Fifa is set to begin in Qatar this year. That makes Qatar football an essential topic as well. This article will explain the Top Facts about Qatar Football you must know.

You might have not been interested in the Qatar football team as they are not fighting hard like a pro team yet.

They have neither won a Fifa nor beaten any of the world-known teams yet. But, they have become an important factor as the entire nation is getting ready for the world Football event, Fifa 2022.

This article will explain the Top Facts about Qatar Football.

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They Played Their First Official Football Match On 27 March 1970

The match the Qatar football team played with an international team was with Bahrain. Although the Qatar team had been formed with professionals in the particular time period, the Football Association had not been able to get a match with an international team. Bahrain team consisted of professional teams who had gathered experience through various matches they played internationally. Obviously, it could have been a one-sided match.

Although Bahrain won the Qatar Football team’s game, the end result was 2-1 defeat. The only goal was recovered by Mubarak Faraj.

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The First Draw Recorded By Qatar Team

The first Draw recorded by the Qatar team was between Saudi in the very first tournament they played. The Qatar team got the first goal and then the Saudi team made it a tie. However, commentators appreciated the effort made by Qatar as a novice in footballing.

The Captain

The captain of the Qatar football team is Hassan Al-Haydos who has been playing since 2007. He was elected as the best Qatar Footballer in 2014 from the competition as well. Over the 32 years old Hassan has scored 33 goals. He has played 142 times in the national team to fulfill the particular task. Among the most talented footballers in Arabian countries, Hassan is a remarkable player. Maybe he has plans for his team to reach the finals in FIFA 2022 Qatar.

They are known as Al-Annabi

Al-Annabiis the nickname of the Qatar football team. The reason for this is they wear Maroon color suits. The team was using it since the earliest days of the Qatar Football team and other similar nations were using other colors making Qatar’s only color to be this. The country had chosen this color as it was a depiction of force, truthfulness, and dedication. They use white color as the secondary color to depict the neatness as well.

When it comes to the secondary kit of the Qatar Football team, they wear White color and they leave Maroon stripes on the kit. Qatar women’s national football team has the same color combination, the only difference is they have white stripes on the Maroon color. However, only the male team is known as Al-Annabi.

Sebastián Soria Has The Highest Number Of Goals

Sebastián Soria is considered to be the most successful player for the Qatar team with a number of 40 goals in his international career. He was born in born 8 November 1983 ad he is known as the only internationally recognized player in the country as well. Soria is laying as a striker and he is the only player to have been awarded the Asian Footballer of the year. This happened in 2008 when Moria was just 25 years old. Another record held by the footballer was the fastest goal in AFC Champions League which he scored in less than 10 seconds when he was playing for Lekhwiya.

They Have Not Climbed Up To Thirties In Rankings

Qatar team’s highest achievement in the rankings was 42. At present they have low ranked to 48 as well. But, when coming to the progress the Qatar team has achieved so far, they have come a long way. Qatar football team had gone down to 113th in the football team ranking in 2010 which had made the fans as well as the authorities a bit furious. They have overcome the situation and they are among the best 50 teams in the world.

Qatar Will Host The Fifa This Year

Not only Qatar Football Association is holding Fifa this year, it will be the first time an Arab nation does that. Qatar authorities made specific adjustments to the preparation and they have been able to make the scenario a perfect one with their efforts. The world is going to be amazed to see the first ever recyclable football ground, crowd cooling systems, Massive Wi-Fi zones, and many things you would know. As an Arab nation, Qatar will be proud of this particular moment as well.

Another thing the Qatar football got at this upcoming Fifa Qatar 2022 was the ability to play in the Finals. Since the most get to play in the finals, the Qatar football team will be eligible to be in the finals automatically.

They Are 03 Times Champions In Gulf Cup

The gulf cup has been the oldest cup to have been played by the Qatar football team, and they lost two games in their very first attempt in 1970. In 1976, the team could win third place after winning 04 games in the cup. It took 20 years to be the champions in the particular cup and they did in 1992. The finals in 2004, and 2014 were also won by the Qatar football team and it was the best achievement the team has got. But, the team has not won any single championship in the Asian cup.

They Have Bahrain And UAE As Rivalries

Qatar has had several issues with the two nations, UAE and Bahrain. The rivalry they had between Bahrain was due to diplomatic issues. The country has played 38 matches overall and has been able to register 07 wins. When it comes to the period from 2004 to 2021, they could not win any football match against Bahrain. In 2021, Qatar footballers could put a full stop to the defeat wave and record a win. Even the players behave aggressively making the rivalry a heated moment during every football match these two side play.

The UAE rivalry can be considered the most heated rivalry between these two countries. The diplomatic rivalry is the main reason for the rivalry, and UAE has been able to manage to win the rivalry most of the time. Recently, the Under 19 Football team captain of Qatar had to face an embarrassment as the UAE Under 19 players refused to shake had with him. More importantly, the particular match was won by the UAE side. There have been several occasions and the rivalry has intensified through them. We will see if the new rivalries grow in9 the upcoming Fifa world cup 2022 and we will update the Top Facts about Qatar Football.

They Won The AFC In 2019

The best result to have recovered the Qatar Football team was the 2019 AFC Asian Cup. It was the 17th edition of the cup and the tournament was expected by several teams in the region which was showing their skills to be in perfect shape. Qatar was among them as well. Eh, the championship was held in the United Arab Emirates and it took place from 5 January to 1 February 2019. 45 teams had been filtered and only 24 teams had been taken into the contest.

The defending champions were the Australian team who were eliminated by the UAE team. The final was held between Japan and Qatar which was won by the Qatar Football team. Qatar team managed to score 3 goals while Japan scored just one goal. The tournament was crucial as lots of Qatar players could not make it to the final due to diplomatic issues. The particular victory made them an unpredictable team and we expect some advanced performances from them.

Conclusion: Top Facts about Qatar Football team

We have included the facts and information you must know about the Qatar National Football team. Now you know that it is not a random decision to hand over Qatar to hold the Fifa 2022 but a wise decision taken after identifying the true potential. We will see what will happen this year with Qatar and their rivalries with the neighboring countries.