Qatar has been a country with substantial oil reserves for many years. Due to the economic development of the country, there are many job opportunities in the country. For this reason, we can see more than 500 foreigners coming to Qatar for work every day. There are many reasons why you want to get a job in Qatar, one of the few wealthy countries. Here we talk about the five most critical reasons people should move to Qatar to Work.

You may have been dreaming of a job in another country for a long time. Meanwhile, why are many people focusing on foreign employment in Qatar? What are the advantages of working in Qatar? Come, let’s talk.

The abundance of business in Qatar

Oil became the leading economy of Qatar many years ago. But through the socioeconomic systems they have developed over the years, many other sources of income have emerged in Qatar. Accordingly, a large number of industries have emerged in Qatar. For this reason, we can see that their economy is highly diversified.

There is widespread employment in Qatar in various sectors such as education, aviation, restaurants, hotels, health, and transportation. It is a great privilege for foreign workers. Also, a large number of leading companies that are currently spread around the world have established their branches in Qatar.

Due to these reasons, more than 85 foreign nationals are already employed in Qatari companies. You can also enter companies quickly if you have the required qualifications.

Excellent work culture

We can introduce the Qatari culture as one of the main Reasons You Should Move To Qatar to Work. One of the main reasons why hundreds of thousands of professionals come to Qatar every year for jobs is the excellent work culture in the country. Employees of Qatari institutions must work 8 hours a day efficiently and accurately. 

Those workers get a snack break of about 45 minutes during the day. Then they can go home in the evening after completing their respective duties for the day. Companies ask many professionals in Qatar to work extra hours to complete their work.

Adequate payments

There are a large number of companies that provide adequate salaries and benefits to all employees working in Qatar. Benefits of doing business in Qatar include free accommodation, provident funds, health benefits, and more. In addition, the specialty of jobs in Qatar is that there are tax-free salaries. 

In other countries in the Gulf region, in Qatar, an individual does not have to set aside a portion of his income for taxes. Among the Reasons You Should Move To Qatar to Work, we can introduce this as the leading and most prominent reason.

Anyone working in Qatar can earn between 30,000 and 60,000 Qatari Riyals per month. Petrol is very cheap in Qatar.

They subsidize water and energy bills. The applicable minimum wage in Qatar is QR1,000 per month. They provide accommodation for construction and hospitality to such a minimum wage worker. Or they may choose to live in crowded conditions.

Having a peaceful life

Among the Reasons You Should Move To Qatar to Work, it is remarkable to have the peace and security that many expect in Qatar. According to the 2017 Global Peace Index report, Qatar has been ranked the most peaceful country in the Middle East for nine consecutive times. 

Security is a top priority when you think about relocating to any country. Is security good for living in Qatar? Yes, the current regime in Qatar has led to a more secure and stable social life for all citizens. The fact that crime rates in Qatar are much lower than the global average has been a reason for You Should Move To Qatar to Work.

Luxury lifestyle in Qatar

With the recent economic development in Qatar, people have adapted to a modern lifestyle. The rapidly expanding pool of foreigners in the country is the best example. Life in Qatar will be easy for you as many things, like food, tourist destinations, transportation, housing, etc., are very luxurious.

Also, you can afford the cost of living due to the high salary you get and the cheapness of the goods and services in Qatar. If you take an internal bus ride within Qatar, it costs around 2 Riyals. Also, if you choose an apartment house to stay in, it will cost 7900 Riyals. It would be best if you Moved To Qatar to Work for these reasons.

Additional reasons why you should love Qatar

  • Qatar is a country with a great heritage, such as traditional arts and museums, beautiful history
  • Being a country with rapid urban development with state-of-the-art buildings
  • Having alternative opportunities for anyone who wants to do a job in Qatar
  • Qatar has a beautiful landscape with mangroves, caves, and rock formations
  • Being a country with exceptional architecture, including the Museum of Islamic Art
  • Having lots of activities, including parks, international sports, walking, etc


Q. Why are you interested in working in Qatar?

Qatar is a country with a hospitable population. They welcome any national who comes to their country with great respect. Qatar can be identified as the best destination for many foreigners to work.

Q. Is electricity free in Qatar?

The electricity bill, costs, and taxes in Qatar are 0.036 USD. A value of US$0.032 per kWh.

Q. Is wifi free in Qatar?

The total cost of Qatar Airways inflight wifi depends on the route. It also depends on whether it has super wifi or not. Per the standard rates, they charge US$10 for 100MB or US$20 for 200MB, usually over 3 hours.

Q. What is the best salary in Qatar?

The current best-reported salary in Qatar is 15 lakh rupees. That means they are the top 10% of employees, earning over 50 lakh rupees yearly.

Q. Are medical services free in Qatar?

It was implemented in May 2022 that free health services are provided to citizens of Qatar in most public medical facilities, and private health insurance is mandatory for visitors and tourists in Qatar.


Foreigners have paid particular attention to Qatar, which ranks high among the world’s developed countries. It increased even more with the FIFA World Cup held in December 2022. However, those who wish to come to Qatar are sure to be concerned about why you should move to Qatar to Work. We have tried to give you the best guide for this.