Education can be an aspirational need of any nation, any person. There is a significant presence of Filipinos in Qatar. Many Qatari families hope to educate their children in their mother tongue. A lot of people pay a lot of attention to Philippine Schools in Qatar. But what are the best Filipino schools in Qatar? What is the admission procedure in Philippine schools in Qatar? Let’s talk about it.

1. Philippine School Doha (PSD)

The college was opened as the first Filipino school in Doha. During that time, Filipino schools operated in rented buildings in Madinat Khalifa. Lately, since 2017, the Philippine School Doha has been working near the religious site in the Mesaimeer area.

 More than 3000 students are currently studying in this school. The school’s curriculum is fully aligned with the Philippine curriculum. The reason is that students can also create a comfortable home environment.

Studies at Philippine School Doha run from preschool to Grade 12. The entire teaching process of the school is carried out by a group of faculty members who hold Ph.D. degrees. In addition, this Philippine school has tried to launch a more active learning style for students. 

The school has swimming pools, indoor gymnasiums, computer and science labs, and civil technology rooms. The philosophy of the Philippine school is “Servitium Et Excellentiam” (Service and Excellence).

Location: Bldg 01, Street 1008 Zone 56 Mesaimeer, Behind Our Lady of Rosary Church


Phone: +974444409888

How to admit children to Philippine schools in Doha?

Recruitment for Philippine School Doha takes place from mid-March to the end of April. The admission process is on a first-come, first-served basis. Allotment for existing students is from November to December. For more information, contact the school’s website or phone.

2. Philippine International School (PISQ)

It is the second Philippine school in Qatar. The Philippine International School was established in September 1999. This school was established to meet the needs of Filipinos in Qatar at that time. The owner of the Philippine International School is Rajih Shabeeb Al-Dosari. The purpose of starting the school was to provide preschool, primary, and secondary education opportunities for Filipinos of other nationalities.

In the past decade, the Philippine National School operated in Al Hilal, Al Rayyan, and Al Aziziya. Later it moved to the pavilion at Ain Khalid. Currently, more than 2,000 students are studying in the school.

It covers not only education but also skills beyond that, covering the early years of education from infancy to grade 12. It is extraordinary that the school has many opportunities for students to discover skills and talents they can study throughout life. The school’s goals are to produce graduates, higher education, and employment and increase the number of entrepreneurs.

The main goal of the Philippine International School is to promote the full development of all students to become healthy, safe, challenging, and long-term successful, responsible citizens in society.

Location: Bldg, 20 Vidy 393 Zone 56 Ain Khalid, Al Maha Academy for Boys


Phone: +97444513443

How do I get admission to Philippine International School in Qatar?

Admissions for this school are from the beginning of June to the end of July. You can contact the school through the above website or phone lines to get related details.

Requirements for admission to schools in Qatar

There are several documents you need to get admission to a Philippine school or any other school in Qatar. by that time,

  • Student’s QID
  • Student’s passport copy
  • Birth certificates of students
  • Vaccination record copy
  • Copy of parent’s QID
  • Copy of Hamad Health Card
  • Passport copy of parents
  • Passport size photographs
  • School Entrance Health Assessment Certificate (from PHCC)
  • If transferring from another school, the original report card and transfer certificate

Philippine School Tuition Fee in Qatar

The average fee for Kindergarten is QR 1,000.00 and may include an additional class fee of usually QR 750.00. 

The average price for secondary school students is QR 1,000.00. An additional class fee of QR 1,200.00 will be added for that.

How does a medical examination enter schools in Qatar?

In 2023, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar stated that it is a requirement for all students to obtain an appropriate certificate to enter school. They hope the child is physically fit from that certificate to join the school. Many people ask how to do a necessary medical examination for that.

1. Book an appointment on 107: Through this, you will be asked for your health card number and the health center. Choose the date and time convenient for you.

2. Go to the center. : You can go to the health care center with the necessary documents and the child at the appropriate time on the scheduled date.

Documents required for school admission certificate in Qatar

  • Original copy of health card
  • Original copy of Qatar ID
  • Original copy of the birth certificate
  • Original copy of vaccination records
  • Two photo figures

3. Register

4. Participate in evaluation. : The nurse in the center’s assessment room will check your child’s vitals like weight and height. They also conduct eye exams and review vaccination records, etc., of the child. In the lab room, they test the baby’s blood samples. It gives you results in as little as 15 minutes.

5. See the family doctor.

The family doctor will conduct a physical examination of your child. That is, he concludes about the child from the above tests. He will inform you if the child needs further treatment.

6. Attach the student health report and SEHA certificate.

After the family doctor completes his assessment, the main reception center gives the relevant certificate that the child is fit to join the school. Student reports can also be added for that. It is a comprehensive collection of all the assessments done that day.

7. Visit the nursing assessment room

The nurse affixes the child’s photographs to the certificates and seals them there. The process takes about two hours. Now you can submit the certificate to the child’s school. 

Also, the PHCC communicates the medical assessment results online to the Ministry of Education and Training. Also, the student’s health report is valid for admission to a Philippine school in Qatar for two years from the last health report’s issuance date.

Final thoughts

Filipino schools in Qatar cover the same Filipino curriculum. Two of the most reputed educational centers operate in Qatar. 

Philippine Schools in Qatar are also not schools with an education pattern limited to one nationality. This guide will help you find the right Schools in Qatar for you.