Technology can be used to fulfill various needs that arise if you live in Qatar. Thanks to the latest apps, you can achieve a lot at the distance of your fingertips. Whether you are a beginner in Qatar, the app will make your life easier for learning the language, food delivery, getting around the country, meeting medical needs, and more. What are the 5 Most Useful Apps to Use in Qatar? Which app is suitable for your basic needs? Let’s talk about it here.

1. Airbnb: To find a new home

Airbnb is the most used accommodation app in Qatar. Use this if you need help finding a short-term place to stay in Qatar. Accordingly, even when you settle down, you can learn about your new city through this application.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to get your flat. Airbnb also has several customization options to suit the Qatar visitors’ needs. Providing your demographics is essential when deciding on a new booking site. Staying in a hotel can take a lot of effort for many travelers. Airbnb makes it easy for you to find a simple, low-cost hotel room.

How do you pay through Airbnb?

You can make all payments more securely through Airbnb’s online payment options. They charge guests when you make a reservation and pay hosts 24 hours after check-in. Accordingly, the collection of your payments is entirely up to you. You can use PayPal, direct deposit, and other options for that.

How to use the Airbnb app?

You can first download the app and set up your account. You can choose iOS download, Android download, or any case. Let’s see how you can make a reservation through a mobile browser.

  • Now go to the listing and see what’s there. – Tap ‘Check.’
  • Select the relevant dates and several visitors. Now tap ‘Save.’
  • Tap ‘Reserve’ to review the pertinent details.
  • Now, if you see ‘Confirm and Pay’ here, make an instant payment.
  • But if you see ‘Request to book,’ you can message the host before proceeding to review terms, add information and submit.

  2. Karwa – To facilitate traffic

There is an application among the 5 Most Useful Apps to Use in Qatar for traveling when you live in Qatar. Karwa is a taxi app. There are many taxi companies here to take you on your desired journey. 

And all those companies have the most reasonable rates, drivers, and quality service. If you are looking for a different public transport in Qatar, Karwa is the perfect solution. It is extraordinary that this is the best transportation company used in Doha and Qatar.

Taxi services in Karwa start at around QAR 30. You can get a faster service of 15 minutes or less through Karwa. Also, you can know who the driver is before booking your ride. After you install the relevant service, the Karwa app can even track the locations of the car.

Using the Karwa Taxi app

  • You have to first download Karwa on your mobile phone. Get iOS and Android versions to download.
  • Complete registration and provide your billing information.
  • Book a taxi as per your requirement.

3. Metrash 2

Metrash 2 is the second most popular app in Qatar. Metrash 2 is among the 5 Most Useful Apps to Use in Qatar because it allows you to easily access all the valuable services the Ministry of Interior provides. Besides, through Metrash, you can access many optional services like Citizen Services, MOI – HR Dept Services, E-Gate Services, Resident Permit, and General Services.

The advantage of this is that you don’t need to go to transit and look at other people’s services. You don’t need to step out of your home to avail yourself of the services.

Metrash 2 is available for iOS and Android platforms, giving you easy access to MOI. Also, this is an excellent opportunity for Qatari citizens and expatriates living in Qatar to get information about official documents, create individual exit permits, and make online payments.

How to use the Metrash 2 app

You must first download the Metrash 2 app on your mobile phone. Use the App Store or Play Store for that. 

  • Now select your preferred language.
  • Enter your Qatar ID number and expiry date.
  • Send an automated SMS to 92992.
  • Set PIN Code via Activation Codes.
  • Get the confirmation SMS and use the app.

You also have the option to activate Metrash 2 on a second device.

  • First, download Metrash 2 from the second device.
  • Enter the QID and password assigned to the first device.
  • Apply the OTP password you receive. Activate now.

4. Talabat – To order food

Talabat is one of the most useful apps to use in Qatar when you live in Qatar. Post-Covid-19, most people have opted to eat at home instead of eating out. In a busy lifestyle, most Qataris still prefer to buy food from the shop rather than cook in the kitchen.

The food you want is now at your fingertips. What makes Talabat unique is that you can use your phone to browse through many restaurants and grocery stores and choose food. It even features delivery tracking for you, making things very easy. As well as being the most popular delivery app in Qatar right now, it will likely take the lead among growing tech services.

How to use the Talabat application?

  • First, download the Talabat app on your iOS or Android.
  • Go to the Talabat app. Set up your account and log in.
  • Place an order from your favorite restaurant now.
  • You can open the app and select the ‘Show Restaurants’ option.
  • Then, click on ‘Orders and Check Your Orders’ in the bottom bar.

5. Qatar Living Classifieds

We can introduce Qatar Living Classifieds among the Five Most Useful Apps to Use in Qatar as an essential app for you to live in Qatar. It is brought to you by Qatar Living. 

They provide a very convenient service for users to buy and sell products within the country. It is extraordinary to have services like cars, mobile phones, job opportunities, real estate, etc.

Also, it can be downloaded for iOS and Android, which helps the people of Qatar with furniture, apartments, and various other things. Also, iOS users, an iPhone running 7.0 or higher, and Android users, a device running at least Android 4.4 KitKat.

How to use Qatar Living Classifieds?

  • You can download the application as mentioned above.
  • Now open the app, enter your details, and set up an account.
  • Select your desired requirement options and get payment options.

Most Useful Alternative Apps to Use in Qatar

Best alternative apps for food delivery in Qatar: Careem, Zomato, and Uber eats.

Best alternative apps for calling in Qatar: IMO, Whatsapp, Messenger

The best alternative app for money transfer in Qatar: InstaReM

Best map apps of Qatar: Google Maps

Alternative apps to get visas in Qatar: Qatar Visa Check and Apply MOFA Qatar

The best communication apps in Qatar

Ooredoo Qatar

WhatsApp LLC

Imo HD – Video Calls and Chats



UC Browser




Ami Probashi

Final thoughts

The above list of 5 Most Useful Apps to Use in Qatar will be more beneficial to make life in Qatar comfortable for you. Whether you are a local or foreign living in Qatar, you can fulfill your needs through these apps.