Qatar is one of the critical financial and trade business centers. Qatar has become a top investment destination for foreign companies due to its solid business-friendly environment. Anyone coming to Qatar can use different types of tourist visas. So the essential suits those who come to Qatar for business opportunities. Here we provide you with a Qatar Business Visa Guide.

What is a business visa?

Business visas permit company employees and entrepreneurs to work abroad temporarily. Their purpose is to allow owners to perform temporary jobs that are not considered permanent. It also includes allowing work permit holders to do specific jobs that can be regarded as permanent jobs.

You must meet the eligibility requirements to get a Qatar Business Visa. What qualifications should you have for a Qatar visa? Visitors should come for professional, business as well as proposal purposes. And their visit should have a clear meaning. 

And should be supported with valid documents from a local institution. You must be over eight years old. In addition, you must have a passport valid for six months. The remarkable thing is that you should not have any criminal records in the past.

What are the types of Qatar business visas?

1. 72-hour business visa

It is a short-term visa. It is applicable for quick business trips such as meetings, conferences, and exhibitions. 

The key is issued on arrival. It can be extended for another 72 hours.

2. 30/90-day business visa

Other types of visas are those valid for up to 30 days or 90 days. Consultants and contractors mainly use it. The key should be applied by businesses or agencies established in Qatar.

Applying for Qatar Business Visa

You can do this in two ways. Let’s first see how you can apply online for a Qatar business visa.

The 30/90 day business visa must be applied for by the local business or organization inviting any visitor. Only organizations with smart cards can log into the MOI portal to apply for a business visa. Follow the steps below.

1. Log in to the MOI portal.

2. Now select “Visa Services.” Select ‘Issue Visa’ and ‘Business Visa.’

3. Enter your details and complete the form correctly.

4. Complete the applicable fees for visa issuance. It is also available through Metrash 2, MOI self-service kiosks, and service centers.

The other way is to apply directly for a Qatar Business Visa. For that, companies can now use MOI Service Centers and Director Headquarters. Remember that a company or organization applying this way must be legally registered and in good standing.

You can download and fill out a business visa application form for that. The representative or owner of the company should submit the required documents.

Requirements for Qatar Business Visa

  • A copy of the visitor’s passport
  • Business Visa Application Form
  • Copy of Institutional ID
  • Return air tickets for the guest
  • A copy of a professional certificate
  • Visa fees should be paid by bank card.

How to extend a Qatar business visa?

There are options if you need to extend your business visa in Qatar for any reason. That means you can extend the 72-hour business visa for another 72 hours. A fee of QR 50 will be charged for that.

Also, you can extend the 30-day business visa for another 60 days. The fee is QR 200 for a month.

Recently, the 90-day business visa was extended to 9 months. But it is only sometimes possible.

72-hour business visa on arrival

If you want this type of visa, you can do it immediately upon arrival at the entry borders for people in business. Several conditions apply to that.

That means you have to prove your status by submitting the correct documents. And there must be a reason for visiting an accredited company. As a guest, you must have a credit card with a balance of QR 5,000 or equivalent. He should get a return ticket, and it is essential to have a hotel reservation for the duration of the guest’s stay.

Requirements for this type of visa:

  • A letter clearly stating the business purpose
  • Hotel booking
  • Passport with validity of six months
  • Return air ticket
  • Credit card with QR 5000 balance or equivalent

Cost of Qatar Business Visa

The validity of a Qatar business visa depends on the duration of the key. that is,

  • A 72-hour business visa costs QR 50.
  • A 39-day business visa costs QR 200.
  • A 90-day business visa costs QR 600.

Also, an additional fee will be charged if it is extended beyond this validity period. That is, the extension fee for the 72-hour business visa is QR 50 if you open it for another 72 hours. Also, the extension fee for other business visas is QR 200 per month.

Benefits of Qatar Business Visa

Having a Qatar business visa can help you with a lot of benefits. that is,

  • You do not have to undergo a medical examination.
  • You are not bound by a sponsorship or employment contract.
  • A business visa is more straightforward than getting a work visa.
  • You are not legally allowed to offer your services for business.

Final thoughts

There are several visas available to you in Qatar. If you have a business purpose for visiting Qatar, then you may need a business visa in Qatar. But it will be essential for you to know all its details first.