The upcoming winter is going to be a Winter Qatar has never seen before. Along with the Fifa 2022, here are more  08 best things to do in Qatar This Winter.

When you are in Qatar this year, it is undoubted that you go on watching Fifa. But, as a traveler, there are more ways to enjoy your visit as Qatar is enriched with a vast range of activities that you can enjoy.

Not just as a traveler, but as a person who admires the beauty, you will enjoy the tour to Qatar. With the upcoming Qatar 2022 Fifa this year, you will see things in perfect shape for sure. We have brought you the  08 best things to do in Qatar This Winter. Make sure you visit all of them and make your visit the perfect one to Qatar.

Museum of Islamic Art

green palm trees near white concrete building during daytime

Qatar is an Islamic state and it is one of the few countries that respects other religions. We can feel that Qatar has the perfect Islamic view as they honor other religions. The Museum of Islamic Art is the best place to know about the heritage Qatar has got from the world. You will find artifacts and valuable stuff that belong to various countries which may range from Spain to Central Asia. The museum has been built with modern architectural structures and a person may identify the basics as well as the arrest features of Islamic architecture as well. Audio tours, virtual tours, and there are more things that a visitor may like.

What kinds of artifacts can I see in The Museum of Islamic arts in Qatar?

  • You will be able to see metalwork, ceramics, jewelry, woodwork, textiles, and glass artifacts at the museum.

How much is the entry fee into the museum of Islamic art to the museum?

  • They’re not entry fee to the Museum of Islamic art.

The Pearl Island

The Pearl Island is referred to as an artificial harbor constructed by the Qatar Government to boost travel and tourism. The island has spread across 4 km with the same width. With the competition faced by the Government in the mid-half of the past decade, it was vital to attract foreign investors into the country. More than 45000 residences are expected to be filled on this island and a visitor may experience the latest architectural achievement of the modern-day builders.

The government arranged this artificial island on the f Doha’s West Bay Lagoon area. The name, Pearl has been given to the island as it is located in the Pearl Diving area which was used by the divers. The particular project is among the largest construction projects in the country which cost more than $2.5 USD.

  • What is the attraction of the Pearl-Qatar?
  • You may see a wonderful piece of art on an Artificial Island made by man within 08 years. There are hotels, restaurants, sea sights, and Boutiques on the island.
  • Where is Pearl Qatar located and how to get there easily?
  • The island is located at Katara Cultural Village and Lusail City which are known as the business centers of Qatar. You may get there using a Taxi or by hiring a car.

Al Zubarah Fort And The Abandoned Village

For a country that has a modernized visualization, it is not usual to have abandoned an adjective. But, they have obviously few structures as well as villages in the Qatari’s possession. The Al Zubarah Fort and the abandoned village are two of those places. The site is considered the first UNESCO heritage site as well. The particular site has been first made in the 17th century and the latest feature to have been added was the fort built in 1938.

Al Zubarah is an old fishing village where the villagers used to do the trading with the sailors from China and Brittan a few centuries back. It is an abandoned or ghost village in Qatar where people make is usual visits for fun. You will still see the monuments and runs that are worthy to be captured.

Why should I visit Al Zubarah Fort and the abandoned village?

You get the ability to see the urban as well as the semi-urban life of Qatar a few centuries back. Also, you will see how Qataris lived before the discovery of oil.

  • Who built the Al Zubarah Fort?
  • It was built by Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al in 1938.
  • How long will I have to travel to the abandoned Village from the Al Zubarah Fort?
  • You will have to travel 08 minutes from the Al Zubarah Village to get to the abandoned village.
  • Who owns Pearl-Qatar?
  • United Development Company (UDC) owns the island.

East-West/West-East artwork

Among the  08 best things to do in Qatar This Winter, the East-West/West-East artwork is crucial as it has been built to promote the culture and the civilization of the particular country. East-West/West-East artwork is referred to 04 towers that are 15m tall and have been built by sculptor Richard Serra. The particular spot is chosen by both youngsters and adults to find an isolated moment of the busy life of Qatar.

