Hiring a maid is very common for most families in the Middle East. There are also several agencies to provide candidates for any required position. If you are considering hiring a maid to help you during your stay in Qatar, you should follow some rules and things. How to Sponsor a Maid in Qatar? What are the laws related to sponsoring a maid, and what are the options? Come, let’s talk.

Guide to Sponsor a Maid in Qatar

The laws and policies to be followed in recruiting and sponsoring a Maid in Qatar are subject to change. If you are considering hiring or supporting a Maid in Qatar, you should first be up to date with the current laws. Let us first see the general rules related to hiring a Maid in Qatar.

When you hire a Maid in Qatar, you must allow her to stay at your home. Also, an individual should not hire a live-in maid.

If you are a married man and hiring a Maid in Qatar for your family, you must first obtain an NOC from the Maid’s current employer.

You can only hire people from countries like the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, and Ethiopia to work as Maids in Qatar.

Qatari Maid’s salary is determined by the agreement between the Government of Qatar and the Embassy and their nationality.

Apart from providing housing to the Maid, you may also have to provide food, clothing, and other optional necessities to her. In addition, you should get her a health card which should be renewed every two years.

You are responsible for the behavior and other welfare of the Maid in Qatar while sponsoring her.

Rules related to Sponsor a Maid in Qatar

  • All family members of the sponsor must have residence permits.
  • Married men living alone in Qatar, single men, and single women cannot sponsor a Maid.
  • A primary applicant must have a family in Qatar and meet a minimum salary requirement of QR 12,000.
  • You must pay the employee’s wages on time and provide her with relevant holidays, regular breaks, and a return ticket at the end of the contract.

Options for Sponsor a Maid in Qatar

When you hire a Maid in Qatar, you are legally bound to sponsor her. Also, you have two options for that.

Option 1: Bring a domestic worker to Qatar with your sponsorship to hire you directly from her home country.

Option 2: Select a worker in Qatar and transfer sponsorship from her current employer to you. For that, Maid should have completed services with her current employer for at least one year.

If the Maid you hire is unsuccessful, you can send her back and hire a new maid, but many agencies can help you. 

Documents required to Sponsor a Maid in Qatar

Before thinking about How to Sponsor a Maid in Qatar, you will focus on the necessary documents. If you are sponsoring a domestic worker from another country, you need to submit some documents to the Immigration Department. Among them,

  • NOC from your company or employer regarding hiring the Maid 
  • Copy of passports of family members
  • A copy of a valid residence permit of family members
  • A certified copy of the marriage certificate
  • A bank statement with six months salary transfer
  • A contract of employment

Process of hiring a Maid in Qatar

  • You must first apply to the Immigration Department to hire a maid.
  • They decide whether you are eligible to hire the Maid or not.
  • Nationality the Maid will be employed as per permission given to you.
  • Among them, there is a possibility of rejection of applications due to various reasons.
  • Finally, you should start the related visa process after you get the approval to hire a domestic worker from outside Qatar and inside Qatar.

Hiring a local maid as a Maid in Qatar

You can also hire someone currently in the country as your Maid, which requires a transferable visa. But it would be best if you made sure that the visa status is legal and that it is free of issues while getting the transfer from your current sponsor to you. 

You can do this by displaying an ad on a website or in a supermarket regarding recruitment. Also, ensure that you are in direct contact with the employee when participating in the interviews of the respective candidates. In that case, explain to them your sponsorship and visa status.

Getting sponsored by a local Maid in Qatar

You must apply to the Department of Immigration while getting the maid sponsorship. You must complete the relevant application form and provide your sponsor’s NOC letter, passport copies, identity card, Maid’s NOC letter, passport, and identity card.

Hiring a Maid in Qatar through an agency

If you want to hire a maid in Qatar from abroad, a number of agencies can help you with that. They provide a list of candidates, their work histories, and references. The agency handles all the paperwork for the Maid of your choice, such as visas, flights, and residence permits. 

It is convenient for you. You must pay them a lump sum to cover all expenses and service charges. The entire process may take one to three months.

Also, the Qatari Maid you hire has a three-month probationary period and a two-year contract. You and the employee also have the option to leave the probationary period if something happens. The agency then finds another employee at no additional cost.

Salaries for hiring domestic workers in Qatar

If you are considering sponsoring a maid in Qatar, the government has set the salary amounts to be paid for the concerned maids. But it may vary depending on the nationality of the Maid you hire. Also, it is a decision taken by them together with the embassies. The payment can be made monthly in both Qatari Riyals and US Dollars.

The average starting salary for domestic workers in Qatar is QR750 per month. But the monthly wage of live-in maids is between QR900 – QR2500. 

That’s the other figure aside from the plane ticket home every two years. If you hire a part-time maid, you should set aside a salary of QR35 to QR45 per hour for her, excluding transportation costs.

Termination of Sponsor a Maid in Qatar

At the final of the contract period with the Maid, you must bear all expenses to bring the Maid back, including flights. If you want to keep the Maid longer than the original contract, or if you want her to find a new sponsor, the government can apply for a visa extension.

Final thoughts

Most of Qatar employs foreign domestic workers. There is a proper procedure applicable to it, and there is also a set of laws. After completing the relevant documents, you can hire a maid. We hope you got a clear understanding through our How to Sponsor a Maid in Qatar guide above.