If you want to travel around Qatar, we suggest public transportation. This article will tell you essential Public transportation tips.

Qatar is undoubtedly going to be one of the busiest countries in the world due to Fifa 2022. But, it doesn’t make that Fifa is not the only thing you get to enjoy all around the world but many. Even if you don’t want to go around, you must also use transport methods to get to all 08 stadiums in Qatar. As a better option, the public transport methods are crucial as you can have an awesome experience in Qatar. This article will explain Public transportation tips for commuters in Qatar.


One of the most popular transport methods in Qatar is Taxi services. Although you can find one on the street, it won’t be easy to arrange one during peak hours. Karwa, Careem and Uber offer the best prices, and you must not get one of them. As one of the Public transportation tips for commuters in Qatar, we recommend you to use Karwa taxis as they are comfortable.

Careem taxis are also a popular brand to get transport. Since they have an app and a website, you can easily book or pre-book a cab. Also, the rental service will be a nice one to enjoy for an affordable price. The lowest fee for a taxi is QR1.6 which is applied for daytime. When it comes to night, that will increase up to QR1.9.

Doha Metro

Doha metro is one of the recent public transportation methods introduced for the public. The Doha Metro covers four routes in Doha, and the Lusail high-speed line is the speediest among them.

If you are about to cover Qatar Fifa 2022, then you’d better remember this. There are 100 stations and 300m covered by the railways y.

Also, they offer the most reasonable prices and are the least time-consuming. The country is covered by just 563km around, and that is more than enough for a country.


A bicycle is always better for you to go here and there in Qatar. We tell you that Doha is always better to be discovered by bicycle if you are going to watch Fifa 2022. The stadiums will be nearby, and you can get there by bicycle from the hotel. You can purchase a bike for a price of QAR 1,945 in Doha, which will be convenient. For your budget. When you leave Qatar, you can re-sell the used bicycle as well. That is one of the Public transportation tips for commuters in Qatar.


Boats are also a common way to get here and there in Qatar. Although the sea is the standard medium, you can also change your life using a boat. Most importantly, Qatar is a nation that kept their lives before finding the fuel resource. The Corniche Qatartar offers these kinds of services, and you will be charged about 150 QAR per person. Also, you are free to hire a speed boat from various authorities, and you will be charged according to the time you spend in the water. A boat can be used for 3 to 8 hours as well.


The bus is the most common and mostly available transportation method in Qatar. B buses are based around Doha and connect other eras of the country as well. Some buses are modern and air-conditioned. As one of the Public transportation tips for commuters in Qatar, you can use the Mowasalat website to get to know about the bus schedules and routes. Since there are not many roots, you have a higher probability of finding a bus on a random route as well.

Eth usual fee for roaming around Doha is from QR3 to QR4, which can be paid using Karwa Smart Card. You will find such cards in Doha Bus Station, Qatar Mall, Hamad International Airport, Pearl Qatar, and at Partner Merchants outlets. Since you get to enjoy several more benefits such as discounts and awards, you are recommended to purchase one.


The Hamad International Airport is the only airport in Qatar. That is the main entry point, and you must choose that way to come into the country. Public transportation tips for commuters in Qatar

Conclusion: Public transport tips for travelers in Qatar

This article has explained Public transportation tips for commuters in Qatar. What we have given to you through the article is our experience. You can follow them and enhance the convenience of your tour to Qatar 2022.