Qatar is one of the Gulf countries frequented by many foreigners. A large number of foreigners come to Qatar every day for work. You should know some essential things when visiting Qatar as a tourist. Qatar’s culture and behavior patterns are key among them. However, we provide complete information about Dos and Don’ts When Visiting Qatar. In Qatar, many things you would typically do in your home country are more likely to be rude and illegal.

However, many people express concern about what can and cannot be done in the country even before visiting Qatar. You don’t have to be because Qatar has several better behavior options.

 What should I wear in Qatar? Can I take off my pants in Qatar? Can I consume alcohol in Qatar? Can I take chaya pictures while visiting Qatar? Come, let’s talk.

Things You Shouldn’t Do When Visiting Qatar

Dressing inappropriately

Qatar is an Islamic country. Therefore, men and women should dress more modestly, especially when visiting Qatar. It is one of the most polite and modest laws in Qatar. They always mean by rules,

Keep the knees covered.

Keep shoulders covered.

Avoid wearing tight, tight, or body-exposing clothes.

According to Qatari tradition, men and women should dress more modestly to cover their bodies.

Drinking alcohol

You are not permitted to drink alcohol in Doha. But if you do it, you can only do it in hidden places like five-star hotels. It is a punishable offense for you to be drunk in public places. Among the Don’ts When Visiting Qatar, drinking alcohol requires exercising exceptional self-control. 

Also, refrain from smuggling alcohol into the country during your trip to Qatar. Never drink alcohol in public places. It is approved in places like hotels and bars. Also, it is illegal for you to travel with alcohol in Doha, Qatar, and it is valid for 18, not 21.

Touching women

In situations where you are dealing with women you don’t know in a Muslim country like Qatar, avoid approaching women you don’t want to touch. That means you may sometimes have to hand it over to Qatari women. 

You should do it only if the woman likes it. Stay away from women when visiting Qatar. Only do it if she is willing to shake your hand. Otherwise, she will clap her right hand on her chest and greet you.

Taking pictures

Dos and Don’ts When Visiting Qatar Another thing you should consider is taking pictures of the locals. Qatar has several rules about what can and cannot be shared on social media. You cannot take photos of locals without their consent. Be especially careful when sharing photos you take on a trip to Qatar on social media.

When discussing social media use in Qatar, we can see several rules. If you break the law, they have imposed it for the benefit of social media, and you may have to be severely punished. Also, do not share photos and videos of anyone in Qatar without permission. If you are set up guilty, you may be fined or imprisoned.

Eating during the day during Ramadan.

Ramadan in Qatar is a very grand festival. You cannot eat during the day during this fasting ceremony to seek God’s blessings. Eating public lunch in front of Muslims is a punishable offense. It is a strict rule not only for those who celebrate but also for others.

Eating with the left hand.

The other thing to consider when you think about Don’ts When Visiting Qatar is eating with your left hand. Never eat with your left hand in Qatar. You always eat with your right hand only. In Qatari culture, the left hand should be used mainly for hygiene. It is insulting in Qatari culture if you use it to eat.

Things to do when visiting Qatar

Wear only appropriate clothing

Qatar is a country with a stricter dress code. There are also many rules about what you should wear at Doha airport. It is a significant issue that affects both men and women. Many think it is a law that can only apply to women. But it is not so. Always dress modestly and respectfully when in Qatar.

Drink water well

You know that Qatar, a Gulf country, has extreme temperatures. You can feel very hot during your visit to Qatar, even during November and December. It is why you must stay hydrated. When Visiting Qatar, carry a water bottle with you in most places.

Wear sunscreen.

Because of the high temperatures in Qatar, you must wear sunscreen with a high SPF. Avoid sun exposure by using things like sunglasses and lip balm with SPF. 

Respect where respect is due

Qatar has several segregated areas. Hospitals, places of worship, and public places have separate waiting areas for women and men. Even if you are visiting Qatar, you should respect those places. 

Also, imagine a scenario where you travel on the Doha metro. If so, you may find that there is a family compartment. But you don’t have to have a family or children to go there. But their men need help to travel.

Check the medication

Unlike the rest of the world, you must think twice about bringing medicine into Qatar. Many medications that are regularly prescribed in your country may be prohibited in Qatar. So remember to bring only medication, not on the banned list in Qatar. Also, bring those medicines before you come to the country.

Final thoughts

Qatar is a country that respects tradition a lot. It would be best if you were very careful about Dos and Don’ts When Visiting Qatar. Here’s a clear idea of what you need to know, what to do & what not to do in Qatar. Act accordingly.