You may be a newcomer to Qatar or preparing to get a brand-new smart card. Any Qatari citizen or resident of one of the GCC countries can use E-Gates to track you through immigration very fast on arrival or departure from Qatar. But you How to Apply for a Smart ID (E-Gate)? We hope to provide you with all the guidance you need here.

Steps to Apply for a Smart ID (E-Gate)

  • Here, Qatari citizens, residents, and GCC nationals should visit the Immigration Department located at Madinat Khalifa to obtain an E-card.
  • Present your ID or GCC Passport now.
  • Pay the applicable fees to you.
  • Take your identity card or residence card and visit Gate 2 of the Immigration Department at the above location.
  • Get your photo taken at a booth there. Now take fingerprints of both your hands.
  • Then queue up and call to get your respective token number.
  • After the call goes to the counter.
  • Now say after you place the fingerprints on the system. After that, you can ask for a smart ID card for one year, two years, or three years.
  • You can pay for an E-Gate / Smart ID for up to 3 years.
  • After migration, they will transfer your resident ID card to another chipped ID card.
  • Also, if you have an exit permit, this e-card allows you to bypass immigration and passport control and use the e-gate.

Before applying for a Smart ID (E-Gate), what are the things to know?

  • Only people above 18 years of age are allowed to serve here.
  • In the case of a first-time request, the relevant applicant must sign the organization agreement for the e-government service request.
  • E-Government Services should be enabled whenever another ID card is issued by the reviewer concerned. For that, use the activation tools attached to the website.

Fees to Apply for a Smart ID (E-Gate)

When you think about How to Apply for a Smart ID (E-Gate), you will think about costs. For this, you may have to apply charges for various reasons. By that time,

Fee applicable for issuance of identity cards: QR100

Cost related to Smart ID services for one year: QR100

Fee-related to Smart ID services for two years: QR150

Fee-related to Smart ID services for three years: QR200

Fee-related to e-Government services for three years: QR250

Where to get a Smart ID (E-Gate)?

On the question of How to Apply for a Smart ID (E-Gate), you next think about where to get it. You can get an e-Gate from several locations.

How to use Smart-ID (E-Gate)?

The next step after registering for E-Gates is to present your ID card at an E-Gate Kiosk. There are three steps to that.

1. Place your ID or passport on the scanner at the first e-gate barrier. The system will start registering your information. Now the relevant glass barrier is removed. There you can check in at the e-gate.

2. After entering the E-Gate barriers, you can do an internal fingerprint or iris scan. If you have an iris scan, follow the instructions given there. Then, remove any goggles. Also, a fingerprint scan is done by placing a thumb on the scanner. The scan may take a few seconds to complete.

3. Finally, the system verifies by matching your ID card or passport information with the scan you provided. Then, the second glass barrier opens. Now you have the option to go to a security check.

Benefits of applying for a Smart ID (E-Gate) Card

  • We can introduce an intelligent ID as the best way to tighten the entry restrictions when your business sees heavy traffic.
  • There is no learning curve when using an E-Gate. On a scanner, a passport is placed open to the photo page. Finally, the passenger undergoes an eye test before entering the gate and boarding the plane. Then, they open the gate. It enables the passenger to travel.
  • Through these, the passenger can prepare credentials in 6 seconds. It is also possible to complete passport control in a few minutes through these services. 
  • Travelers entering and exiting Dubai International Airport using an eGate card can get a passport stamped immediately.
  • All you have to do is apply for eGate, and through that card, passengers will get faster access to transit processes at Dubai Airport, Al Ain Airport, and Abu Dhabi Airport. Also, many more airports in the United Arab Emirates will be added later.

People who can use Smart-ID (E-Gate).

UAE residents, GCC nationals and other passport holders, and persons belonging to the following nationalities:

Australia, Singapore, United States of America, Great Britain, Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal, France, Germany, Andorra, Brunei, Netherlands, San Marino, Norway, Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Japan, Ireland, Iceland, Malaysia, Italy, Monaco, Luxembourg

Can you use the Emirates Skywards membership card as an eGates card?

To activate the Skywards e-Gates card, the passport must be sound for at least six months. Also, a passport photo and the standard Skywards e-gate card were provided to you earlier.

You can use the card only at Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports. But, you cannot use it in Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Al Ain, Sharjah.

If you have more than one gold or silver Skyward frequent flier card, you can use it as an e-Gate card.

Gold members can activate the e-gate card for free. Silver members also have to pay an activation fee of 5,000 Skywards miles.  

Requirements to link Emirates ID as an eGate card

  • A valid ID is required.
  • Verification of residency validity
  • Passport not less than six months old

Where you can link your Emirates ID as an eGate card

  • All types of UAE airports
  • The financial center of Dubai Internet City
  • Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • All types of UAE Naturalization and Residency Departments
  • Dubai Dnata Passport Centre
  • Free Zone Passport Center in Jebel Ali
  • Dnata Passport Center, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

Benefits of adding E-gate service to your ID

  • Easy registration for you to get the required service through an ID card
  • You can only use one card to travel
  • Having one card active that includes the role of a complete ID

Final thoughts

Smart ID (E-Gate) is a state-of-the-art idea for foreigners entering and exiting the country. You can quickly enter Qatar by just tapping the gate through this. From How to Apply for a Smart ID (E-Gate), our guide will help you with everything you need to know about Smart ID (E-Gate).