The NBI will issue an official document that you have not committed any crime or violation in the Philippines. We call it a NIB clearance. A few years ago, people had to stand in long queues to get this document automatically. But today, most government agencies and national investigation offices are also digitized. But you How to Apply for NBI Clearance?

You can now book an appointment for a NIB clearance hassle-free. Let’s see how to do your online registration.

What are the requirements to Apply for NBI Clearance?

When you apply for an online NBI clearance, you only need two government-issued ID cards. There are several that you can refer to as valid IDs for that. Also, it is essential to have specific requirements for any identity card you provide. 

That is, having an original copy of the relevant ID, not having expired, and having a clear photograph of the applicant among them. Additionally, you cannot use company IDs for an NBI clearance or non-government IDs such as Barron’s clearances.

Acceptable IDs for NBI Clearance Application:

  • National Identity Card
  • Postal ID
  • PRC ID card
  • Voter ID Card
  • driving license
  • Police clearance
  • Marina ID
  • Passport
  • Senior Citizen Id

Steps to Apply for NBI Clearance

First, set up your NBI account online.

The first thing you should have to do is online registration for NBI. Visit the official website for that. There they will question whether you have an old clearance. Give the answer that you don’t. Now read the terms carefully and enter your details. Then you can select “I’m not a robot” and confirm the registration.

You can log into your new NBI account using the email address and password provided during account setup.

2. Complete the NBI Online Registration Form.

You can find the correct form on the applicant information page. Enter your personal information correctly for that. Now press the Save button at the bottom of that page. Double-check your details, and then you can apply to Submit if they are correct.

3. Apply online for NBI clearance

After completing the personal details, you can find the Apply for Details button at the top right corner of the screen. Click on it and answer the questions they ask. Then agree to go to the next page.

4. Book an NBI clearance appointment.

Now select your NBI Clearance Center. You can choose a center of your choice for that. Then you can select an appointment date and time. You should decide this very carefully. That means you cannot reschedule appointments after you pay the NBI clearance fees. But, if you cannot do so on your appointment date, you have a grace period of 15 days to get your NBI clearance from your designated branch.

5. Select the payment option.

Now you choose a payment option for the NBI clearance fee. You will get several opportunities for that. that is,

  • Online Bank Payments: BPI, Union Bank
  • The Counter Bank Payments: Security Bank, Metrobank, RCBC, Chinabank, Landbank
  • Bayad Center: Waltermart, LBC Express, Robinsons
  • ECPay and GCash

6. Complete the NBI clearance fees

After selecting the above option, select “Continue.” Then you can complete the payment according to the chosen payment option. How much are NBI clearance fees is a question that many people have. Its current price is 130 Philippine Rupees. If you use E-Payment, you can pay Php 23 for an online fee of Php 155.

7. Visit the branch on the appointment date.

Go to the NBI branch with the relevant requirements on the appointment date you used above. Since your application was filed online, you can go to the coding center, where biometrics and photographs will be taken. A question that many people ask about going is, is there a dress code on the date of the appointment? Avoid wearing shorts, sleeveless tops, sandals, and revealing clothes.

8. Obtain NBI clearance

You can get NBI clearance within minutes. But the clearance will be delayed if you have a criminal record with the NBI. After a few days, you have to come back to the branch.

Use of NBI clearances

Foreign travel and jobs: You may be looking or willing to work abroad. You must provide this official NBI clearance document to secure a work visa. It will also be necessary when you go abroad for a trip.

For local employment: This is required for an employer to accept you as part of their organization. That means the company’s HR team will search your background to check if you have serious criminal convictions. NBI clearance is essential for that.

Proof of Identity: Some government agencies consider your NBI clearance as proof of identity. You can use it as a driver’s license or ID card. You can also use this to correct errors in your documents.


Q. Can I get a clearance without an NBI appointment application?

You must present the reference number obtained from your online application before entering the NBI Clearance Branch.

Q. How long do I take to get NBI clearance?

Clearance can be obtained within one day for those who still need a computerized name in the local district office. It takes 3-5 days for those who have the title. Those appearing for the interviews can get clearance after that.

Q. How do I get NBI clearance when not in the Philippines?

You can request your NBI clearance through an authorized Philippine agent. Processing of applications from abroad is done at the Postal Clearance Section on the 3rd floor of the NBI Clearance Building in UN Avenue, Manila.

Final thoughts

You can now quickly get NBI clearance online. As a result of digitization, all of you can now book an appointment anytime, anywhere. Please read our guide on How to Apply for NBI Clearance to know what you need.