Ramadan’s holy and sacred month is the most important in the Islamic calendar. We also refer to this as the particular 30-day period during which the Muslim community fasts throughout the day. The beginning of Ramadan depends on the sighting of the moon. Ramadan 2023 in Qatar will start on Wednesday, 22nd March, and Eid Al Fitr will be held on Friday, 21st April 2023. Even if you are not a Muslim, knowing the complete details about Ramadan in Qatar is essential: Schedule and Guidelines.

Life during Ramadan in Qatar

Ramadan begins when the crescent moon coincides with the new moon. However, the exact date is decided by the Moon Sighting Committee and Auqaf of the Doha Ministry of Islamic Affairs. You can find the precise date through QNA, the official news agency of Qatar.

Whether you are Muslim or not, drinking and eating in public is prohibited if you live in Qatar during Ramadan. It is an offense that the police can fine. If someone wants to have lunch during Ramadan, it should be done incognito indoors.

In Qatar, people generally repeat the traditions and customs inherited from their ancestors. It is mainly through the preparation of traditional food that they have focused on. Apart from this, they follow various other conventional practices. If you live in Qatar, it is essential to know some customs during Ramadan.

Garango Treating

Garango is one of the most prominent festivals in Qatar during the middle of the month of Ramadan, i.e., on the 14th day. That is, bundles of mixed nuts, kernels mixed with sugar, and many other sweets are shared here. For that, children and people gather together in different parts of Qatar. There they sing “Gara.” It is a traditional song.

Among the customs during Ramadan in Qatar, food has a central place. Garango treats are also a practice of exchanging Ramadan food between neighbors. Also, the food in Qatar is more unique than the traditional food in other Arab countries.

In addition, during Ramadan, Qataris give alms to the poor. They do it to gain the favor of their master. Ma’ edat Al Rahman in Qatar is a place where a large number of needy people gather. They can break their fast by eating dates, milk, and other foods.

Ramadan time gun

It is a must-see tradition during Ramadan in Qatar. They use it to symbolize Zuhoor and the end of fasting. If you are wondering how to see the Ramadan Cannon in Qatar, there are four places to go. : Souq Waqif, Souq Al Wakrah, Katara, Muhammad lbn Abdul Wahhab Grand Mosque

Exceptions to Public Fasting

People suffering from certain diseases, pregnant women, should not fast. But they cannot eat in public places.

Midnight Feast: Gabga

People also call Ramadan the month of Gabga. There, family, neighbors, and friends all come together to eat, socialize with each other and share intimacy. Also, they prepare a Ramadan table there and put exceptional food there. Al Luqaima, Harees, and Al Thareed are the main ones.

What should you defenitly do during Ramadan in Qatar? 

  • Fast during Ramadan. If you are not Muslim, doing so is not illegal and is ‘haram’ according to Islam.

Are Qatari restaurants open during the day during Ramadan?

Most restaurants are not open during the day except for some hotel outlets. Also, if there are takeout orders, the restaurants open about an hour before sunset. But all restaurants are open after Iftar. Also, the opening hours of shops and stores in Qatar vary during Ramadan. You can call to know the exact time.

  • Get your government, ministry, or official work, car, and home services done before Ramadan begins. Because during this period duties may slow down.
  • Wear decently. Dressing modestly in Qatar is very popular but memorable during Ramadan. Do not show affection in public during this time in Qatar.

Dress rules during Ramadan

Both men and women should wear traditional clothes during this time. If you do not, it will offend the fasting people. Also, you should avoid wearing tight clothes that make your body stand out. The dress you wear should at least cover your shoulders and hips well.

  • Be careful while driving during Iftar. It is the busiest time. Carry some dates and water to eat when you are called to the Maghreb prayer.
  • When you live in Qatar, greet your neighbors, friends, and those you meet on the street for Ramadan. 

How to wish for Ramadan in Qatar?

Whether you are Muslim or not, use these phrases to wish Muslim friends:

Ramadan Kareem:- A generous Ramadan

Ramadan Mubarak:- Blessed Ramadan

Kil aam wa inta fee kheir:- May every year pass and you be healed

Mubarak aleik al shahr :- May you have the blessings of the month

Iftar shahy :- Have a good Iftar

What you should not do during Ramadan in Qatar

  • Avoid drinking alcohol in front of Muslims. Drinking hard liquor in public is illegal in Qatar, even during non-Ramadan. Alcohol distribution centers and nightclubs are closed during Ramadan. Avoid eating in front of those who are fasting.
  • Do not work much of the day because you are fasting. It also affects your health.

What are the Ramadan working hours in Qatar?

Working hours during Ramadan are 5 hours in government offices. Also, in the case of private offices, it has been legally reduced to 6 hours. That means they should work a maximum of 30 hours per week. 

However, there are some exceptions for the functions of essential services such as Hamad International Airport, Qatar Financial Center, and health services.

Ramadan 2023 Government Sector Working Hours

By the recommendations of the Ministry of State regarding Cabinet Affairs in Qatar, the official working hours for ministries, governments, and institutions during Ramadan are from 9 am to 2 pm.

Ramadan 2023 Working Hours for Private Sector

Most private sectors have reduced the 8 to 6 hours on regular days. But, it excludes pharmacies, food storage places, the contract sector, etc. Also, some employers may work overtime to cover an average of 8 hours.

 Also, if employers have any questions about work procedures, they should approach the Department of Labor and complain about the policies and procedures.

How can non-Muslims get involved in Ramadan?

  • Exchange greetings at the beginning of Ramadan. Please wish everyone a blessed Ramadan.
  • Fast for a day or two, for as long as you like, with your fellow Muslims celebrating Ramadan.
  • Break the fast with them at an iftar.
  • Attend an Iftar with friends and family.
  • Do charity work by donating to Ramadan care packages and charities.

Ramadan words

If you spend time in Qatar during Ramadan, remember the words and phrases they use frequently.

  • Iftar                       – a meal taken to break the fast at sunset.
  • Zuhoor                  – Pre-breakfast
  • Sawm                    – means fasting.
  • Salah                     – Prayer (They pray five times throughout the day: dawn, noon, mid-afternoon, sunset, and night.)
  • Zakat                      – a practice whereby older Muslims give 2.5 percent of their wealth to the needy
  • Siyam Kareem        – Ashrivadat Fasting
  • Eid Mubarak            – Ashrivadat Eid
  • Eid Al-Fitr                 – The Feast of Breaking the Fast
  • Hal anta saim ?        – Are you fasting?
  • Ana Saim                  – I am fasting.
  • Tafaddal iftar ma3na – Please join us for Iftar.

Final thoughts

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast and pay respect to God. People celebrate it as a special occasion in different countries of the world and Qatar. If you are a person living in Qatar during that season, there are many Ramadan in Qatar: Schedules and Guidelines to know. Our guide will surely help you with that.