A large number of expatriates come to Qatar in search of employment in Qatar’s thriving economic environment. Are you also thinking of doing a job in Qatar? To work in Qatar, you need to obtain a Qatar work permit. How to get a work permit in Qatar? Here we provide the guidelines for getting a work permit in Qatar. Follow the correct order and stay with our report.

Work Permit in Qatar

Employers provide work visas valid for 1-3 months to workers going to work in Qatar. It mainly affects an employee who dedicates a significant period to work for a Qatari employer. Also, to apply for a work visa in Qatar, the employee must obtain a valid employment contract approved by the Ministry of Labour.

When working in Qatar, you first focus on getting a work residence permit. Your employer will manage it, or the employer will arrange for you to get a temporary visa. You will then be able to enter Qatar for your work residence permit within four weeks of your stay.

The Ministry of Interior issues the Work Permit in Qatar, and your employer must renew your work permit yearly.

How to get a Work Permit in Qatar

First, you need to register with the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs. There you have to get essential documents like Agent Card and Immigration Card.

After receiving the card, you should start the application process with the Ministry of Labor for the employee work visa.

You must submit a passport and a certificate of conduct from the country that issued the ticket. In addition, you must also send a certificate with proof of education translated from Arabic. 

When you send the relevant documents, they must be approved by your country’s embassy. You should also complete your application to Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Your medical information and your fingerprints are also taken here.

Immigration laws in Qatar are pretty strict. It is why you should always be more diligent about your application. Also, the online application process can take several weeks from start to finish. Prepare your strategy to avoid delays.

Requirements for Getting a Work Permit in Qatar

Before starting work in Qatar, foreigners apply for work and residence permits. When you apply for a work permit, you must meet several requirements.

  • A correctly completed application from the Ministry of Labour
  • Employment contract
  • A copy of the employee’s passport
  • Educational certificates
  • Two passport photographs
  • A medical certificate regarding the employee’s health condition
  • Employment visa
  • Employer’s Immigration Card
  • Fingerprints and biometrics

Types of work visas in Qatar

If you want to enter the country in search of employment in Qatar, you can obtain different types of visas as a foreign national. By that time,

These include work visas, business visas, family visas, tourist visas, and Gulf Cooperation Council resident visas.

Cost of a work permit in Qatar

A work residence permit in Qatar can be expensive. But usually, the employer pays for it on your behalf. Also, the work entry visa to bring you into the country is QAR 200. If it is converted into a work residence, permit you to need to pay another QAR 500.

The average cost of other visas is QAR 200.

Renewal of work permit in Qatar

Your employer can do this renewal. He renews the work permit for 1 to 3 years using the government’s residential service portal. For that, approved employers have a Qatar Smart-ID. Also, through it, they have the facility to apply online.

You can apply for a license renewal three months before the current license expires. Several fees apply. that is,

QAR 1,000 for employees sponsored by companies

For Family Sponsorship: QAR 500

For employees on personal sponsorship: QAR 300

How long is a work visa valid in Qatar?

A work visa in Qatar is valid for 1-3 months. But the employer can renew it for 1 to 3 years through the Government Residency Portal. The Qatar work visa application process can take up to four weeks. But you can start life in Qatar as soon as you get the work permit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it possible to get a work permit without a job offer?

No. Although you don’t need a job offer in most cases, you must join the Federal Skilled Worker or Federal Skilled Trades program.

Q. What is the best salary in Qatar?

Currently, the highest reported salary in Qatar is 51 lakh rupees. Also, the top 10% of employees earn more than Rs 50 lakh per annum.

Q. What are the tests for a Qatar visa?

Test results for Hepatitis B, HIV, and Syphilis and complete blood counts are included to complete the Qatar visa requirement. It would be best if you also had a chest x-ray for a Qatar visa.

Q. Why is my Qatar visa rejected?

First, you need to submit all the relevant documents to the embassy. Also, only offer fake documents if you have eligible records. Your Qatar visa will be rejected if you have false or incomplete documents.

Final thoughts

Working in Qatar can be your dream too. There is a sequence of actions that you need to complete for that. If you submit the relevant documents correctly, you will soon be able to apply for Qatar jobs. You got what you need from our Guidelines for Getting a Work Permit in Qatar.