The Department of Labor and Employment has launched the DOLE-AKAP for OFWs aimed at helping the displaced land-based. It specifically started with the last Covid pandemic. Filipinos should visit the Office of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration or the OWWA office in their province to apply for the AKAP program. But How to Apply for DOLE – AKAP Cash Assistance for OFWs in Qatar? Let’s talk about it.

DOLE – AKAP Cash Assistance is

The Philippine Department of Labor and Employment launched a financial assistance program for overseas Filipino workers who lost their jobs due to COVID-19. The value of this program is PHP 10,000. It can also be a one-time financial aid for seafarers and OFWs.

Dole: AKAP is not a loan program. Any worker who receives a subsidy of PHP 10,000 does not have to pay it back. Also, there is no fee even when applying for that aid. The program prioritizes emergency assistance needs due to the weakening of support from their employer/ the government in the country of employment.

Countries benefiting from DOLE-AKAP

Canada, Australia, Greece, Germany, Brunei, Japan, Cyprus, Korea, Hong Kong, Italy, Libya, Kuwait, Lebanon, New Zealand, Malaysia, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Great Britain, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, span, Macau

Eligible people to get Cash Assistance

  • OFWs who are unable to work due to the log-down in host countries.
  • Returning OFWs stranded abroad in host countries
  • OFWs who do not receive financial support from employers or host countries

Steps to Apply for DOLE – AKAP Cash Assistance for OFWs in Qatar

Let’s look at this application about several types of OFWs. The procedure below applies to ON-Site OFWs.

  •  Foreign OFWs must submit several requirements to the nearest Philippine Labor Office. They are,
  • Completed application for special financial assistance
  • Copy of passport or travel document
  • Foreign employment, OEC, residence cards, re-entry visas, or permission to remain in the receiving country
  • Clear evidence of job losses due to COVID-19
  • Proof of involvement in an ongoing case for undocumented OFWs without fault, case certificate stamped by POLO

POLOs will evaluate the application after all the above documents are submitted. The OFW must inform the employee about the application status within five days.

Then upon its approval, POLO shall release an amount of USD200.00 by bank transfer or remittance.

The following steps for Applying for DOLE – AKAP Cash Assistance are applicable for repatriated OFWs.

The concerned group or those intending to leave the Philippines under the Balik – Manggagawa program have several requirements that must be submitted to the OWWA Regional Welfare Office to receive DOLE’s financial assistance. They are,

  • Completed Application for Special Cash Assistance (Download from DOLE-AKAP website)
  • Relevant copy of passport or travel document
  • Verified overseas employment, OEC, residence cards, re-entry visa or residence permit in the receiving country
  • Evidence of job losses due to COVID-19

ROWS will evaluate the application after submitting the relevant documents. They will then notify OFWs about the status of the worker’s application within five working days.

If it is approved, the amount of Php 10,000.00 shall be released by remittance through the concerned DOLE Regional Pisonet.

Online application for DOLE – AKAP Cash Assistance for OFWs in Qatar

Online application for DOLE: AKAP Cash Assistance for OFWs in Qatar was mainly made to maintain distance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Among them, OFWs who have returned to their home country or Balik – Manggagawa OFWs who have been sent back to the Philippines can apply online as follows. Follow the steps below.

First, go to in your browser. Then read and fill in the relevant details carefully. After that, press the “NEXT” button.

Now use the required button to upload the relevant requirements. Meanwhile, the appropriate conditions apply to OFWs repatriated above. 

DOLE OWWA will then review the documents in the application submitted by OWWA for online financing. So you have to wait for the feedback.

DOLE OWWA will provide details on receiving the PHP 10,000 cash assistance after the relevant documents are completed.

Eligible Undocumented Persons to Receive DOLE – AKAP Cash Assistance

  • Those who have worked as regular or documented employees for some time but have lost their normal status or documented status for any reason
  • Those who aren’t registered with the POEA or have not yet been processed by the POLO but have taken steps to rectify their contracts or circumstances
  • Those who are active members of the Foreign Workers Welfare Administration at the relevant time but are not registered with the POEA

Online steps applicable to eligible undocumented workers

After submitting all the specifications above, press the ‘Submit’ button and see a confirmation prompt. The confirmation receipt generated by the system will be sent to your email. 

The concerned OWWA Regional Office then validates the application received with complete documents through OWWA officials. That is, the application will be accepted or rejected as necessary.

Send your documents to the DOLE Regional Office to fund via money transfer or POEA Net within five working days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is OWWA AKAP still available?

OWWA 9 is still accepting online applications through its website.

Q. How to contact DOLE for financial assistance?

The DOLE hotline number is 1349.

Q. Where can I email DOLE support?

You can email anything, like comments, suggestions, or feedback, at [email protected].

Q. How do I file a Dole claim?

For a requesting party, access the SEnA form at After completing it, the state can be submitted via facsimile, messenger or email, or Viber.

Final thoughts

A large number of Filipino workers are employed in Qatar. DOLE – AKAP Cash Assistance is there to help those who lost their jobs for any reason. But you How to Apply for DOLE – AKAP Cash Assistance for OFWs in Qatar? We accept that we have been able to provide you with the guidance you need in this regard.