Food is going to be an essential need for you in Qatar this year. We have brought you the 07 Best Google-reviewed restaurants in Qatar. They have been reviewed by several customers and we have based the reviews on writing this article.

Hunters Room And Grill

The restaurant serves food for the visitors in Dine-in, ·Drive-through, and home· Delivery way. Even if you are in a hotel, the restaurant will deliver food to your Hotel room as well. After 293 reviews, the restaurant has got 4.5 reviews and it is among the 7 Best Google-reviewed restaurants in Qatar.

Customers have mentioned the quiet environment, delicious food, and the employee’s friendliness through the reviews.  It is located in Salwa Road, Bin Mahmoud South, Zone 23, Doha, Qatar.

Eataly Doha Festival City

If you are looking for an Italian restaurant that is open until midnight, then Eataly Doha Festival City will be the best place for that. You will be able to taste different types of Italian food in this restaurant.

It is located in Al Shamal Road, Umm Salal Mohammed, Doha, Qatar. The restaurant is famous for its various chicken recipes. Also, Eataly has got its own dishes for you to try. After 217 Google reviews, Eataly has earned 4.6 stars on Google.

Sabai Thai Restaurant

Located at Salwa Rd, Doha, Qatar, Sabai is one of the 07 Best Google-reviewed restaurants in Qatar along with over 500 Google reviews.

It has earned 4.4 ratings as well. It so a Thais restaurant that serves various food including Thai, Qatar, and any common food you know. The restaurant is popular among people due to the helpful staff. Ms. Kate is a popular employee of the restaurant.

Seasonal Tastes

If you are searching for an Italian night, then Seasonal Tastes will be the place where you should be. The restaurant serves Italian food only mainly and there will be local and international food too.

You will be able to satisfy your dessert tasting desires with the treatments in various adjustments. You will be able to have their special award-winning Bubbalicious Friday brunch on Fridays. The restaurant has been rated 4.7 stars after 144 Google reviews.

Mulberry Tavern Doha

The restaurant is located in Abraj Quartier Pearl Blvd Tower AQ-07، Doha, Qatar. Most of the reviews have mentioned the quiet surrounding this place.

After 267 reviews, Mulberry has got 4.5 reviews and that is why we included the restaurant among the 07 Best Google reviewed restaurants in Qatar as well. Along with a few vegetarian options, they make themselves a restaurant for anyone.


If you want to enjoy Kalamkari art along with your meal, then Qalamkarri will be the place where you need to be. Also, you will not find so many places that serve India’s multi-faceted cuisines and this is one of such rare places.

Leong with Music, color vibes, and friendly serving, you will find Qalamkarri to be a great restaurant. The restaurant has got 4.5 ratings after 60 reviews.

Claw BBQ Doha

Claw BBQ Doha is among the 07 Best Google-reviewed restaurants in Qatar as it has been revised by 738 Google users.

The restaurant has a 4.4-star rating for the burgers, meals, and beverages they serve. As one of the oldest restaurants in Qatar, you will be able to get what you need as food from here.

Conclusion: 7 Best Google Reviewed Restaurants In Qatar

We have explained the 07  Best Google-reviewed restaurants in Qatar. What we considered were the number of reviews, having positive reviews over 4 stars, and the quality of the food they serve. If this food doesn’t match your requirement, refer to the other restaurants we have explained.