Qatar is a country that offers a large number of jobs for domestic workers. Most people in Qatar are expatriates, and most are Asians who are domestic workers in Qatar. Accordingly, to build global relations, the Qatari government should provide strict security for the people coming to their country. Many laws have been implemented in this regard. Among them, 5 Rights Household Workers are Entitled to in New Law are also worth mentioning.

The Emir of Qatar signed Law No. 15 of 2017. Accordingly, those with more legal protection are gardeners, housekeepers, drivers, and other domestic workers. Also, before this event, the domestic worker sector had not been included in Qatar’s labor law, so no written contracts were received.

Any expatriate worker will expect security in their life in their job.

Accordingly, they will surely get the strict protection they expect through the new law. There they will also get a tough guide about the rules they must follow to maintain their job. It specifically reveals how employers should treat their employees.

Qatar Law No. 15 Relating to Domestic Workers

It is related to the provisions about expatriate workers, especially for domestic recruitment. When a female employee is employed in any way, it must be through a labor contract. That is, the department has written and certified three copies, and they should provide one copy each.

Recruiting domestic workers in Qatar is done by only one party. That is, the provisions of the Certified Recruitment Offices Act apply to it—recruitment of foreign domestic workers on their account after due approval of the department.

Domestic workers are entitled to a paid probationary period. A ministerial decision determines it.

Household Workers are Entitled to in this New Law

  • She is preventing damage to the health of the domestic worker by not exposing her life to danger.
  • Timely monthly salary payments as applicable to them, all through cash or direct deposit
  • To give domestic help fairer treatment by protecting it from harm and dignity
  • Receipt of final benefits consisting of three weeks’ wages for one year’s work
  • Bonuses as per the labor agreement before the end of its term protect the full rights of domestic workers till the end.
  • If the domestic worker dies in Qatar, the employer bears the expenses related to the transfer to their coffin. It should be sent by the department if sent by someone other than the employer. For that, the administration should request reimbursement at the employer’s expense.

Other Provisions of Domestic Workers Law in Qatar

  • Employers of any kind are not permitted to bring their domestic help out of the country against their will for work.
  • All employers must not deduct the cost of hiring their assistants.
  • The domestic helper and the employer must have a copy of the work contract. They should file some more documents with the government.
  • The age limit for domestic workers in Qatar is between 18 and 60 years. The Minister of Labor will give an exception for some exceptional cases.
  • Violators of Qatar’s maid law will be fined between QR5,000 and QR10,000.

Requirements for Household Workers are Entitled to in New Law

  • The benefits mentioned above are implemented for the welfare of domestic workers in all households in Qatar. Instead, some of their needs are expected.
  • Qatar is a culturally protected country different from the West and other countries. They have a standard set of customs. They expect domestic workers to respect their rules, customs, social traditions, and religious values.
  • They must fulfill the responsibilities assigned by the employer without default.
  • Employees should keep more sensitive information about their employers without harming their interests.
  • The employer must always act with integrity and be accurate.
  • Protect the secrets, money, and property of the employer and its residents.
  • Protecting and handling the objects entrusted to the employee for his work
  • Refrain from receiving any remuneration or work done with other persons contravening the relevant regulations.
  • Treating the employer’s family members, children, and elders very well and building human relations properly
  • The working hours shall be ten hours per day unless there is a contract.

Final thoughts

It is safe to work as a domestic worker in Qatar. Laws apply for that, and you can go to the complaining party if there is any mistake. Household Workers are Entitled to in this New Law. To get it, domestic workers have to fulfill the proper requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any rights for domestic workers?

According to the Ordinance, domestic workers have several rights. Among them are many other rights, including salary payments within ten days from the due date and one day of paid rest per week.

Q. What is DOS 10 for domestic workers?

There is a list of duties that a housekeeper can reasonably be expected to perform. Including dusting, flooring, vacuuming, ironing, and laundry, among others

Q. Can a maid in Qatar wash cars?

Housework does not include gardening, housework, or car washing.