BRILLZINE is a magazine about creators around the globe to empower people that bring trends and big ideas that will change our future.

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BRILLZINE is where tomorrow is seen. It is a vital source of information and ideas that make sense of our ever-changing world. The discovery and new creations that we uncover that lead to revolution, affinity, and new heights.


BRILLZINE’s mission is to share the stories that matter most, to ignite conversations that will drive global change and empower the future.

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Each month, along with thought-provoking articles, features, stunning photography, and cinematography, we traverse the brilliant ideas in science, technology, culture, and business — wherever innovation and new ideas are reshaping our world.


BRILLZINE was cofounded by Danush Tharanga and Mark Young, who also established one of the bespoke creative digital marketing agencies in Qatar.

Danush and Mark often spot an opportunity where big corporations are missing out. They realized to start a business that aimed to challenge people’s minds to do things differently and make life better.

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Apparently, this company isn’t run by artificial intelligence but is ruled by superhumans who endlessly work to guarantee fresh, riveting stories.