When it comes to the creator or the sculptor of these structures, Richard Serra, says that the particular sighting of this place made him do that. Also, “Father Emir,” or Sheikh Hamad is a person who admired this place in his childhood watching antelopes.

Visit Al Thakira

Among the  08 best things to do in Qatar, This Winter will be the worthiest place in all of Qatar. As it sounds, Al Thakira is a place where mangroves have grown jus kike you may see on a tropical island. You will not see lots of greenery in the country and the place, Al Thakira will deliver the greenery taste to your eyes with perfection.

The mangrove is filled with both aquatic and wildlife. Although you get to see herons and flamingos mainly, that will be a pleasant sight for you in the desert country as well. You are free to hire a kayak and enjoy life in the desert for capturing your moments.

  • What is the best time of the year to visit the Mangroves of Al Shakira?
  • We recommend you to visit al Thakira in January as the weather is soft as well as the people attractions are less in that particular month. You will be able to hire a Kayak and enjoy the moments,

Get Into Dunes

If you are native to Europe, you will have weather, wildlife, and many more things for entertainment. When it comes to Qatar, you will not have many things but the Dunes as much as you need.

After visiting Qatar, if you don’t make it to the Dunes, that will be a huge loss. People travel from the cities to the shore through the desert to get the experience in the best way. Although ancient Arabic had to spend hard times in deserts with the climate due to lack of water and infrastructure, you will be able to have a look at the modern world with a difference.

Just imagine, how amazing is it to travel through the desert with an air-conditioned vehicle to the horizon in the evening. Also, you have the ability to sleep in a luxury Arabian tent. Although that costs you money, you can sleep under the bare night sky with your family. But, we recommend you use a travel partner in the desert.

Where is the largest desert in Qatar?

The largest desert is located at the southern part of the country and you can easily find Dunes in there.

Can I do Dune bashing in Qatar?

You can enjoy Dune Bashing in Qatar. You will have to spend about $250 for a private Dune bash.

What is the coldest month in Doha?

January is the coldest month in Qatar. Since the Winter has passed, you may feel a quite cold in January. We recommend you to keep your Dune out in January due to this matter.

Sand Boarding

No matter you are a kid or an adult, surfing must have been an amazing experience for you. Water surfing, snow surfing and there is another thing you might like in Qatar, sand surfing. If you have just seen it in movies, a visit to Qatar will be the best way to do that. Now as one of the  08 best things to do in Qatar This Winter, you can enjoy the sand and the sunlight equally along with the vastly-ranged landscapes all around the country.

You can book a surfing experience for a price of $100 along with more features such as camel riding, sand safari, and meals. We recommend you find the best matching clothes for this activity as they are available in clothing shops.

Swimming in the inland sea

We have to admit that Qatar is not blessed with water but fuel. But, they believe that god has blessed them enough with the available water resources. You will find the Inland Sea which is just 78km away from the airport for a fine swimming experience.

We recommend this activity to be the first among the  08 best things to do in Qatar This Winter as water is a precious thing to enjoy in Qatar. Located in the southeast region of Qatar, the Inland sea literally doesn’t have deadly sea waves that you may be dragged into the sea.

Also, that will be an embracing sight for a traveler who wishes to enjoy brownish dunes, milky sand, and bluish water. You will not be disappointed by other activities as there is camel riding, dune surfing, and various desert activities. If you are lucky, you will find more activities in here in January 2023 after Fifa, Qatar.

What sea does Qatar have?

The Persian Gulf is touching the Qatar lands. It is also known as the Inland sea.

Can I swim in the Inland sea?

Yes, you can swim in the inland sea. You can use a boat to enjoy the day. But, we recommend you enjoy your precious moments as a swimmer.

Conclusion: Best things to do in Qatar in Winter

We have explained  08 things that you must do as a tourist or a vlogger who has just visited Qatar or as a citizen in Qatar. We were careful to bring the best matches that would be enjoyed by a typical person. Stay with us as we are doing research to bring the specific articles to be enjoyed by various personnel from various perspectives.