If you travel to Qatar this year, transportation by train will be an essential matter to consider. We explain 07 awesome facts About Doha Metro.

When you make your visit to Qatar this year for Fifa, the travel and transportation will be a vital fact. Even if you are a fan or not of Metro, you will surely have to use Doha metro for this transportation. As one of the most efficient and fastest metros in the world, you will be able to get to your destinations quicker than you think. Along with 37 main Metro stations, you will be able to enjoy the city life as well. We have brought you 07 awesome facts About Doha Metro.

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It Is A Rapid Transit System That Has Been Designed To Increase People’s Productivity

Doha metro has been planned to increase the productivity of people as they have introduced 37 stations. People can get off from any of these stations and get to their destinations. The government has taken extra measures to locate these 37 stations in the hearts of every city.

The expectation of the government is to facilitate efficient transportation so people can choose the best transportation methods easily. Also, the speed of the metro trains has been set at 070 km per hour, making the system more effective.

The Doha Metro Is An Automated Metro System

You won’t find a driver on the metros as they are fully operated through an automation system and are considered the fastest automated railway in the world. Also, the Doha metro is considered one of the most advanced automated always in the world along with the least labor cost. However, the passengers as well as the systems are observed by the control panel located in several points of the country.

The Doha Metro Is Among The Largest And The Fastest Metro Projects In The World

As one of the 07 awesome facts About Doha Metro, the implementation project can be mentioned. the project began operational in 2019 and it was a reality in a quicker time due to the special focus given by the authorities. According to sources, tunnel boring machines had been used in the development. Since most of the Metro Stations of the Doha metro are located underground, the authorities had to use those machines. Also, it was the first time in the constriction history a country used such a large number of tunnel boring machines at once.

They Are Electrically Powered

Doha Metro is powered by electricity and there are not more than 07 countries in the world that use the same technology. As a part of the eco-tourism, the government took those options. They had thought that the fuel burning, as well as the smoke emission, could be a distraction for a country that is located in the middle of the desert. Therefore, an additional USD 2.9 Billion had to be expanded for the particular project. Qatar Government could enjoy more benefits such as less noise pollution, having more attracted tourists, and getting rid of higher maintenance costs as well.

You, Will, Be One Of The Million Passengers If You Use the Doha Metro

The Qatar government is assuming that there will be about 1 million passengers on the Qatar railway for Fifa 2022. The government is preparing the Doha metro for the particular event along with a few features. The increased speed, passenger welcome, and innovative features such as entertainment will be introduced for the passengers as a result of this.

If You Have Kids Below 04, They Will Not Need A Ticket

Among 07 Awesome facts About Doha Metro, this will be the best one, if you have kids, you will not need to have a ticket for your kids. But, it is essential to have them accompanied by an adult. Also, if you have kids below 16 years, you must accompany them along with an adult’s metro card.

If you are a Qatari, you must know the places to purchase a Metro card. But, if you are a traveler or a tourist who has just got to watch Fifa 2022, you will be able to purchase them from Lulu, Al Meera, Carrefour, and Jumbo. These cards will be priced at QR 30 with a travel credit of QR 20.

They are more available than in any other country

The metros have been designed to arrive every six minutes and they will be stopping at the metro stations for up to 03minutes. It means you will be able to find a metro at a station most of the time. Also, you will have to stay only for three minutes to catch a metro. As one of the 07 Awesome facts About Doha Metro, you will be able to visit your favorite attraction in Qatar quickly.

Conclusion: 07 Awesome Facts About Doha Metro

We have explained 07 Awesome facts About Doha Metro you must know in Qatar. The owners are making lots of changes to Doha Metro nowadays, and they will not be a nuisance for you to make any delay. We will bring you more updates as soon as we know.