Qatar is a country with a large number of job opportunities. There is an opportunity here for anyone, local or foreign, to choose the job that suits their level. Qatar is also a country with the lowest level of unemployment among many countries in the world. So in this environment, you How to Get Locally Hired in Qatar? How to apply for a job in Qatar? Let’s talk more about it here.

You may be currently working. Or someone who is thinking of joining a new job. To apply locally in Qatar, no matter who you are, you need to follow some procedures. Today, due to the advancement of technology, they fill out their applications using the internet. However, there are many things to study for an interview.

From your first call, be specific about everything you might want, including salary. To save you time and effort, knowing everything you need from the employer will be essential.

Applying locally in Qatar

You may apply locally in Qatar as a fresher or after working for several years. However, several different levels of jobs are available to you in Qatar. Qatar is a country with a developed economy. So there are often various institutions in the public sector or the private sector. Creating a new company means creating a range of jobs in the country, ranging from construction.

You may already be residing in Qatar with a Qatar Tourist Visa. By then, your stay is limited. You can only stay in Qatar for 30 days with a tourist visa.

But if you need to apply locally, you must follow some steps. How do you use it locally in Qatar? The first condition is that you will receive a higher salary when you apply for a job in Qatar than when you apply for a career in Qatar from abroad. You can earn a good salary as a locally hired employee in Qatar.

Now imagine that an OFW hired in the Philippines to work in Qatar worked for five years on minimum wage. Suppose he then decides to look for another company and applies locally. Now he can earn more than the basic salary of an average engineer, 7,000 Riyals.

Preparing a local application

After you get the offer letter from the new company, you should give it to the current company. It is indeed a good idea. Then the new company will ask you for a registration certificate and computer ID number. It would be best if you aimed to get a no-objection certificate to get permission to move to another job.

What is NOC?

NOC is an essential document for you if you are a Qatari employee who wants to transfer to another company. It releases you from your responsibilities to your former employer. The highlight is that getting a NOC is a challenge for you. 

Because many companies refuse to provide NOC, it can be especially true if you have worked for less than five years. But they may have options. If you have worked for a company in Qatar for over five years, then the company must provide NOC.

If you have worked in Qatar for less than five years, you must inform the new employer while obtaining the NOC. You must speak to the old employer respectfully and show interest in getting it back. Always be polite.

 Don’t use your power to get NOC. If the pick-up is impossible, the company will give you an alternative checkout. You can leave the country and go to Asian countries like Sri Lanka or Oman and return to Qatar. The problem is that this method is expensive.

Job Change Procedure in Qatar

You must follow the procedure to change jobs and apply for a new job. The Ministry of Labor came up with a new process in July 2022.

1. Download and print the employer change form from the Ministry of Labor website.

2. Your application is confirmed by displaying an employer change number.

3. The Ministry processes the application.

4. The employer and employee will receive an SMS from the Ministry.

5. The new employer initiates an electronic contract.

6. Application for new QID

7. Employees start a new job after the new QID.

Termination of employment and departure from Qatar

Regarding How to Get Locally Hired in Qatar, you may choose to quit your job or leave Qatar to apply for a job again. For that,

Download and fill out the departure form. The Ministry of Labor processes the application and confirms the required notice period. They will send the confirmation via SMS within a week from the application’s submission date.

The notice period varies depending on the employee’s working hours. If the employee has worked for two years or less than it, the notice period can be one month. 

The notice period is definitely two months if the employee has worked for over two years.

The employee must respect this notice period. Otherwise, if he terminates the contract regardless, he shall pay the employer’s compensation equal to his basic salary for that period.

Can you cancel your job change application? You can cancel the job change application if it is under review through the MoL’s electronic notification system here. You can access MoL’s e-notification system by entering QID and mobile phone numbers.

If you wish to cancel your application to change employment after receiving the Ministry’s approval, you must make a written submission to the ML before verifying your new employment contract.

Also, to cancel your application, you must submit a signed letter in Arabic to the head of the labor Relations Department. Include a brief explanation of why your application is being canceled, a copy of  QID,  mobile phone number in the letter.

Final thoughts

You may need to move to another job while working in Qatar or during your stay in Qatar. For that, you need to get a good understanding of How to Get hired locally in Qatar. It is essential to go through the proper process to fulfill your requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best step to get a job in Qatar?

For job listings, local newspapers include Gulf Times and Qatar Tribune. Companies and organizations in Qatar, official websites, business-friendly social media

Q. How to get a job offer in Qatar?

You will first send a CV and cover letter. You can then conduct a telephone interview. After that, a personal interview may be performed. If you are successful, you’ll get a job offer.

Q. Is it difficult to find a job in Qatar?

Qatar has several sectors that require local and foreign workers. You can get jobs according to professional experience, needs, and skills.