Water helps to maintain the cells of the body of any living being, including humans. Water is the symbol of life. With adequate hydration, the body’s systems function more smoothly. But do you properly give water to the body? How much water should you get per day? Here we also describe 7 Tricks to Ensure You Drink Enough Water.

Our human body is only 70% water. Controlling blood pressure, regulating body temperature, maintaining electrolyte balance, relaxing joints, and promoting cell health are mainly accomplished by drinking water properly. However, we all know that hydration is a must. If hydration does not work correctly during summer, we may feel faint and thirsty. But the problem is how to ensure that you drink enough water. Let’s follow some steps for that.

1. Set a daily goal.

You should indeed drink more water. But with a busy schedule, you may need help to arrange the proper time. It is worth setting yourself a goal for your daily water intake. It may motivate you. But that goal should be more innovative.

The most innovative water consumption goal is to drink 32 ounces of water a day. Make it a habit that can motivate you to Ensure You Drink Enough Water.

2. Set a reminder

Remember to drink water because it is something you always need but can often miss. You can get help through an app using your smartphone or smartwatch. That is, keep a reminder to drink a cup of water every 30 minutes or as much as you can. 

Or remember to refill your glass of water after drinking it. It will be one of the best Tricks to Ensure You Drink Enough Water. You can focus on your health and busy schedule without worries.

3. Drink a glass of water before a meal

You can drink a glass of water before every meal as another of the Tricks to Ensure You Drink Enough Water. You mainly get three meals a day. Accordingly, drinking water before meals adds 3 cups to your daily net intake. 

Sometimes when you feel hungry, you drink water to quench your thirst. Drinking water before a meal also can determine whether you are hungry. In addition, drinking water before your meal will help your body absorb fewer calories. Through it, your weight loss also happens.

4. Add a flavor to the water.

We know that water has no taste, color, or smell. It can be unpleasant to drink frequently. If so, add flavor to water from Tricks to Ensure You Drink Enough Water. There are many options for that. You can add an inexpensive fruit-infuser water bottle to it. 

The most popular fruit combinations are lemon, cucumber, lime, strawberry, and kiwi. Or add any combination that suits your taste. You can also buy powder or liquid water enhancers to add to water. However, it would help if you were careful with them because most contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, or other additives that can harm health.

5. Eat foods that are high in water.

Among the Tricks to Ensure You Drink Enough Water, another unique way is to get water through food. Some fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water. In addition to their high fluid content, these foods contain health-promoting vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Among those foods,

Lettuce – 96% water, Cabbage – 92% water, Honeydew melon – 90% water, Celery – 95% water, Watermelon – 90% water

6. Automatic zipping

Another method among Tricks to Ensure You Drink Enough Water is Madefor. If you doubt whether you are drinking enough water, you can sip. Made for is a science-advanced service to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. It prepares you for a seven-day hydration challenge. With a way to measure your progress every time you drink water during the day or in the summer. Visit GetMadefor.com to purchase.

7. Invest in a water filter

When you hydrate, it’s best to drink tap water, which is best for you. Investing in a high-quality water filter is a worthwhile idea. Through a purer osmosis system, mercury, fluoride, and chlorine are removed from drinking water to give you clean, healthy water. Make sure you choose the best type of network filter to suit your needs.

What happens if you don’t drink enough water?

  • The first experience of dehydration is a constant headache.
  • Slow bowel movements
  • Due to a lack of dehydration, the skin becomes dark.
  • Dry mouth with mucus
  • Weight gain due to drinking more water instead of hunger
  • Fatigue due to replenishing fluid intake


If you have heart disease, it is essential to reduce water intake. That means your body doesn’t have to maintain too much fluid. Aim for less than two liters per day from all sources of fluid. Consult the physician if you have any concerns about this. Drinking too much water can cause you. For those wondering how much water they should drink a day, they can drink a balance of 6 to 8 glasses a day to stay healthy.

Is it reasonable to drink water before bed?

Many people do not like drinking water before bed at night. The reason for this is frequent urination during sleep. But drinking water before bed can have both advantages and disadvantages for you. The advantages are,

Improves Mood: Dehydration can negatively affect your mood. It can also affect the entire sleep-wake cycle. By drinking water before sleep, your muscles and legs will eliminate fatigue.

Natural Cleansing: Warm water is a natural way to detox the body and aid digestion. Warm water increases your blood circulation. The body breaks down waste products, and sweat output increases. There some fluid is lost during the night. But excess oils and toxins are removed, and skin cells are cleansed.

Drinking warm water before sleep will keep you hydrated throughout the night. Unnecessary toxins are removed from the body. It also helps relieve stomach pain and cramps.

Best time to drink water

Drinking water before bed has many benefits. But don’t drink your water close to bedtime. It can affect heart health. Drink more water throughout the day to prevent dehydration and avoid over-drinking at night. 

If you are dehydrated, you will have dark urine. If you drink enough water, the color of your urine is light yellow. Also, drinking eight glasses a day is a better goal for you. But the number varies from person to person. It may vary depending on conditions such as weather, activities, etc.

Final thoughts

Hot weather is a time when our body needs more water. However, good results can be obtained by purposefully drinking water every day. Make it a part of your routine. Start your day with a good glass of water when needed in the morning. Our guide, 7 Tricks to Ensure You Drink Enough Water, will help you drink enough water.