As a country in the Middle East, Qatar is one of the most uncomfortably hot countries in the summer months. The heat from the intense sun has become a daily part of the people of Qatar during those times. Anyone in Qatar knows how difficult it’s to go indoors. Or into buildings due to the intense heat of the sun outside. However, if you live in Qatar, How do you Survive the Summer Heat in Qatar? How should you prepare for that? What are the usual precautions? Let’s talk about it.

Extreme heat period in Qatar

Doha receives about five days of rain each year. In some cases, the number of days may be reduced. The other few days are without rain, i.e., 360 days are sunny. At the same time, the 6-month period from mid-April to mid-October is boiling. From June to August, the afternoon heat is 45C (113F).

Or in some cases, up to 50C (122F). From mid-August to September of the year, the humidity rises as the temperature gradually decreases. However, it is also a time that reflects a higher temperature.

What you should do to Survive the Summer Heat in Qatar

Wear a wide-brimmed hat

During the Summer Heat in Qatar, you must cover your head well. For that, wear a broader hat in the best condition. Remove it when you are in the shade. If you are outdoors in a wet area, be sure to soak the hat in the water. If you choose a baseball cap when choosing hats, they will not protect the back of your neck. Use a hat that covers your neck and face from the sun.

Cover your body with clothes.

When you think about How to Survive the Summer Heat in Qatar, you wear a hat, a long-sleeved shirt, and light pants. When you choose clothes, they should be made of very delicate fabrics. Remember to select sweat-wicking and sweat-proof clothing. Do not wear tight underwear in the summer heat in Qatar. Wash them thoroughly when you wear them.

Drink water well

If you think about How to Survive the Summer Heat in Qatar, the most important thing to do is to drink water well. All mosques in the Gulf region have a water fountain outside. Also, large villas provide the opportunity to drink water as hospitality for strangers.

 However, don’t drink chilled water in Qatar during the scorching season, as it can cause frequent stomach aches. Instead of chilled water, you can drink room-temperature water during the hot season in Qatar.

The doctor recommends drinking 4 cups of water per hour during hot weather. Also, drink water before you feel thirsty. Be sure to drink water whether you are indoors or outdoors.

Walk only in the morning.

You know that in Qatar, the sun rises between eleven in the morning and one in the afternoon. The temperature of the air is always several hours behind the sun. It is why going for a walk in the afternoon contributes to excessive body damage. 

Stay indoors if you can during that period. Make sure you are in during office hours as well. When you exercise, exercise early in the morning or late in the evening when the temperature drops and the sun’s rays become more aggressive. When you exercise in the heat, it adds extra stress to the body. Thus, the body is keen to maintain its optimal core temperature.

Wear sandals

You have the perfect footwear for walking in hotter countries. The latest running or training shoes available today may not suit that climate. Do not wear shoes that do not absorb sweat and slip inside your feet during this time. 

You can sometimes use very light flip-flops made of wooden Cooper Chisin. Also, protect your joints if you walk 10km or more during the hot season in Qatar. To prevent blisters, use a pair of shoes suitable for the heat.

Summer activities you can do during the heat.

When you think about How to Survive the Summer Heat in Qatar, you don’t always have to fear the summer. There are various activities that you can do during the heating season as well. You will realize that the high buildings outside of Doha generate a lot of heat.

 Instead, Qatar has some beautiful public beaches. Most of them are in the suburbs. Some of these beaches provide a shaded environment. It’s worth checking first if you’re going to the beach.

You can spend your days in hotels in Doha. In many of them, you can spend time on a private beach and have fun in climate-controlled swimming pools. Among those facilities, there are many sunbeds, refreshments available around the pools, and bathroom facilities.

In addition, you can visit Aqua Park outside of Doha. The park offers plenty of activities and adventure opportunities for Ghanima to keep you cool. Or, if you want to escape the afternoon heat, visit any of the shopping malls in Qatar. Malls offer you plenty of indoor activities.

Another option you have when thinking about How to Survive the Summer Heat in Qatar is the museum. There are many museums in Qatar with Islamic art, Qatari history, and heritage. In them, you can spend a few hours in cafes or restaurants.

Another way to protect yourself from the Qatari heat is to spend time outdoors in Qatar at night. Most of the time, Qatar is full of people during summer. You can choose places like family entertainment, night markets, cafes, and restaurants.

Difficulties that can occur during hot weather in Qatar

Heat exhaustion

Heat exhaustion can occur during periods of extreme heat. Its main symptoms are headache, fatigue, profuse sweating, nausea and anorexia, rapid breathing, dizziness, cool skin with watery eyes, thirst, and a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius and above.

Treatment for heat exhaustion

When heat exhaustion occurs, treating it within 30 minutes can prevent the disorder without severe effects. Cool, the person for that. Move the affected person to a calm, shady place. Take him to a more suitable air conditioner. 

Keep the patient loosely dressed and have him lie down. Give him plenty of water. Cool his skin with a towel soaked in cold water or with the help of an electric fan. Contact emergency services if you do this in 30 minutes, and the condition has not improved.

Heat stroke

Symptoms of heatstroke: Temperature over 40 degrees Celsius, skin feeling hot and dry without sweat, loss of consciousness, vomiting, rapid and shallow breathing, and unresponsiveness.

Treatment for heat stroke

If a person suffers from heat stroke with the above symptoms, you should call emergency services immediately. Cool the patient in the meantime. Immediately move the person to a calm, shady place. Remove unnecessary clothes and loosen his tight clothes. 

Provide plenty of water. 

Cool his skin with a towel soaked in cold water. Cool the person using a fan or air conditioner.

Final thoughts

As a country in the Middle East, Qatar is a scorching country. Anyone living in Qatar should be prepared for hot weather. Getting ready for the terrain or the temperature can be a new experience for anyone starting life in Qatar. You can get what you need from our guide.