A few years ago, individuals needed to visit a branch to monitor their monthly SSS contributions. Contact was made with the Human Resources Department through the agency’s hotline. But with today’s technological advancement, that pattern has changed. Viewing Your SSS Contributions Online is an easy way for many people to do their process these days. However, we provide a Guide to Viewing Your SSS Contributions Online for those who need to learn.

You now know that you can view your SSS contributions online in less than a few minutes through the Social Security System member portal. There is also the convenience of tracking more than just subscriptions when you log into your sss account. In addition, you will also have access to view other SSS features that may be useful to all SSS members.

How to View Your SSS Contributions Online

If you want to check SSS contributions first, go to Mine. Having an SSS account is mandatory. Enter your SSS number, last SSS contribution or the payment receipt, personal information, etc., when setting up an account. 

It would be best if you had a laptop or desktop computer with an Internet connection and an installed web browser. Internet Explorer must be the browser for Viewing Your SSS Contributions Online. After you complete SSS registration online, you can proceed step by step to view SSS contributions online.

1. Visit the SSS website.

You must first visit the SSS website at www.sss.gov.ph. After you enter the website, you will see “I am not a robot.” Now check the box and click on “Submit.”

2. Log in to My.SSS account.

Now you can see three buttons on the right panel on the homepage of your SSS website. They are the Member, Employer, and Small Business Wage Subsidy Program. First, you click on “Member.” 

Now you will see a new page. They provide your My.SSS User ID and Password. If you forgot the password or user ID, click “Forgot User ID or Password” there. If you forgot only the password and user ID, or if you forgot both the password and user ID, your email address, you will get a new page to enter.

Now click “Submit.” 

Next, check your email for instructions from SSS about retrieving your My.SSS account login information.

3. Visit the SSS Subscription Inquiry page

Now take your mouse and place it on the “Query” tab. You can click on “Subscriptions” under that tab. Now you can go to a page containing some other details. It has monthly contributions, SE/VM contributions for self-employed or self-employed members, employee incentives and savings programs, and Flexi Fund for OFWs

Now click on the subscription you want to check there. You can see which months have no posted subscriptions. It means that the months without contribution mean that you are unemployed in those months. Or it means that your employer still needs to remit your contributions.

Also, scroll down to see your total SSS contributions posted and the total contributions paid. In addition, you have the convenience of printing this page for your reference.

You can view your SSS contribution summary. You can see Show Total Contributions, Don’t Show Total Contributions, Total Contributions Posted, and Total Contribution Amount.

Please get in touch with your Human Resources Department immediately if you see any inconsistencies in your contributions while viewing your SSS Contributions Online. Or make the correction you want. It varies depending on whether you are employed or self-employed.

Viewing Your SSS Contributions Online through a mobile application

How to view an SSS subscription online soon based on a mobile device. 

First, download the official SSS mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Now you can log in with your My.SSS credentials and check your subscriptions. Follow the above steps for that.

Viewing Your SSS Contributions Online Using Text

Need a smartphone or a personal computer? Then you can view your SSS subscription via SMS via your old mobile phone. Thus SMS SSS is the third option for you to process SSS membership registration, check your benefits, determine the nearest branch, review your claim status, and other issues. Also, the unique thing about this is that you can’t get it for free.

Philippine telecom companies Globe and Smart charge 2.50 pesos for this. Also, Sun Cellular charges its subscribers 2.0 pesos.

Follow the steps below for Viewing Your SSS Contributions Online via text.

Type SSS subscription as <SS NUMBER> <PIN> and send to 2600.

How to get a printout of an online SSS subscription? 

After you go through the above and view the complete SSS contribution, you can print it for safekeeping. You can also take a printout to avoid any issues with your contributions to your SSS online account.

1. First, log into your SSS online account

For that, you can visit the official SSS website at www.sss.gov.ph. Now go to the “Membership” link under “Portals” on its home page. It will then send you to the “Member Login” page. Type the user ID and password in the space provided and login into your online account.

2. Take the mouse to the menu and place it on “Query.” Select “Subscriptions” to view the options.

3. Print a hard copy of the monthly SSS contribution.

Here you have two ways to get your subscription printed. The first alternative method is to press CTRL + P on the keyboard. The second option, press the three dots in the right corner of your Chrome browser. That way, they ask your internet browser to show you your print settings.

Now set up your printer. You can select the printer you will use, the number of copies to print, the size of paper you need to print your SSS subscription, and the layout. Now, press “Print” on the left side of the window.


Q. How to check my SSS balance?

First, visit the official website of the Social Security Scheme.

After logging in, click on E-Services -> Query.

After logging into employee static information, alternate opportunities can be found per members’ details.

Q. Why can’t I see my SSS contribution?

If you are self-employed or self-employed, if your last contribution has yet to be posted after more than a month, you should contact the PRN helpline and inquire about the final payment.

Q. Does the SSS account expire?

When someone registers and is covered for SSS membership, they will become a member for life.