Looking at the long-term information about the healthcare system in Qatar, we can see significant progress in recent times. It is extraordinary that the Qatari government now understands the importance of a robust healthcare system. But if you are a newbie to Qatar, you will surely be more interested in the health situation in Qatar. Let us consider 5 Important Facts About Qatar’s National Health Strategy.

Every year, the government of Qatar launches various measures to improve the country’s health services. Among them, they carry out many great works, such as improving health facilities, advancing research, and trends in producing health professionals.

Qatar’s National Vision 2030 is,

By 2030, the Aim is to provide a high standard of living for all people. The vision concerns creating a developed society that can make sustainable development.

To implement this vision, over the years, the Government of Qatar has developed national strategies and a framework to implement them. This vision mainly drives the progress they have made now.

Critical components of Qatar’s health strategy

Strategic context

The National Health Strategy is included explicitly in the 2018-2022 National Development Strategy implemented in Qatar. The banner of the National Health Strategy for these years is “Our Health, Our Future.” They outline some key features that Qatar’s health system should have. They are,

  • Being an integrated system
  • Comprehensive world-class
  • Having a National Health Policy
  • Having a skilled national workforce
  • Prevention
  • Conduct high-quality research
  • Availability of effective and affordable services

Adaptation to the needs of the population

There are several national goals that the Qatari government has been focusing on for the past few years. That is, to develop the infrastructure and the capacity to provide the necessary facilities to the citizens of Qatar.

 But the priority is to know the needs of the country’s people. In addition, it is also relevant to align the existing capabilities in the health sector in a way that suits the suitable needs.

Priority areas

Essential Facts About Qatar’s National Health Strategy The other part is the priorities. What sectors are prioritized to achieve high-quality health care among the Qatari population? Qatar’s National Health Vision 2018 – 2022 lists several priorities. Among them,

These include older people, people with special needs, employees, children and young people, pregnant women, people with multiple chronic conditions, and mental health and well-being.

There are several actions they are thinking of taking to achieve these priorities further. By that time,

  • Providing high-quality care and services
  • Protecting the health of citizens and residents
  • Health promotion and disease prevention
  • Ensuring that twenty leaders adopt the most effective method to achieve objectives

The Triple Aim of the National Health Strategy

Essential Facts About Qatar’s National Health Strategy The most effective part is the triple Aim. There is a threefold objective for the 2028-2022 National Health Strategy. It’s short. But the summation is done in impactful words.

They are better health, better care, and better value. The Triple Aim provides an international approach that underpins many contemporary health strategies. Also, the plan focuses on access to health, best quality care, and good value rather than status.

It must be ensured that all three domains are considered to achieve the desired outcome of MOPH. That is, the implementation approach to improvement will align with excellent health care and good value.

Challenges facing Qatar Health

Essential Facts About Qatar’s National Health Strategy The other key point is to focus on the country’s current problems. A strategic imperative again arises when we consider the health problems that the government needs to address but still exist. Those health problems are currently present in the country.

  • Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer conditions still account for most deaths in Qatar.
  • A large proportion of adults in Qatar’s population are overweight
  • Most men, regardless of age, are addicted to smoking.
  • Most of the deaths are due to injuries.
  • Nearly half of adults need to be physically active.
  • The majority of young children have tooth decay.

Currently, the technical problems in Qatar are highlighted more prominently. If they are not managed further, it can lead to many problems. We know that healthcare today is highly dependent on data. Managing that data remains challenging.

The Qatari government has already focused heavily on providing healthcare services through artificial intelligence to manage this problem. Through AI and machine learning, patient recruitment and retention and repeaters become more efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the healthcare in Qatar good?

Healthcare in Qatar is consistently ranked as one of the best in the Middle East. All the public and private hospitals in Qatar are functioning very well.

Q. Is health care provided free of charge to visitors in Qatar?

Fees are applicable for persons receiving public health non-emergency health services.

Q. Where does Qatar’s health system rank?

Qatar is ranked 39th out of 167 countries in the Prosperity Index by UK-based Legatum.

Final thoughts

A national health strategy has found a priority group in Qatar for at least the next two years. In doing so, those strategies have been turned into action and aim to make Qatar a healthier place to live. The Qatar Health Department has launched several measures with other stakeholders and the government. Our guide to Important Facts About Qatar’s National Health Strategy will explain it.