If you’re visiting Qatar, it’s worth repurchasing a souvenir home. To give gifts to your friends, to keep in your home, if you are a collector of souvenirs, you will surely pay attention to the souvenirs of Qatar. If you do something adventurous, places you have traveled to in Qatar, a souvenir is essential to create memories and memories of the activities. Here we highlight all the information you need about the 5 Best Souvenirs You Can Buy in Qatar.


Qatar is still the pearl capital of the world. If you are a pearl lover, it is a must-have souvenir during your visit to Qatar. Not only that, but Qatar is also famous for things like gold and precious stones.

 Before they discovered the oil industry, Qatar’s economy was based entirely on pearls and jewelry. There are many shops in Qatar where you can buy a lot of beautiful looking, high value but low price jewelry.

Where to buy pearls in Doha?

You can go to many places to buy pearls as the best souvenirs in Doha, Qatar. The main areas are the Doha pearl Jewelry, Opearl Jewellery, Gold Marketing, Pearl Gallery, Alfardan Jewellery, and De Trove jewelry.

Arabic-decorated wooden boxes

The other staple among the 5 Best Souvenirs You Can Buy in Qatar is the Arabic decorated wooden boxes. They are lovely, and you can put any other souvenirs you buy here. It is also remarkable that you can get those wooden boxes in different shapes and designs. 

These handmade wooden boxes are worth keeping as souvenirs that highlight the tradition of Qatar. The unique thing here is that you can also buy metal, pearl-encrusted camel bone boxes as souvenirs in Qatar.

Where can you buy decorative wooden boxes in Qatar?

You can browse shopping malls like Souq Waqif, Oriental Carpet Company, City Center Doha, and Royal Plaza to buy decorative wooden boxes.

Oud fragrance

This Oud fragrance is the traditional scent of Qatar. How profitable would it be if you could keep a souvenir of your trip to Qatar at home, in your car, or anywhere? Qatar’s most famous perfume is from resinous wood extracted from the rare agarwood tree. Oud is genuinely the wood of God.

In Qatar, you can buy Oud in different ways. But mainly recommend purchasing a bottle of oud-based burning wood chips and body oil as a souvenir of Qatar. It’s worth it if you’re looking for a more luxurious souvenir. You also have the convenience of getting this fragrance in different varieties. Apart from that, there are also opportunities to customize your spa in Qatar.

Where can you get Oud in Qatar?

As a souvenir in Qatar, you can visit Ajmal Perfume Shop in Souq Waqif to get Oud. They sell locally prepared fragrances. In addition, you can buy Suva from any shop like Hyatt Plaza, City Center, or Royal Plaza.

Shawl and pashmina

Shawls, scarves, and pashminas are one of the most valuable souvenirs you can take on a trip to Qatar. They are lovely as well as instrumental for you. Very comfortable on the body, and you can wear it on any trip. Most are suitable for dinner. 

They have manufactured these shawls from cashmere wool. They are unique in that they are very soft and cheap. You can use these to enhance your look, and you can also use them to gift a friend.

Where to buy shawls and pashminas in Qatar?

If you want to buy the best worth of shawls and pashminas in Doha, Bombay Silk Center on Al Khaleej Street, Bin Mehmood’s Oriental Carpet Company is the best place to buy the best quality pashminas.

Arabic sweets

Any sweet tooth traveler should take Arabic sweets home as a Qatar souvenir. Fill your backpack with delicious candies, dates, nuts, and honey. Qatar is one of the most famous places for Arabic sweets. Also, in Qatar, you can buy samples from shopping malls, souks, and cafes, even for various occasions. It is extraordinary to get different traditional sweets and side dishes unique to the Middle East.

Also, you can get locally grown dates, natural honey, etc., as souvenirs in Qatar. Get your desired dates in different colors, sizes, and different sweetness. In addition, you can buy dates, dates filled with nuts, pistachios, rolled dates, and Arabic coffee.

Where to buy Arabic sweets in Qatar?

If you want to buy Arabic sweets as a souvenir during a visit to Qatar, try Al Aker Sweets on Salwa Road in Doha. Alternatively, visit the Fal Elkhair Dried Dates Shops in Souq Waqif.

At Best Souvenirs, You Can Buy in Qatar, let’s look at some of the main questions many people ask.

Q. What are the alternative things you can take as souvenirs in Qatar?

Dallah coffee pots, Tea Towels, Tattoos, Fridge Magnets, Shot Glasses, Pendant with your name in Arabic, and Al-Sadu weavings.

Q. Are watches cheap in Qatar?

No. Watches in Doha are costly. Also, you can try inflight sales on the plane. You can buy the latest models there, and their prices are sometimes in good condition.

Q. Is shopping expensive in Qatar?

Clothes are generally relatively cheap in Qatar. Also, you can easily find real bargains if you search very carefully. But that can change if you focus on high-street brands.

Q. Is Dubai cheaper than Qatar?

If it costs you QR 20,000.0 in Doha, the exact figure can be around QR 20,320.2 in Dubai. Prices in Dubai are slightly higher than in Doha.

Q. Is it profitable to buy gold in Qatar?

Yes. You can buy gold in Qatar at a relatively low price. It is also tax-free and has good quality and provenance.

Final thoughts

You will love to have a souvenir at the end of a trip. It may be something that people around you may expect as a reward. We hope that according to our guide, you will get a good idea about the 5 Best Souvenirs You Can Buy in Qatar.