You may be an interviewer or job seeker as an engineering job seeker in Qatar. There is a normal recruitment process for that. In that process, the employers look for the qualifications required for the job from the job candidates. Among them, not only education and skills but also interpersonal skills are essential. However, what are the five quality employers in Qatar waiting for in an engineering job candidate? How do you prepare for an interview knowing them in advance? How to use them to succeed in the discussion? Come, let’s find out.

The engineering job market in Qatar

Qatar has one of the most attractive job markets in the Middle East. Among most jobs, there are unique opportunities in oil and gas and upstream industry associations. Engineering job candidates are recruited as a profession that only happens in some fields. Every year, employers in Qatar look for professionally and technically talented engineers for every project start.

They have focused on a non-oil aspect of Qatar’s economic development. Accordingly, chemical engineering and software development job opportunities will also increase in 2023. Therefore, the engineering job market in Qatar for foreigners is still highly competitive.

What are the traits employers in Qatar look for in engineering candidates?

2. Education level

Engineers are a group of highly paid professionals in any country. Grades are the main thing employers in Qatar look for in their jobs. Every engineering job candidate must obtain an engineering degree from a recognized college. However, a degree is only one of the things that hiring managers need to achieve their dream job. They consider it an essential factor that the candidates have scored higher marks.

That is, every company expects you to have a higher level of knowledge when working with them as an engineering professional. Most companies have kept a certain GPA under their eligibility criteria. To get your job, you need to get grades above that GPA. Another reason you should increase your rates in graduation as an engineering job candidate is that most companies have also decided the salary packages based on GPA.

3. Training and experience

Five traits employers in Qatar look for in an engineering job candidate. The other special one is experience and experience. As in any other country, employers in Qatar are concerned about an engineering job candidate’s internship or previous work experience. Being an engineer in Qatar as your first job can take a lot of work if you are a fresher.

In particular, you should show a project or at least experience in your country as an engineer abroad. It should be a worthy one for the Qatari employer to trust your work. You can also do an internship at your school or institution. Get experience by joining a project or a station that is more recognized and gives you a certificate at the end of the on-the-job training.

3. Technical skills

Qatar has made significant technological progress in recent years. Also, the world is advancing daily by discovering the latest technological devices. It is mostly not something to focus on if you want to work as a software engineer in Qatar. Technical knowledge is essential for any engineering field. You must develop skills while also learning about new technology during your studies.

It will give you a competitive edge over other job seekers in Qatar. If you are applying as an engineering candidate, highlight your computer and technical skills in your resume. Computer skills that you should underline include data visualization, spreadsheets, social media, word processing, and email communication skills.

4. Soft skills

Five traits employers in Qatar look for in an engineering job candidate. The most important thing is soft skills. Education, technology, and soft skills are essential no matter how far you have studied. 

When you work in an organization, you must be able to grasp the related projects smoothly and work with a group of people. As an engineering job candidate, you should include these skills when you give your resume to an employer in Qatar. Let’s look at some of the main ones.

Communication skills

You need to have high communication skills to get any job. We can also introduce communication as one of the organizations’ most critical requirements in recruitment interviews. Employers in Qatar look for skills such as the ability to successfully interpret what they say to you, to speak well, to listen, and to communicate well with others. 

Teamwork skills

It is a top asset for any employee working in an organization or with several others. Whether you are an engineering job seeker in Qatar or anyone else, most employers consider teamwork skills an essential factor. Among them, honesty and cooperation are vital.

Learning skills

You can adapt to anything. It would help if you adapted quickly to learn new things in a changing workplace and environment. That skill can get you more than other engineering job aspirants. Learning skills include collaboration and critical thinking.

Organizational skills

The other skill that stands out among organizational skills is organizational ability. We can also introduce this as one of the main traits employers in Qatar look for in an engineering job candidate. Engineering job candidates with organizational skills are in high demand from employers for more senior positions. These include understanding and resolving conflicts and attention to detail.


It is about managing your time and maintaining good discipline in the workplace. Your efficient prioritization of tasks and focus on career growth is your clear contribution to the organization. These skills include time management, organization, and self-motivation.

5. Strong work ethic and open mind

It is one of the most extraordinary characteristics among the traits employers in Qatar look for in an engineering job candidate. When hiring you, the employer wants an employee they can trust to perform their corporate duties and meet deadlines well. That means they expect to see a great work ethic in you even when a higher-up in your company isn’t checking your progress.

Also, an open mind means that you will be able to serve the new company appropriately when you work for it, regardless of the position you have previously worked in another company. In other words, every Qatari employer is looking for a dynamic group of people who want to learn new things to fulfill their duties.

Any engineering candidate who completes these skills can get the job quickly. Try to include all skills, experience, and skills in your CV.

How to get an engineering job in Qatar?

  • Search for a job that matches your skills and education level.
  • Submit your CV.
  • Now you can get an interview over the phone or via Skype.
  • Face it well and show your abilities correctly.
  • They will send you a work visa if they want to hire and accept you.
  • You can start working from day 1.

Final thoughts

Working as an engineering professional in Qatar can be your dream. There are many traits employers in Qatar look for in an engineering job candidate, and we have mentioned five special ones in the guide. We hope you understand it correctly and wish you the best in getting the job.