If you live in Qatar as a foreigner, you may have to pay certain living expenses. Qatar is one of the most expensive countries in the Middle East. Even if you live in Qatar as a Single expat, you have to bear significant expenses, including retail items, rent charges, transportation, and education. Here we give you a precise estimate of the Cost of Living in Qatar for Single Expats.

Qatar’s capital Doha compares favorably with other major cities in terms of the overall cost of living. Most of the food in Qatar is imported. Because of this, you may have to pay more than you usually pay for food. 

As you would in other countries, the main thing to remember is that high-end things are expensive in Qatar. But the Cost of Living in Qatar for Single Expats can be more reasonable as there is no personal tax on your salary.

Cost of living in Qatar

Generally, the prices of goods in Doha are slightly lower than those in other Middle Eastern countries such as Dubai, Kuwait, Muscat, and Riyadh. But your expenses, living expenses, and lifestyle in Qatar may vary. When talking about the cost of living in Qatar for Single Expats, if you live in a perfect accommodation and are someone who socializes often, it can cost you QR 15,000 every month.

Also, if you live in Qatar with the same lifestyle as a Western expat, you will have to pay European living expenses in Qatar. Most of the time, utilities in Qatar are significantly lower due to subsidies. But the problem is that you have to bear high costs for food and drinks.

As Single Expats, you can live in Qatar with good health benefits and protection without any taxes. Qatar’s overall quality of life does not rank higher in terms of cost of living, housing, leisure, and culture.

Cost of bills in Qatar

In Qatar, there is a system of partially subsidizing bills such as gas, electricity, and water. Because of this, the cost to you for these is lower than the bill cost in European countries. The cost of your home utilities in Qatar is around QR250. But Qatar is a hot country. If you use air conditioners to cool off in the summer, you can spend more than QR400.

Cost of rent for houses in Qatar

Cost of Living in Qatar for Single Expats Rental costs can vary frequently. As a foreigner, you can buy independent apartments or live in townhouses or villas. Most of them offer houses with or without entire property. The rental cost may vary depending on the option you choose. Generally, if you rent a one-bedroom apartment in Doha city center, you can get it in the range of QR4,000 to QR10,000.

Cost of healthcare in Qatar

Health is prominent when discussing the Cost of Living in Qatar for Single Expats. Health care in Qatar works very differently. Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar’s public healthcare system, provides free treatment to all registered users. 

However, someone insured in Qatar may have to pay QR25 to see the doctor. Or the easiest way for you is to get a QR100 Hamad card yearly. It is the best way to visit the primary health center for free.

However, most expats opt for health insurance through their company or individually. If you are insured, you will have to pay between QR100 and QR250 to see a doctor in a private hospital. But for specialist medical advice, the price may vary from QR250 – QR600.

Transportation costs in Qatar

The other thing that applies to the Cost of Living in Qatar for Single Expats is the transportation costs. The cost of public transport in Qatar is excellent. It is because public transport in Qatar still needs to be at a successful level. But if you often choose buses as public transport, the road ticket can be anywhere from QR3 – QR10 depending on the distance of your journey. The monthly cost of road transport is between QR100 and QR250.

However, most people use private transport in Qatar. The best option you can choose there is the car. You can also quickly get taxis. But their starting fee starts from QR10. Most expats in Qatar invest in vehicles. 

You can get a Toyota Corolla in Qatar for less than QR70,000. Also, a Volkswagen Golf is available in Qatar for QR71,000. However, it is noteworthy that both these cars are priced higher than in other countries.

Cost of food and drinks in Qatar

Food and beverages are next on the Cost of Living in Qatar for Single Expats list. Qatar imports most of its food. So their retail items rates are higher than in places like the UK, Europe, and the USA. You must spend between 10% and 20% of your monthly salary on food and beverage. Even if you buy a loaf of bread in Qatar, it can cost you QR5, 1.5 liters of water costs QR2, and 1 liter of milk costs QR7.

If you drink coffee in Qatar, it can be the same price as in Europe. Getting a cappuccino in a cafe in Doha should cost the same as in London or Melbourne. However, prices may vary depending on where you get your coffee. You may have to pay between QR15 and QR25 in total.

But drinking beer or wine at home can be cheaper than going out to find a bar in Qatar. The average price for a draft domestic beer at a bar in Qatar is around QR50.

Telecommunications cost in Qatar.

You may incur higher telecommunication costs in Qatar than in other Western countries. It may vary depending on the package you get. That depends on which mobile phone provider you are getting support from in Qatar. 

The cost is high, but you need a mobile phone to live as Single Expats in Qatar. Qatar’s local provider Ooredoo offers packages ranging between QR365 and QR6,500 per month. Also, Vodafone offers you a mobile phone plan between QR100 and QR500.

Salaries in Qatar

Salaries in Qatar can be similar to those in Europe. But Qatar has no income tax, so your net income is higher than any other country. It is for these reasons that Qatar is the country with the lowest unemployment rate. The minimum monthly salary in Qatar is QR1,000. The salary for a teacher in Qatar is QR15,000. 

The salary for a doctor is between QR35,000 – QR42,000. A lawyer earns a wage of QR35,000-QR45,000 per month. The monthly salary for an IT manager in Qatar is between QR44,000 – QR58,000. In addition to these employee salaries in Qatar, there are also allowances for food and housing.

When discussing the Cost of Living in Qatar for Single Expats, you will surely think about taxes and social security. There is currently no VAT or sales tax in Qatar. However, VAT may be implemented at 5% soon. Employers can only pay social security to Qatari nationals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the standard cost of living in Qatar?

Overall, the estimated cost of living in Doha, Qatar, for a family of 4 is around QR11,376.6 without rent. But the monthly fee for an individual is QR3,206.0 without rent.

Q. How much salary is enough to live in Qatar?

Employees in Qatar can earn between 30,000 and 60,000 riyals every month. 

What is life like in Qatar for foreigners?

Living in Qatar is one of the best places to work for expats. According to the HSBC Expat Explorer survey reports, expat reviews have been good. Qatar is highly rated for potential and future vision.

Final thoughts

Living in Qatar can be a dream for many people. Living in a more affluent country is more challenging than it seems. For a family and an individual, the cost is considerable in Qatar. But before living in Qatar, it is essential to be aware of the Cost of Living in Qatar for Single Expats.