Most expatriate women go to their mother country to complete their childbirth. They consider it a privilege to have their relatives, parents, and family members near them. Many parents residing in Qatar also travel abroad during the delivery of their Baby. But if the newborn Baby returns to Qatar within six months, they can get a free Qatar visa. But, How to Get Visa On Arrival Visas for Newborn Babies?

Here we will explain all the conditions required to obtain a visit visa for a baby born outside Qatar. Let’s talk about the requirements and the parents’ needs when applying for a visit visa for a newborn baby.

Guide to Get Visa On Arrival Visas for Newborn Babies

A birth visa is essential for newborns under six months of age in Qatar upon return to the country. He can get it free of charge at the airport.

According to the Qatar Ministry of Interior, there are several conditions for Getting Visas On Arrival Visas for Newborn Babies when a baby is born outside Qatar.

Baby must not be more than six months old: The newborn cannot be more than six months old when he returns to Qatar. If the parents bring the child back to Qatar after six months, they must apply for a family residence permit.

The Baby’s father and mother must have a valid residence permit in Qatar.

Having husband’s sponsorship: The wife must be on the husband’s support to obtain a visa when the child returns to Qatar. Otherwise, if both father and mother are under company sponsorship, they cannot get Visa On Arrival Visas for Newborn Babies.

Having a first birth certificate of the child: You must have a first birth certificate of the child to Get Visa On Arrival Visas for Newborn Babies. Showing copies of it is not valid. In addition, the child must have a valid passport from her home country.

Documents required for Getting Visa On Arrival Visas for Newborn Babies

If the child is born in Qatar, the parents must submit several documents related to the Ministry of Interior. Those documents are,

  • Child’s original passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage certificates of parents
  • Copies of parents’ ID cards and passports

Cost to Get Visa On Arrival Visas for Newborn Babies

The newborn child can get a free visa when entering with the parents. After the child enters Qatar, the parents must apply for a residence permit card through Metrash 2 / Internal Service Center.

Also, you should pay attention to a particular point here. If the mother stays in Qatar for more than six months, that period is considered overstaying, and she needs a permit to return.

How to get a Qatar residence permit for a newborn Baby?

Registration of births in Qatar is mandatory, whether domestic or foreign. Although the Qatari government issues a birth certificate to a child of foreign parents, they do not grant him Qatari citizenship. Instead, expatriate parents should take responsibility for registering their child’s birth with the respective country’s embassies.

Birth registration in Qatar occurs at the Women’s Hospital, adjacent to the Hamad General Hospital. Also, the hospital where the child was delivered will issue 2 letters to obtain the birth certificate.

Several steps are involved in obtaining a visa for a newborn baby in Qatar.

1. First, go to Hamad Women’s Hospital Outpatient Department, 3rd floor, to apply for the child’s birth certificate.

2. Then you will get a form to fill out there. Fill in all its details more accurately. The documents you need for the birth certificate are copies of your parents’ passports, identity cards, and certified marriage certificates. The name you provide here will be included in the child’s birth certificate. It is also used in the passport of the newborn child.

3. If the child was born in Hamad, get the two relevant cards. If your Baby was not born in Hamad, take the information from the hospital where the Baby was born.

Also, if your wife is under the husband’s patronage or if both husband and wife are under the same company, they accept the form. You have to pay separately for the certificates available in English or Arabic.

Sometimes husband and wife work for different sponsors. You will be asked for a birth certificate from CID in such a case. You may need to go to the Criminal Investigation Department, which is located on Abu Samara Road.

Now you can go to an embassy and apply for a foreign passport. After getting the key go to the immigration office to get the visa.

Carry the documents and originals, which they may ask for when obtaining a residence permit for the newborn. Then pay the applicable fee. Usually, a two-year visa can cost as much as QR 400.

Frequently asked questions about Getting Visas On Arrival Visas for Newborn Babies.

Can the child get a residence permit card at the airport?

No. First, after the child arrives in Qatar, the Baby’s parents must apply for a residence permit card through Metrash 2 / any other internal service center.

How long can a child stay in Qatar without a visa?

Permits should be obtained within two months after the birth of the child. If the period of two months is exceeded, a fine of QAR 10 per day will be imposed.

Can infants travel to Qatar?

The infant rate will apply if a child is still traveling on the parent’s lap. Also, another must be over 12 months old and wearing a seat belt. Or if both infants are under 12 months, they must be accompanied by a second adult passenger.

Can babies fly freely in Qatar?

Any infant below two years of age can travel on an adult’s lap by purchasing an infant ticket. Also, buying a child fare ticket is unnecessary if the passenger uses a child restraint.

How much are baby travel fees in Qatar?

Infant fare is usually 10% of adult fare. Child fares are also available on select routes.

Final thoughts

Many foreign women choose to give birth outside of Qatar. Then, many people may have various questions about How Can I Get Visa On Arrival Visas for Newborn Babies. Through our guide, you get a proper answer to that.