Are you looking for a job? Many significant job opportunities are spread among companies in Qatar that match your qualifications. If you are looking for open positions to apply to, we are ready to update the available vacancies in Qatar. Looking for a Job? These are the Top Companies in Qatar. Join us to find the company with the job you are looking for.

Finding reliable sources may be challenging. So here we are posting job details for you to apply online. You can visit the official website of these companies to apply and get the details.

1. Alshaya Group

This company is one of the fastest-growing retail-focused companies. In addition, Alshaya Group also acts as an operator of multiple retail franchises. We can also refer to this as a diversified company in many ways. Alshaya Group operates many operations in Kuwait, North Africa, other Middle Eastern countries, Russia, Europe, and Turkey.

Among their global brands, Alshaya Starbucks, Mothercare, Victoria’s Secret, H&M, and Boots are the main ones. It is a company established in the Middle East, and they are expanding its opportunities every year. Accordingly, you can check the company’s website for available vacancies. Also, you can apply online on the official website.

Visit Alshaya Group’s official website for the latest job opportunities in 2023.

2. Qatar Airways

We can introduce Qatar Airways as one of the top companies in Qatar. The Qatar Airways network connects more than 150 international destinations. Many countries include Africa, Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, North America, South Asia, and Oceania. 

Its main base is Hamad International Airport. Qatar Airways is the first Arab airline to join the OneWorld alliance. They have also been awarded the best airline in the Middle East seven times. In addition, Qatar Airways has a fleet of over 180 state-of-the-art family aircraft.

For the new year 2023, they have allocated positions for many applicants. If you are qualified to work for a quality airline like Qatar Airways, look at the job opportunities here.

Visit Qatar Airways’ website to find the latest job opportunities in 2023.

3. Qatar Petroleum

Qatar’s state-owned oil and gas company is known as Qatar Petroleum. A decade ago, Qatar Petroleum held the company’s title of the world’s largest oil and gas reserves. If you are looking for Top Companies in Qatar with higher salaries, then Qatar Petroleum can be the best company for that. Every year they recruit for projects, including engineers and other posts.

Their job postings include accommodation allowances, tax-free salaries, transportation allowances, educational assistance, dental care, and more. In addition, they provide annual leave credits based on family circumstances and airfare paid in the employee’s home country.

Visit Qatar Petroleum’s website to find the latest job opportunities in 2023.

4. Qatar National Bank

QNB provides banking products and services in Qatar. It started as a minor branch in the city center many years ago and is now one of Qatar’s most extensive banking names. The bank has achieved significant growth and offers a wide range of banking services to private business and corporate customers every year. 

If you are looking for Top Companies in Qatar where you can grow with the company, this is an excellent opportunity to realize your career ambitions. Grab your chance if you are qualified to apply for Qatar National Bank.

Visit the official website of Qatar National Bank to find the latest job opportunities in 2023.

5. Qatar Foundation

This non-profit organization aims to provide various educational and cultural programs in Qatar. It is best known for supporting education in Qatar. The Qatar Foundation implements many opportunities, including Qatar University and Weill Cornell Medical School in Qatar.

Through this foundation, the Museum of Islamic Culture, the Arab Museum of Modern Culture, and other museums are also operated. This base is growing fast, so it is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking for Top Companies in Qatar. 

They focus intensely on education, community development, science, and research. They provide opportunities to their employees within the Qatar region and elsewhere and offer competitive job packages.

Visit the Qatar foundation’s website to find the latest job opportunities in 2023.

6. Qatar Railways 

Every year there is an expat crowd waiting for train jobs in Qatar. It acts as an organization responsible for developing all existing railway networks in Qatar. That is, the operation of all aspects of the railway development in Qatar is entrusted to the Qatar Railway Company. 

It is fully aligned with the government’s Qatarisation initiative. If you are looking for Top Companies in Qatar, we can give you a powerful testimonial about Qatar Railway Company regarding career development and benefits.

Visit Qatar Railways website to find the latest job opportunities in 2023.

7. EMC

EMC Corporation is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies. It also provides innovative storage solutions year-round. If you’re interested in innovation in the storage industry, a company with a long history like EMC is worth it. They consistently provide reliable and scalable storage solutions, providing affordable opportunities for all businesses.

EMC is a leader in providing IT services to businesses and service providers to improve their operations.

Visit the official website of Dell technologies to find the latest job opportunities in 2023.


Q. What are the top industries offering jobs in Qatar?

Of the many industries hiring in Qatar, the top ones are construction, oil, gas, engineering, retail, and hospitality.

Q. What are the most in-demand jobs in Qatar?

The most in-demand jobs in Qatar are contract manager, sales manager, chef and restaurant manager, and waiter.

Q. What professions are companies hiring in Qatar?

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Q. Is it easy to find a job in a top company in Qatar?

Are you looking for a job? Foreigners are well received in Qatar and provide opportunities to get jobs in government sectors. Career experience, skills, and getting the job can be done with more offers and benefits.

Final thoughts

Getting a job in a company in Qatar may be your dream. It is easy if you have the necessary skills. Qatar companies offer job opportunities every year. Are you looking for a Job? If so, definitely use our report. These are the Top Companies in Qatar to help you.