With the discovery of oil and gas resources, Qatar has emerged as one of the wealthiest countries in the world. A more formal economic plan is in place in the country, mainly focusing on infrastructure development. Among the measures taken by the Qatar government to strengthen the economy, the initiation of new projects is prominent. Because of this, employment opportunities for local and foreign workers have significantly increased. What are the four tips to successfully find a job in Qatar? How can you get a job in Qatar?

For job seekers in Qatar, Construction. Opportunities have been created in several sectors, including hospitality and real estate. They are reducing further dependence on oil and gas, Qatar’s primary source of income. 

In conjunction with the Qatar FIFA World Cup held in December last year, the Qatari government and the private sector started many projects such as shopping malls, food and beverage, and business opportunities.

They have substantial human resource demand to sustain them. In addition, one of their big projects was the opening of Doha Festival City, a large shopping mall expected to go live.

In strengthening the economy of Qatar, the government has given more attention to the profession instead of local talent. They expect to recruit a large group of foreigners for professional opportunities. However, finding a job in Qatar will be challenging for job seekers.

There are several main reasons for that. One is the competition for jobs in Qatar. 

According to the Global Peace Index, Qatar is a very peaceful country. Many expats are, therefore, more inclined to explore career opportunities in Qatar. However, we provide details about four tips for finding a job for job seekers in Qatar.

Access references

If you are looking for a successful job in Qatar, the first step is to reach out to your network in Qatar. You need to find a related professional relationship when looking for a job. Then you can join the filling by referrals before any Qatar job vacancies are advertised.

Employers in Qatar prefer to hire referrals from a trusted party when finding the best quality hires.

For this reason, be diligent in building personal and professional networks to get as many referrals as you need. Let everyone know that you are looking for a job. Tell your intentions to any family member, friend, or acquaintance in Qatar. Tell them to let you know who can get help.

Connect with career fairs

It is an opportunity for you to meet many potential employers involved in events hosted by organizations with job opportunities. Also, this is an excellent opportunity for many people seeking employment in Qatar to come together and build a professional network. It is different from interviewing for job opportunities in Qatar.

Employers usually form quick impressions of applicants at a career fair. That is, the interactions between them can often be informal. For this reason, try to give them a better impression of you before the show.

Be sure to bring copies of your business cards and resume when you arrive. Also, if you want to apply for more than one position, vary your CV based on the company’s requirements. Participating in career fairs allows you to find a job by connecting with employers and getting their contact information. Then you can appear for formal interviews and then follow the application process.

Through social media platforms

Another excellent tip for finding a job in Qatar is using social media platforms. It is only recently that this has become a unique job tool. Many Qatari employers screen potential employees through media such as LinkedIn and Facebook. 

If you always have a good update on these platforms, the possibility of finding a job opportunity in Qatar is far away. 

If you want a job in Qatar through social media, portray yourself professionally when creating your profile. When you put personal photos in there, do it with understanding. That is, avoid using unnecessary and inappropriate images. 

Be sure to include information related to work history and other professional skills. Not only can you find jobs through social media, but you can also increase your professional network.

Apply for internship

Top Tips to successfully find a job in Qatar One of the most important factors is getting an internship. That is, it is temporary work experience. Any company usually provides an internship for six months to the employees. It can be done with or without payment in some cases. You need to be highly experienced when entering the top job market in Qatar. Internships are the perfect way for job seekers to enter the workforce.

It is beneficial not only for job seekers but also for companies. They procure services from startups and reduce operating costs. That is, the job seekers are mainly aiming to work with them during the internship period.

However, you can find internships more widely due to new job development in Qatar. It’s a great path to gain experience in your chosen career field. The advantage of training in Qatar is that you can get full-time job opportunities after the expected period. Job seekers can apply for entry-level positions after gaining experience.

Requirements to work in Qatar

When you think about the tips to find a job in Qatar successfully, first, you need to know the requirements to work in Qatar. There are several steps you need to complete here. They will not be difficult.

Qualifications for a job in Qatar: Most companies in Qatar expect you to have a university degree. Otherwise, you must have professional qualifications. Also, all qualifications must be notarized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

 In addition, it is essential to have your degree certified by the Qatari Embassy in your country. You must also provide a letter from the institution where you studied confirming your eligibility.

Language requirements for a job in Qatar: When you are waiting for a career in Qatar, you must be able to speak English. It is the primary language used for business in Qatar. However, it may be helpful for you to have some knowledge of Arabic as well.

Qatar Work Visa: One of the essential best tips for successfully finding a job in Qatar is that you have a work visa in Qatar. All foreigners must have a residence permit. Also, the company gives you temporary access to enter Qatar. A residence permit can be obtained if you have an employer who can sponsor you.

Job Salaries in Qatar

The current minimum wage in Qatar is QAR750 per month. However, the country’s high salary level has attracted many foreigners. The average monthly salary in Qatar is QAR 13,000. They can go a long way. The pay can be as high as QAR 1 200/ QAR 90,000 per month.

Starting a job in Qatar

When you finally find a job in Qatar, you must prepare for your new role. Also, ensure you are on the same page with your employer regarding the work visa. Get criminal background checks or health checks. Sign your documents as soon as possible before you go.

Final thoughts

Finding a job in Qatar can be a golden opportunity for you. Please read our report on tips to successfully find a job in Qatar to make it easier for you to find a job in Qatar. Good luck landing your dream job.