Qatar is a country with a tradition of specialization. Festivals, languages, customs, and food are also unique. A person visiting Qatar would like to taste the taste of Qatari food. Some of the tastiest forms of food are available when you visit the streets of Qatar. Let us describe the 5 Most Popular Local Foods in Qatar. We recommend that you must try these.

The best local street foods in Qatar

Many food lovers flock to Qatar because of its traditional cuisine. In this way, due to the country’s traditional food, Arabic food shops and restaurants have sprung up on a global scale. In addition, there are a lot of restaurants in Doha with unique dishes that you can try. You may only be able to try food from some of them during a visit. But remember to try street food in Qatar. Below, we list some delicious dishes that you must try.

Once upon a time

It is a delicious Arabic food that you can eat at any time of the day. It is not a main course. Qatar is well known as a snack. This snack is most famous among many tourists searching for popular local food in Qatar. You can have these with coffee at several of Qatar’s Souq Waqif restaurants.

Once enabled, it is prepared by adding stuffed banana leaves, rice, lemon juice, medicinal palate, tomatoes, salt, pepper, etc. Some also use minced beef or lamb as an alternative to rice. If you dine at an authentic restaurant in Qatar, you can experience authentic Enab once.

Kousa Mahshi

It is an excellent Arabic traditional food from Qatar with a great reputation. It is a foodie, especially for anyone visiting Qatar. Many things like minced lamb, vegetables, mint, etc., and spices have been added. If you’re making a list of delicious Middle Eastern dishes, Kousa Mahshi should be at the top.

In some restaurants in Qatar, there are some prepared using kale instead of lamb. It is a must-try if you are looking for vegetarian food in Qatar. They can enjoy it with tomato paste or yogurt. It would be an exciting combination indeed.

And people will always remember the experience of Al Shami Home Restaurant. If you are visiting Qatar, remember to try Kousa Mahshi here. You can experience the traditional Berber tent and the marble fountain at that restaurant. Let us tell you; it is truly mouth-watering.

3. Kunafa with cheese

Among Qatar’s 5 Most Popular Local Foods, another special dish is kunafa with cheese. It tops the list of the most famous traditional sweets in the Middle East. It is also an excellent food for sound-bite humans. They have prepared the food by adding different flavors for this. It is primarily on Qatar’s list of top tastiest sweets and street food.

If you visit Qatar during Ramadan, you will always have the chance to taste kunafa with cheese. Or if your company has spares in Qatar, they will surely bring them to you. It is a special dish that people can enjoy all year round. In Doha, you can taste kunafa with cheese in many places. Among them, Al Aker Sweets in Souq Waqif is special.

Also, if you want something sweeter than that, you can try the Nutella Kunafa. It is also an exceptional choice for sweet lovers in Qatar.

4. Matchboos

Another specialty of Qatar’s most famous local food is machboos. It is a food that can be prepared and contains many things, including chicken, beef, mutton, camel meat, fish. Matchaboos are famous in Qatar as one of the most delicious local dishes because they are a good mix of spices and rice. 

It may also be the dish that holds the top spot in the hearts of the locals in Qatar. Did you know that Qatar’s national dish is machboos? So when looking for local food in Qatar, you can taste it in every restaurant.

Some Qatari restaurants serve these machbooks with different tastes. We recommend it to you as a delicious local food in Qatar, no matter what ingredients it is made with—more confidence in its natural flavor and nutrition.

If you want to experience the original taste of matcha boos in Qatar, remember to try them at Souq Waqif.

5. Khanfaroosh

Khanfaroush has a special place among the famous local foods of Qatar. Can you imagine the taste of a cake mixed with a biscuit? Yes, it’s a different experience. So Khanfaroush is a must-try during your time in Qatar. It is an aromatic fried sweet. We are right if it is one of the most famous sweets in Qatar.

This deep-fried dish serves sugar or honey for a different taste. But the main reason Khanfaroush is more delicious and unique is its crispy exterior. And made with rose water, this is a genuinely floral dessert. You can also take these as a treat to chocolates when you meet your sweetheart. Khanfaroush is very special as such a healthy and delicious food.

You can find Khanfaroush in any restaurant in Qatar. You will be lucky to taste this on festive occasions and at tea parties.

Final thoughts

Qatar is a special place where different traditions come together. Festivals, people’s behavior, religion, language, and food in Qatar are also unique. If you visit Qatar, you must try the local food. It can give you a better understanding of the nature of Qatar. 

Qatar has several regional cuisines. Food has been modernizing since Atitahi until now. But among them, we have provided you with an idea about the 5 Most Popular Local Foods in Qatar that you must try.