When you go to Qatar, consider taking your pets. Some may feel it is safer to take them with you to your place than to leave them at home or entrust them to someone else. Can you bring pets to a new country like Qatar? What are the rules and conditions related to it? Here we will talk about How To Bring Pets To Qatar.

Traveling with pets on a flight can be stressful at times. But if you are well informed and prepared, it is nothing to fear. You can travel more safely. Consider the few steps you can take for pets in Qatar.

Pets are allowed in Qatar.

In Qatar, pets such as dogs and cats must be in the best possible health. They are allowed in Qatar if they show their good health certificate. But their ownership is less common than in the West. Finding veterinary or other health services for your pets in Doha is simple.

Before you bring your pet to Qatar, knowing what is prohibited in Qatar is essential. Do you know that certain breeds of dogs are banned in Qatar? Some of those types are,

  • Boxer
  • The Great Den
  • Rottweiler
  • Bull terrier
  • Chinese curse
  • Japanese Akita
  • Afghan Hound
  • Doberman
  • American Staffordshire Terrier

Do your research on prohibited breeds before you bring pets to Qatar.

Requirements for bringing pets to Qatar


It would be best first to microchip your pet with an ISO-compliant chip. Also, once the microchip is implanted, the scan must be done, and all your pet’s documents, including vaccination records, must be correctly numbered. In addition, you will need a certificate or letter with the microchip details.

Availability of vaccination records

You must update the dog or cat’s distemper vaccination at least 30 days before entering the country. You must provide a serology certificate from an accredited laboratory confirming that your pet has passed RNATT.

Also, the dogs you bring to Qatar must be vaccinated against DHLPP. Cats should be vaccinated with FVRCP or Fel O Vax.

All these vaccinations must be done within the last 12 months or at least 30 days before you arrive in Qatar.

Import Permit

Before Bring Pets To Qatar, you must obtain an import permit from the Livestock Department of the Ministry of Cities and Environment in Qatar. Import permits are available only for pets older than four months. Also, there should be supporting documents with proof of vaccination against rabies and laboratory reports for a rabies titer test. In addition, the pet’s microchip number must be visible on all supporting documents.

Documents Required To Bring Pets To Qatar

  • Copy of pet owner’s passport and QID
  • Details like location, date of microchip placement
  • International Health Certificate’
  • Rabies Serology Certificate
  • Import permit from Qatari officials
  • Letter of Intent for clearance of goods

Applying for an import permit online To Bring Pets To Qatar

  • First, visit the website of the Ministry of Cities and Environment.
  • Then you can select “Health Assurance Service” as the user login type. Then enter the required details and click on ‘Login.’
  • Enter your correct details and fill out the online form.
  • There are some documents you need to attach for it. that is,
  • A copy of the vaccination card for your pet
  • A copy of the Qatar Health Card relating to the return of a resident dog or cat in the country
  • A copy of an antibody test for rabies from an internationally recognized laboratory
  • Next, click “Send.”
  • Now you will receive an email with the update regarding your request.

Offline import permit application for To Bring Pets To Qatar

  • First, visit the customer service office of the municipality or government service complex.
  • Now provide a copy and original of the Qatari identity card of the customer and the applicant.
  • The documents included above are also applicable.
  • Sign the terms and conditions of service now.
  • The permit is issued in one working day and is valid for up to 30 days. You can call this phone number to inquire. 44263639 or (974) 44261656

Conditions for flying with pets

With most airlines, pets are checked in as air cargo. One person will be allowed to take care of one pet.

When you transport your pet, you must transport it on a carrier approved by the International Air Transport Association.

Also, pets are allowed to enter Qatar through Hamad International Airport in Doha.

You can check the Qatar Airways website for more information.

If you bring pets to Qatar, check with your vet to confirm the breed and contact the airline beforehand.

Some airlines allow small pets, so be aware in advance.

When checking your baggage at the airport, you must allow the pet to be checked and pay the excess baggage fee.

Also, if you are transporting the pet as cargo, the airline authorities will take care of the pet.

Tips for pets in Qatar

Dogs are prohibited in public places in Qatar, including parks and the Corniche.

If you rent an apartment in Qatar, check beforehand whether pets are allowed there.

No animals are permitted in Doha’s Metro and Lusail tram network, except for assistance dogs, even in cages.

Pet owners recommend identification with tags and microchips for their pets.

Final thoughts

It is better to keep your pet with you when you travel abroad than to let someone else take care of them. But there are some rules you should follow if you are bringing pets to Qatar. Our How To Bring Pets To Qatar: Requirements in 2023 guide will help you.