The first thing anyone looking to move to Qatar thinks about is where they will live. Finding accommodation to live in during your stay in Qatar is simple. If your employer does not provide housing, you can rent a flat/apartment. But you go to Qatar as a beginner, and How do you Rent a Flat/Apartment in Qatar? Here we will provide details about rent or rental contracts to be paid for that.

Documents required for Rent a Flat/Apartment in Qatar

If you consider finding accommodation after arriving in Qatar, you must first fulfill the following requirements.

A copy of your Qatari ID card

Copy of passport

Security check

Proof of employment (Required only in some instances. )

Following-day checks for rent

Accommodation in Qatar

After completing the above documents, your next step is understanding what accommodation is available in Qatar. There are usually several houses or apartments in Qatar. But most expats visiting Qatar are more focused on renting villas or apartments than buying accommodation.

 If you are considering buying property in Qatar as a foreigner, you can buy it in demarcated areas. There are three types of apartments and villas you can get in Qatar.

Unfurnished villas or apartments

Semi-furnished villas or apartments

Fully furnished villas or apartments

Unfurnished Apartments/Villas in Qatar

These houses also have different types of levels. Most such places do not even have household appliances, curtains, or carpets. Also, there are times when things like bathroom storage and kitchen cupboards cannot be included. When you get a house like this, you have a building built with the necessary rooms, doors, and windows. It would be best if you bought the necessary equipment.

Semi-Furnished Apartments in Qatar

These are more furnished than the above. But only some of the furniture you need is here. There are only a few simple and essential tools. They are equipped with air conditioners and other utilities.

Fully furnished apartments in Qatar

These apartments or villas are also equipped with all the furniture you need. They sell them and all accessories from the bathroom, kitchen, and bedding. If you, as an expat, are looking to stay in Doha for more than a year, these fully furnished apartments or villas are the best choice.

How Can I Rent a Flat/Apartment in Qatar

  • First, you must find places to rent villas or apartments in Qatar. You can use two options for that.

1. Using a real estate agent

2. Renting the apartment directly

  • Rent a Flat/Apartment in Qatar through a real estate agent

If you are considering using a real estate agent, he should understand the relationship between the landlord and the tenant. They also provide administrative services in exchange for a commission. 

Qatar’s current expected commission rate is half a month’s or one month’s rent. We can consider it as 5% of the annual rent.

In addition, property management companies in Qatar rent properties on behalf of landlords. Among the most popular ones,

Miraj Properties, Capstone Properties, Wasif, Better Homes, Al Azraq Real Estate, Step Real Estate

Rent a Flat/Apartment in Qatar directly

You can find apartments or villas personally if you are not renting apartments through a real estate agent. You can rent private houses in Qatar from the classified sections of English-language newspapers and real estate portals. For that, check classifieds pages like Property Finder, Corio, Property Oryx, Qatar Living, etc., Or contact the manager of the Qatar apartment or villa directly.

Rent a Flat/Apartment in Qatar Contracts

Most rental contracts in Qatar are annual. But they have special rules about many dos and don’ts. For this, you must read the agreement carefully and print it. A potential non-disclosure clause in a contract is likely to favor the landlord. Therefore, carefully check the house’s details and the arrangement in advance. That way, you can protect yourself from later depression.

Additionally, most rental properties require you to post-date checks for the duration of your contract, even before you move in. But you’re not alone there as the market moves. Here it would be best if you remembered that Qatar is an Islamic country. That means they have some unique residency rules.

Expenses for Rent a Flat/Apartment in Qatar

If you are looking for a suburban, shopping, medical center rental called Do Hahi Studio Apartments, they start from QAR 5,000 per month. But if you buy a one-bedroom apartment, it will cost around QR6,000. However, it may vary depending on the location and related facilities provided.

Two and three-bedroom apartments:- Minimum is QR7,500 per month.

For Premium Villas: Minimum is QR15,000 per month

An apartment in an upscale area like the Pearl:-  a minimum of between QR10,000 and QR12,000 per month.

If you live outside the city, they have 25%-30% cheaper rates.

Payment of rent for houses in Qatar

You can pay rent by postpaid cheque. You must deliver the rent on the same day of the next month as per the date you move home. Alternatively, you can opt for quarterly payments. If you rent an apartment in Qatar through an agency, they will charge you a fee equal to one month’s rent. 

The Property Lease Contract Office charges an annual registration fee of 0.5% of the yearly rental value of your house. The minimum is QR 250, and the maximum is around QR 2,500.

Many people also ask about security deposits for rental properties in Qatar. Most properties in Qatar require a security deposit of one month’s rent. It is usually fully refundable only if there is no damage to the property and the tenant makes no payments for the duration of the contract.

Where should you go if you have a rent dispute in Qatar?

If you dispute with the landlord while renting a flat/apartment in Qatar, refer the matter to the Rent Dispute Resolution Committee. It is located in Muntasa, off C Ring Road, adjacent to Rawdat Al Khail Park.

Final thoughts

Moving from a new country to a new city can be a different experience for anyone. First, you go to Qatar, and then you focus on finding accommodation. It’s not difficult, but you have to be careful. We trust you will understand adequately through our Rent a Flat/Apartment in Qatar guide above.