If you are a tourist or a fan of Qatar, its history is a must-know. Here are 12 Iconic museums in Qatar you must know.

Museums are cultural heritages for Qatar as more than 90% don’t know that Qatar has a heritage to serve other nations worldwide. They can be considered a depiction of the past and present as history creates the present and the future. Museums are crucial to learning about this great nation, and we thought to give you 12 Iconic museums in Qatar.

Museum of Islamic art

The Museum of Islamic art is in Doha, Qatar. It has archeological value. This perfect structure is situated at the southern end of Doha bay. The museum is old more than 1300 years. The museum of Islamic has Arabic calligraphy, early Islamic books, ceramics, ivory, glasses, jewelry, metalwork, miniatures, woodwork, and textiles.

gray concrete building under blue sky during daytime

The Museum of Islamic art was designed by I.M. Pie, an architect of Chinese American. Jean Michel Wilmore was the interior designer.

National Museum of Qatar

The national museum of Qatar is located in Doha, Qatar. Jean Nouvel designed the building. He inspired desert rose crystal. This museum, one of the 12 Iconic museums in Qatar, was opened to the public on 28 march 2019, replacing a new building that opened in 1975.

The museum can be named the heart of Qatari national. The national museum of Qatar has a new building. It is on the side of the old building. The new building and old building create a bridge, and it is an icon of the past and present. Most visitors visit this place and collect knowledge from this museum.

Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani museum

Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim al Thani museum is located out of the city. Also, it is considered a traditional fort. It has Sheikh’s collection, Islamic art, Qatari heritage, vehicles, handmade crafts, coins, and currency. This museum tells the story of Sheikh Faisal Bin.

Mathaf, one of the Iconic museums in Qatar

Mathaf is a museum of modern art in Doha, Qatar. This museum has a collection of over 9000 objects. Also, it presents temporary exhibitions, a library, and temporary educational programs. It is considered a cultural attraction as well. It was established in 2010.

Msheireb museum

Msheireb museum is situated in the capital city of Qatar. It consists of Msheireb properties. Msheireb museum has a history of four heritage stages in the country. There are specific features for each step in the museum. For example, if you want to find information about the country’s dark history, you will have to proceed to the Bin Jelmood house when it comes to other crucial parts of history.

The second part of the Msheireb museum is Mohammad Bin Jassim House, which the son of Mohammad bin Jaseen built, and you can see many features of that era as well.

The Company House is the third part of the Msheireb museum. It is situated for workers in Qatar who have been dedicated to oil refining. It is said that those workers and their families had sad stories. The Company House symbolizes them.

The Radwan House represents the life of traditions of the royal family in Qatar . it is preserving all details of the families and lifestyles of earlier Qatari people. Ako Akbar Radwani ‘ was built it in 1920. Ako Akbar Radwani was a rich person. This house was abandoned in 1977. After that, it was renovated and opened to visitors as a heritage.

Katara Art Center.

Katara Art Center is an art and design gallery in Qatar. But, it is still a museum, and one of the 12 Iconic museums in Qatar is a beautiful building, and artists mainly visit it. The katara art center is used for art exhibitions, classes, courses, and art blogging purposes.+

Arab Postal Stamps Museum.

Arab Postal Stamps Museum was founded in 2010. It has a multi-teamed stamp collection. It covers stamps in 22 countries, and you must visit this amazing place if you are a fan of stamps. Also, if you want to learn stamps, this will be the only place in Qatar.

Museum Of Illusions

This museum is full of fun for all visitors and is situated in Qatar. This place is number one among tourist places as it has the largest artifact collection in Qatar. It is for all age groups, and it has more than 70 games have been introduced for the visitors. This place can be used for family visits, group visits, team bonding activities, and birthday parties.

Qm Gallery Al Riwaq

It is situated next to the museum of Islamic art in Doha, Qatar. It has round tables for up to 150 guests and a standing reception of up to 250 guests capacities. It can be arranged as formal and informal events. All visitors can enjoy this place as they wish. Along with some embracing artifacts and ruins, you will have a nice time.

Albahie Auction House

This is an auction house in Qatar. It has antiques, watches and clocks, paintings, motor vehicles, and jewelry. It is popular among tourists as it has modern arts, Islamic arts, coins, banknotes, and carpets. More importantly, you may purchase some of them as well. Most tourists say that they can see very rare items in this place.

Q.M. Gallery Katara

Q.M. Gallery Katara is situated in Kathara cultural village in Doha, Qatar. The museum is among the 12 Iconic museums in Qatar as well. It can be visited on the weekend. This emerging museum is provided to see the exhibited items to the world. It has the best restaurants, theaters and a concert hall. All visitors can enjoy whole days in this place.

Garage Gallery Fire Station

Garage Gallery Fire Station is one of the best places to visit for artists in Qatar. It is the heart of young artists as it contains lots of influencing things.

Conclusion: Iconic museums in Qatar

This article has explained Iconic museums in Qatar. If you are a fan of artifacts, ruins, old stuff, and entertainment, these places will help you.