Working in Qatar can be a dream for many people. The main reason for this is the benefits of working in Qatar. However, you must have a more comprehensive knowledge of the industry when choosing to work in the country. What are the 5 Most In-Demand Jobs in Qatar? Does it match the skills? Let’s talk about it.

Qatar is a state that employs expatriates for a large part of its country’s workforce. Their economic progress has powerfully attracted workers from all over the world. Economically, Qatar is at the top as the best country in the Gulf region. You must know that Qatar has great demand for the following job opportunities.

1. the tourism industry

As a country in the Gulf region, Qatar is a place that has gained excellent tourist attractions. Research teams, explorers, and foreign tourists worldwide do not forget Qatar when visiting the Middle East. Tourism is one of the most lucrative industries in Qatar. Travel agents, travel companies, and hospitality managers base their income on tourism.

Is there a good demand for the tourism industry in Qatar? Qatar’s tourism industry is in a high state due to the rapid development of infrastructure and the growth of tourist destinations. It is stated in the analysis reports that it will remain the same for many more years. Qatar’s primary sources of income are oil and gas. But they are focused on economic development through increased tourism.

The salary in Qatar for tourism workers varies from QAR 5000 – 15000. Qatar is the commonplace of multi-purpose hotels with catering all over the world. For these reasons, there is always a need for bilingual reception staff in Qatar. If you are interested in the tourism industry, apply to Qatar.

2. Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the top occupations on the 5 Most In-Demand Jobs in Qatar list. Expats in Qatar are from all over the world. They should always have a lot of top-level health needs. Aiming to provide the best medical facilities and care, Qatar regularly issues applications for doctors and nurses. 

The average monthly salary for medical staff in Qatar is QAR 33,275. We can also introduce health professions as one of the few high-paying jobs in Qatar. Their salaries include housing, transportation, and a host of other benefits.

3. Petroleum Engineers

Oil and natural gas are the main factors affecting Qatar’s leading economy. The Qatari government is continuously taking steps to generate millions of dollars through oil and gas. So far, they have managed that capital more effectively. 

They have arranged to import it worldwide. Due to this, there is a tremendous job demand for oil and petroleum engineers in Qatar. Qatar is also a country that is trying to move forward with new technology. What is the salary of engineers in Qatar? Innovation and analytical skills are essential for an engineer recruited anywhere in the world.

Engineers also rank high among some of the highest-paying jobs in Qatar. Their salary ranges from QAR 30,000 – 35000.

4. Construction

Qatar is a country that constantly pays excellent attention to development activities. A lot of dollars have been invested in the country’s construction by foreign people coming to new cities. The natives of Qatar have also added their contribution to the more complex construction process. But the Qatari government has a more pronounced dependence on migrants because it is so tiny.

The current salary for construction workers in Qatar ranges from 10,000 to 18,000. They continue to invest in construction and real estate, and commercial properties in Doha have also contributed to that demand.

5. Technicians

Next on the list of 5 Most In-Demand Jobs in Qatar is Technician. Employees must have extensive knowledge and the ability to work with equipment in Qatar. System updates, maintenance of established expertise, and proper professional understanding are required. 

As a developing country, Qatar has created many new jobs for technicians. Construction and industries are established in Qatar and pay high levels for technicians. The salary of a master technician in Qatar is around QAR 37000.

Are you looking for a government job among the Most In-Demand Jobs in Qatar?

You can use websites to search for jobs in Qatar. For example, register on Linkedin and Indeed. It also allows you to apply for jobs in the government sector and organizations through the authorized official website. Specific portals connect you to companies and organizations looking for their best CVS employees. Also, all necessary information can be accessed online for job details in various sectors in Qatar.

The recruitment process for jobs in Qatar

If you are looking for the Most In-Demand Jobs in Qatar, find the job through the official career websites. If there are any vacancies by the government, they will be published on the websites. Then you browse and apply when there is something that matches your qualifications or experience.

The relevant authorities will review your application and compare it with the realities of the workplace. After the analysis, the rules will contact the eligible candidate directly. Ineligible candidates will also be notified by email.

Then they judge the shortlisted candidates and conduct the interview. It can be a face-to-face phone call or a conference call. If you are in Qatar, you can attend the interview in person.

When you go for the interview, you should carry the offer letters of the organization and proof of educational qualification and experience. Then you need to present your work experience and personal details correctly to them.

Credentials you need to have to work in Qatar

There are several documents required when they ask you for a work permit. By that time,

A correctly filled job application form from the Ministry of Labour

A copy of the employee’s passport

Two passport photographs

Documents certifying the employee’s health

Places where you can submit your CV for a recognized job in Qatar

You can consider the following opportunities to search and apply for government jobs in Qatar.

Ministry of Cities and Environment

Qatar Foundation Jobs

Qatar Petroleum Jobs

Qatar Museum Jobs

Qatar Investment Authority

Qatar Scholarship Jobs

Jobs in Qatar Financial Center

Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Ministry of Transport and Communications


Qatar is a country that operates with a more robust vision for 2030. Qatar is the best choice for someone looking for career growth. They can apply from any sector in Qatar, whether public or private. Our guide to the 5 Most In-Demand Jobs in Qatar will help you choose a job that suits your skills.