of death were reported. The number of COVID-19 deaths in Qatar was 688, with a mortality rate of 0.14%.

On September 12, 2022, 3,904,273 people in the country were tested. At the end of 2022 the number of deaths and illnesses in Qatar was deficient compared to the previous ones. The main reason is that Qatar has adequate healthcare facilities and a healthy young community. Qatar has implemented strict protocols throughout the pandemic as the host country for the FIFA World Cup 2022. 

Corona outbreak in Qatar

During that period, Qatar ranked second among the GCC countries with the total number of reported cases. At that time, among the GCC, Saudi Arabia was the worst affected by the epidemic. The number of patients reported was 767. Then very quickly, it was reported that 205 new cases were added in Saudi Arabia.

Among the 25 new infections reported in Qatar, 16 are people who traveled abroad. Currently, we know that most foreign people lived in Qatar during COVID-19. Therefore, the remaining 9 are people from abroad. Five of those people are Qatari citizens from the United Kingdom.

During that period, 25 new cases in Qatar as covid-19 total reached 526; we also learned that the latest patients were quarantined. However, one patient with a travel history to the UK was admitted to the intensive care unit. Out of all those cases, the report was that six people were severely ill. That knowledge caused fear and panic in the minds of people.

Twenty-five new cases in Qatar as covid-19 total reached 526. When receiving the headline, 41 people were fully recovered in Qatar. According to statistics, that was a volume of 183 cases per million population in Qatar. At that time, the most promising thing was that no corona deaths had been reported in Qatar.

Qatar’s response to COVID-19

The government implemented various measures to control the spread of the epidemic in Qatar. They worked to contain the virus by shutting down the country entirely and cutting off areas where migrant workers were housed.

They closed churches, parks, shops, all restaurants, and several public institutions. People closed the places where they enjoyed together. People controlled the space to gather together.

A lot of unique information was presented to the people.

They have more successfully overcome the challenges of meeting the pandemic’s demands due to the Qatari government’s positive responses. In addition, they followed several innovation and development events in the Middle East.

Overcoming the challenges against COVID-19

In the early days, when the epidemic spread, the main challenge for public health officials was to make people aware. Apart from that, they also made intensive efforts to identify the patients with COVID-19. Their lack of proper knowledge about the disease made it more challenging. 

There was limited scope for any expansion of the health system. But to minimize the spread of non-Covid-19 illnesses, confirmed cases were isolated. But as soon as the admission of patients increased, providing them with the necessary infrastructure was the other challenge faced by the Qatari health system.

Although Qatar’s healthcare capacity was more extensive, the problem was that hospitals and intensive care units needed more access. The other challenging point was the flow of wrong information about the disease on various social media platforms. 

Through that, it became more difficult for them to reduce the spread of rumors related to COVID-19. After that, when the vaccination was implemented in Qatar, people spread many stories about its effectiveness and side effects. There was a massive spread of COVID-19 ambivalence among the general public in Qatar.

As in other countries, mental health has deteriorated due to COVID-19 in Qatar. Isolation of people, illness of relatives, loss of school education for children, and having to stay home and work caused developmental disorders.


The COVID-19 pandemic in Qatar also brought about many innovations. The government launched various measures to control the virus. They started many things, like research institutes and technology development in Qatar. The government of Qatar has developed health measures to prevent the occurrence of such an epidemic again. They aim to use those technical procedures to inform people about the diseases and identify them immediately.

The Qatar government launched an app called Ehteraz to track Covid-19 contacts. They have developed procedures to identify chains of disease transmission in hospitals and private and public health institutions. Several emergency counseling services have been established in Qatar to improve the general population’s mental health.

The total number of cases and deaths here is the lowest since the last wave of Covid-19 in January 2022. The main reason is that vaccination programs are more efficient.

Final thoughts

The global pandemic also had a significant impact on Qatar. As a result, Qatar’s locals, as well as foreigners, were significantly affected by the disease. In the early days, the spread of the disease was a matter of concern to the public, with 25 new cases in Qatar as covid-19 total reached 526. However, the Qatari government successfully overcame the challenge of Covid-19.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long is quarantine in Qatar when positive for COVID?

The affected person should follow the instructions of MOPH for 14 days or as decided by the health authorities.

Q. What is the vaccination update in Qatar?

The Qatar government has issued emergency use permits for Moderna, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca vaccines.

Q. When did Qatar go into lockdown?

Qatar reported its first case of coronavirus in February 2020. A month later, they announced the country’s lockdown.