Traveling in Doha, you have many things to see and experience within a few days. Both of these places should be noticed. You can choose several ways to travel in Doha, Qatar. There are opportunities like buying a train, car, or taxi. Among them, traveling in Doha by car can be a unique opportunity for you. But, How Tour Doha on a Bus? It is a case where we provide several packages that will help you cover the most attractive places in Doha.

It is an excellent opportunity if you are on a migrant visa or a first-time visitor to Qatar. How about riding a double-decker bus and walking around Doha? There are several Doha Bus packages, and it will be essential for you to know their details one by one.

1.Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour

The most prominent and popular tour package that Doha Bus has is the Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing tour. Through that, you can visit Doha’s Souq Waqif, Pearl Qatar, Katara Cultural Village, and the Islamic Museum. This package aims to allow you to see the city’s main attractions.

You can start the tour with the package by coming to the double-decker bus with the symbol from the Hop On Hop Off bus stop. Finding the bus or traveling will be easy for you because they have English, Arabic, Chinese, German, Korean, Japanese, and Portuguese boards. Apart from that, providing a multilingual audio guide in the vehicles will help you a lot.

They will provide you with bottled water and a food pack for the journey. In addition, Doha Bus will also offer a comprehensive map with routes and bus stops. Are you new to Doha? Worry no more about Tour Doha on a Bus.

If traveling on Doha Bus with this Hop On Hop Off package, you must get the Hop On Hop Off voucher to get an actual ticket. It is available at the National Museum of Qatar, Souq Waqif, and Sheraton Islamic Museum, as well as a Doha Bus kiosk in the hotel garden.

This travel option is available for passengers between 24 and 48 hours. However, passengers will travel to 21 destinations through this. Passengers can spend the required time exploring the desired tourist spot and then board the same bus. Or, if it has already left, you can board the next bus.

Hop On Hop Off Package Prices: Qr 180.00 per person aged 12+. Family packages are chargeable.

Time: 9 am to 9 pm

2. Night city tour

On these tours, they pick you up from the hotel you are staying in Qatar or the airport via the Cornich. It is a must-see trip if you want to see the colorful appearance of Doha with its traditional Dhow boats decorated with modern towers. The first stop on this overnight tour of the Doha Bus is the Dhow Port. It is your chance to get a 180-degree view of the glistening West Bay sky at night.

A visit to the Islamic Museum is your next stop. It will provide you with a description of an extensive collection of Islamic art. Afterwards, you can go to Souq Waqif and buy souvenirs, textiles, perfumes, and many other traditional things.

Their next stop is Katara Cultural Village. Located in the heart of Doha, there is a theater, art gallery, planetarium on a beautiful beach, and restaurants. Finally, you can go to Pearl Qatar. The many excellent marinas, restaurants, luxury shops, and residential apartments can inspire you. It is the last destination before your dinner.

Their complete package includes pick-up and drop-off within Doha city limits. You’ll have dinner at a local restaurant. All guides are licensed and English-speaking at your convenience on Doha Bus Tour. The entire journey is in an air-conditioned vehicle.

Price: Qr 275.00 for adults over 12 years old.

Time: 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm.

3. Monster Bus Tour

If you plan to Tour Doha on a Bus, the other option is the Monster Bus Tour of the Desert. You will be picked up from anywhere in Doha or the airport and dropped off at their Seal Kiosk. After you board the bus, sit back and revel in the ease of conquering the Seal Peaks. You can experience a camel ride before they head back to the seal kiosk after the desert camp.

Through Doha Bus’s Monster Bus Tour

Pick-up and drop-off can be done from anywhere within Doha city limits. How comfortable is the fully air-conditioned vehicle? A desert drive through the dunes with the most experienced and qualified drivers they have is a unique experience. At the end of their tour of Dune, they stop at Sealine to transfer vehicles for the return trip to Doha.

Price: Qr 299.00 for adults over 12 years old.

4. Visit North Qatar

A place you must take advantage of on your Doha trip is the North. It is located 40 km north of Doha. Your first stop on this tour is Umm Salal Fort. Although its building is not open to the public, you can view it outside. Then Al Zubari, an archaeological site famous for its old fort, is the next stop. Afterward, you can spend a short time in Ruwais enjoying the fresh beach refreshment. Finally, you can visit Al Bor, Qatar’s second-largest city with beautiful beaches. You can also visit its museum.

This tour by Doha Bus includes a 1-hour lunch break at your own expense. All their guides speak English for your convenience.

Price: Qr 253 for adults over 12 years old.

Final thoughts

You can choose many modes of transportation to visit Doha, but if you are a beginner in Qatar, Doha Bus is the best option. There you will have comfortable service for every journey and language will not be a problem. Don’t worry about Tour Doha on a Bus plan to book the opportunity at your convenient way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are buses free in Qatar?

Free buses serve a fixed route within 2-5 km of metro stations and points of interest.

Q. Can I explore Doha during transit?

If you have a transit time of 8 hours or more, you can enjoy one of the exclusive transit tours.

Q. What are the ways to travel around Doha?

If you want to go around Qatar by bus, choosing a metro is the easiest way. Also, car rentals, taxis, and track parts can be purchased. Or cycling and e-scooters, and electric buses are some of the best options.