Qatar is one of the cheapest places to get petrol. However, private transport is used more than public transport in Qatar. Driving a private car abroad is a challenging task. Even after getting a driving license, you have to face a fine if you don’t follow the proper guidelines. You must adequately understand Qatar’s Driving Rules and Regulations to drive without penalties.

Like all other countries, traffic laws are implemented in Qatar to reduce traffic accidents and prevent inconvenience to the people traveling on the road. On many occasions, the Qatari government has introduced new rules and regulations. It is more important that you are updated about it frequently.

Driving Rules and Regulations in Qatar: General Rules

All roads in Qatar are well maintained. Motor vehicles must drive on the right side of the road. Road signs are in English and Arabic.

Speed limits can be seen everywhere while driving and must be followed strictly. The maximum speed on highways is 120 km/h, while normal roads have speed limits of 60-100 km/h.

Expressways use the left lane on Qatar’s highways. Also, slow vehicles operate on the right. Traffic radars and cameras are installed on roadways at regular intervals. It would be best if you were extra careful as there are plainclothes police officers to monitor traffic on highways and roundabouts.

Anyone, local or foreign, must have a valid Driving license to drive in Qatar. Also, car owners must register their vehicles and renew the registration annually. Car insurance must be renewed every year before registration renewal.

  • Using mobile phones while driving is against the law.
  • Passengers are required to wear seat belts.
  • Driving under the control of alcohol is prohibited.
  • Children under 12 are not allowed to ride in the front seat.
  • Maintain the minimum distance between other drivers that is safe for both.
  • Driving Rules and Regulations in Qatar for residents of Qatar

Both foreign nationals and residents of Qatar need a valid Qatar Driving license to drive. One must be at least 18 years of age to apply. The minimum age to obtain a heavy vehicle driving license is 21.

Also, foreigners who perform certain occupations, such as blue-collar jobs, cannot apply for driver’s licenses. There is a list of professions that are not eligible for Driving support in Qatar. Also, if you are eligible to apply for a driver’s license, you can join any driving agency to register for a driver’s license.

Driving Rules and Regulations for foreigners in Qatar

Non-Qatari visitors can drive in Qatar with certain restrictions. That is, tourist visas, business visas, or tourist visa holders of some other countries can operate under these restrictions. They can choose from several options depending on the length of their stay in Qatar.

Obtaining an International Driving Permit

You can use an International Driving Permit valid for six months from entry into Qatar. To use an International Driving Permit issued by your home country, you must have a valid driving license recognized by the State of Qatar. Only those licensees are allowed to drive in Qatar. Also, the license renewal could be better when the relevant license holder is in Qatar.

Possession of an approved license in another country

Visitors may drive on approved licenses from certain countries. You must also visit the Traffic Department in Madinat Khalifa within 15 days of your arrival in Qatar to cancel your consent.

Additionally, a foreigner with a GCC license can drive for three months. It would be best to carry your passport or entry visa in Qatar. Also, a GCC driver’s license registers a foreigner for a direct driving test if he resides in Qatar.

Having a provisional driving license

If someone wants to drive for more than a week during their stay in Qatar, they must apply in person for a temporary license for three months.

Applying for driving licenses in Qatar

Suppose you must apply for a temporary driver’s license during your stay in Qatar. In that case, you must complete the application and submit it to the Department of Traffic with the required documents within seven days of your arrival in Qatar.

Documents required to apply for a temporary driving license

  • Original copy of passport
  • Original license obtained from an approved country
  • Three color photographs of you
  • Fees of QR 10 for the card and QR 150 for the application

Driving license fee in Qatar

The driving license fee for Qatari citizens is QR 500 and is valid for ten years. Also, the driver’s license fee for non-Qatari is QR 250. It is suitable for five years.

Obtaining an International Driving Permit in Qatar

When considering Driving Rules and Regulations in Qatar, consider getting an International Driving Permit. If you are a Qatari resident with a Qatari driver’s license, you can get an international commission that allows you to drive in over 150 other countries.

Violations of Driving Rules and Regulations

The government has set strict procedures regarding traffic laws in Qatar. There are several cases where it is considered a violation of common law. by time,

  • Driving unregistered vehicles
  • Driving without a Driving license
  • Not wearing a seat belt
  • Use of cell phones while driving
  • Going over the speed limit
  • Load on the vehicle regardless of safety
  • Not maintaining a distance of at least 50 meters from emergency vehicles
  • Driving on the wrong side 
  • Driving under the influence of drugs
  • Running away from the scene after an accident
  • Illegal parking
  • Children under the age of 10 sit in the front seat

Generally, after breaking the applicable laws, they have to pay traffic fines in Qatar ranging from QAR 300 to QR 6,000.

Qatar Department of Transport

It is essential to know about the Qatar Traffic Department in case of any inconvenience while taking care of Driving Rules and Regulations in Qatar. The Traffic Department of the MOI in Qatar deals with traffic violations and licensing. Qatar’s Department of Traffic is located on Khalifa Street in Madinat Khalifa. It is open from 7 am to 11 am and 4 pm to 7 pm.

Final thoughts

You may have to drive even during your short stay in Qatar. For that, you need to use a foreign driver’s license. Because Driving Rules and Regulations in Qatar are stringent. Our guide has helped you understand the issues related to driving privileges and laws.