Qatar has made its tourist visa option accessible online for individual travelers and businesses. Anyone considering getting a tourist visa in Qatar can now easily do so through the official online service. How can I Apply for a Qatar Tourist eVisa Online? What qualifications do you need to apply for a Qatar tourist visa? Here we will also talk about Qatar tourist visa cost and procedure.

Before applying for Qatar Tourist eVisa Online

Only nationals of selected countries can apply for a permit through this visa service. Also, citizens of more than 90 countries are eligible for a free visa upon arrival in Doha, Qatar. For these reasons, you can only apply for a tourist visa in Qatar if your country is on the list of eligible countries. Citizens of countries with unavailable tickets must submit visa applications before their visit.

Documents Required to Apply for Qatar Tourist eVisa Online.

Passport – A passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the entering date into Qatar

A passport-size photograph

Hotel Confirmation Voucher: Documents related to your stay in Qatar; if you are staying in a hotel, you must provide a copy of the hotel reservation.

Proof of your residence: official printed address page of the passport, residence visa, rental contract, telephone bill

How Can I Apply for a Qatar Tourist eVisa Online

1. Visit the Qatar Visa Service website

First, you must register or log in to the Qatar Visa Service website using your email address and password.

2. Fill out the application form online

Fill in the online application’s basic information correctly, like name, date of birth, nationality, etc.

The system will automatically select your visa type as per your billing details.

3. Upload the required documents.

Among the above documents for Applying for a Qatar Tourist eVisa Online,

Passport details and flight ticket (Qatar Airways passengers do not need to present their key). Passport photograph and documents for residence in Qatar

4. Pay fees and make requests.

This service portal accepts only Visa or Mastercard Debit / Credit card payments when making your payment.

5. Get status updates.

After you complete the above steps, you will receive the relevant status update in your email. Now you can log into the portal to monitor the appropriate status online.

6. Get an E Visa.

After you process the visa application as above, you will receive the e-Visa in your email. The relevant time frame is usually 48 to 96 hours from receipt of all the applicant’s documents.

Guide to Apply for a Qatar Tourist eVisa Online

If you are a guest traveling with Qatar Airways, visit the airline’s website and log in to ‘My Trips.’ Then select “Apply for a Visa.”

Now automatically, they redirect it to the Qatar visa service website. Under that, anyone can apply for a Qatar Tourist eVisa Online through a single reservation.

The same service can be used to request applications for children approved in their parent’s passports.

A Qatar Tourist visa application can be made for a maximum of 90 days or a minimum of four working days before travel.

Visa lobbyists are not allowed to work in Qatar during their stay.

VFS takes responsibility for processing Qatar tourist visa applications through their website, and they add a payment to your application. If you have any query related to visa application, it should be done through VFS.

The online visa portal has special features dedicated to tourism businesses. Handling large batches through bulk payments is facilitated through optional “Add to Cart” scenarios.

How much is the Qatar tourist visa fee?

An average Qatar tourist visa fee is QAR 100. It is US$ 27. Also, if there are other dependents and family members, there may be a fee of QAR 50 for all of them. In addition, you will have to pay an additional service fee to the company handling your Qatar tourist visa application.

How long does it take for a Qatar visa?

As mentioned above, if all the documents required for the Qatar tourist visa are correct or there are no other related problems, you can get the visa application for Qatar within four working days.

What is the duration of a Qatar e- visa?

A regular Qatar tourist visa is issued for a single entry for about 30 days. If the key needs to be extended, it can be done inside Qatar through the Ministry of Interior.

How to extend a Qatar tourist visa?

If you wish to extend your Qatar tourist visa, you can do so through the online application on the Qatar Ministry of Interior website.

For that service, enter your visa number, passport number, and given security code.

Now select the period for which you want to extend the Qatar visa.

Now select the applicable fare.

Which countries have visa-on-arrival mandates with Qatar?

UK, USA, Italy, Australia, France, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Belgium, Netherlands, Singapore, Austria, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Andorra, Sweden, Malaysia, South Korea, Monaco, Luxembourg, Vatican City

Qatar Tourist Visa Rules

  • GCC residents who are legally engaged in some occupation may obtain a GCC resident visa. Before applying for it, the required persons must be included, and the professional credentials must be shown.
  • Citizens only allowed to enter Qatar with a visa can apply for an Electronic Travel Authority if they do not meet the specified requirements.
  • Individuals can apply online for an ePassport if they have a valid residence permit or tourist visa for one of the selected countries.
  • Qatar does not recognize dual nationality. Therefore, a Qatari citizen must enter and exit the country using a passport.
  • Specific criteria for Qatar tourist visas may change depending on the authorities’ decisions. Whenever possible, get reliable information from a regional embassy in your home country before traveling to Qatar.

Final thoughts

You can apply online through authorized organizations and government ministries for Qatar Tourist eVisa Online. This visa is unique because it is free for one month and can be renewed for six months after other relevant background and medical tests. Our guide, How to Apply for a Qatar Tourist eVisa Online 2023, will help you.