Many ex-pats are very interested in working in Qatar. Among them, the number of foreigners who come to Qatar for small jobs is more reported in a year. Are you also interested in working as a cleaner in Qatar? But How Much Does a Cleaner in Qatar Earn? How can a cleaner in Qatar get a good salary? Let’s talk about it.

A cleaner in Qatar earns an average of QAR 4,350 per month. The salary ranges from a minimum of QAR 2,130 to a maximum of QAR 6,708. But these salary figures vary according to many other factors, including gender. Apart from that, Qatar cleaners will also get housing, transport, and many benefits for that salary. Let us clearly identify it as follows.

Salary Range of a Cleaner in Qatar:

QAR 2,130 – QAR 6,780 per month

The average salary of a cleaner in Qatar is around QAR 4,430 per month. That is, cleaners earn less than half that figure. Also, the other half makes more than QAR 4,430.

Salary percentage of cleaners in Qatar:

Let’s see those percentages as 25% and 75%. 25% of cleaners earn less than QAR 2,950. Also, 75% of cleaners earn less than QAR 2,950.

A cleaner is responsible for maintaining, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming the respective areas. You can find a job in Qatar if you are a foreigner or a local Qatari with work experience in those tasks. You know that Qatar still has the lowest unemployment rate in the world. 

At the same time, due to the wealth of Qatar, they will pay a significant salary for any employee. Among those salaries, How Much Does a Cleaner in Qatar Earn? It can be in different ways.

Cleaner salary in Qatar by experience

Years Of ExperienceSalary Per MonthPercentage Of More ThanThe Experienced amount below
Less than two yearsQAR 2,530                    – 
2 –  5 yearsQAR 3,250                    29%
5 – 10 yearsQAR 4,480                    29%
10 – 15 yearsQAR 5,550                    24%
15 – 20 yearsQAR 5,940                      7%
More than 20 yearsQAR 6,340                      7%

Cleaner salaries in Qatar by gender

You may wonder if gender plays a role in salary recommendations for employees in Qatar. But it does. Among cleaners in Qatar, who gets paid more, men or women?

Men’s CleanersQAR 4,150
Female CleanersQAR 4,490

On average, male cleaners in Qatar are paid 8% less than their female counterparts.

Salary of a cleaner in Qatar by education level

Education LevelSalary Per Month
High School LevelQAR 3,570
Certificate or Diploma LevelQAR 5,900

Average Hourly Wage of a Cleaner in Qatar

QAR 25 per hour

An average hourly cleaner in Qatar is paid QAR 25, which means they earn almost QAR 25 for every hour they work. In other words, an hourly wage is a payment for one working hour. It is classified into two types of jobs. Those are salaried jobs and hourly jobs. 

The main difference between salaried and hourly workers is in overtime. It means that salaried employees are exempt from overtime rather than those paid per hour. If you choose a salaried job, you will be entitled to a fixed amount regardless of the number of hours you work. Use the following formula to convert your salary to an hourly wage.

Hourly wage = Annual Salary ÷ (52 × 5 × 8) 

Salary of cleaners in Qatar by job sector

You can choose jobs in Qatar as a cleaner in the public or private sectors. A higher salary can be obtained by working in the public sector. That is, the wages of a cleaner in the private sector in Qatar is QAR 15,300, while the public sector salary can reach QAR 16,000 with a 5% higher percentage than that.

Bonuses for cleaners in Qatar

A cleaner is considered a low-reward job in most other countries, including Qatar. At the same time, people with the highest bonuses are more likely to join the revenue cycle.

Types of bonuses

Performance bonuses:

This type of bonus has two parts. That is, bonuses are given based on individual performance, and bonuses are based on company performance. Individual bonus is the resource bonus received based on the employee’s performance.

Many times, some companies collectively share excess earnings and profits with their staff as bonuses for everyone. Allowances may vary to suit their role within the respective organization.

Year End Bonuses:

The other type of bonus that workers, including cleaners, receive in Qatar is a holiday or year-end bonus. They occur for no apparent reason. It is a form of compensation that can be accepted as a token of appreciation.

Bonuses based on goals: This bonus offer is given to you for achieving certain milestones.

Senior employees can be introduced among the people who get more bonuses. Because they bear more responsibility than lower-level employees, they receive double or triple the rewards of lower-level employees.

Cleaner salary growth in Qatar

On average, the salary for a cleaner in Qatar grows by approximately 9% every 19 months. It gives the national average annual growth for all occupations at 9% for workers every 16 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the annual salary of a hotel cleaner in Qatar?

Average QAR 31,177

Q. How much does a Qatar airport cleaner earn?

An international airport cleaner earns QAR 1,800 per month.

Q. What types of cleaners make the most money?

Cleaning Validation Consultant: $70,000 – $123,000 per year

Q. What can a cleaner do in 3 hours?

Cleaning a whole house, cleaning sinks, toilets, bathrooms

Final thoughts

According to survey reports, an average wealthy Qatari household employs at least four cleaners. They have their unique work schedule. There are a few key things to know if you are coming to Qatar to work as a cleaner in Qatar as a foreigner. How Much Does a Cleaner in Qatar Earn? is a crucial point. Our guide above will help you with that.