Although Qatar is trendy with Fifa 2022, there are many sporting influences rather than. This article will explain Sports in Qatar without football. Qatar sports culture

Sports in Qatar without football

Traditional sports in Qatar

Qatar has a traditional sporting heritage. Although football has come over the last couple of decades, they have been enjoying other sports over the centuries.

Football is the first to come but not the only aspect.

Qatar is getting ready for its inaugural mass sports event this year, Fifa 2022. Most f the world think that this is the only sport they are focusing it is not.

Qatar is a nation that is giving everything to develop its sport.

That is not just because the public but they have the feeling that sports can change lots of things. A nation with a past that runs just a few centuries back has come a long way due to that thought. That is why they have improved Qatar’s sports culture without football.

Qatar sports culture without football, Falconry was to come first.

Qatar is a country that has had sports running back for several centuries. The Falconry is what they have stated as a sport first. The nation was capable of training the Falcons as pets and used them as hunting raptors.

Qatar sports culture
Qatar sports culture

The habit made a hobby, and that habit was used as a sport by the kings. At present, Falconry is practiced by both locals and travelers. The particular sport is an income-generating method as well. Bedouin tribes brought this habit into Qatar, which has developed to various depths. The Grayfalcon raptors are being used to produce Hybrid birds. The Falconry symbolizes patience, speed, self-reliance, endurance, and valor, making the bird the country’s national bird.

Camel Racing, Another Sport

Although camel racing was popular in Arab countries before Qataris started, the intention differed. Qataris used camel races at their weddings to celebrate happy moments. The camel races were made a part of Qatar sports culture without football in 9172 with the official inaugural event.

Camel racing Qatar
Camel Racing track Qatar

Three hundred camels were used at the event as well. Few regulations were brought to ensure the security of the jockeys. And jockeys were banned from the races as robots were introduced for the races.

Horse races

It is an act that Falcons have a significant value in Qatar’s history. But, regarding the highly respected animal, Horses, they have contributed to the country’s existence for several ages. Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani used horses against the Ottomans, which was crucial in history. Qataris always wanted to keep horses by themselves, and the respect given to them was higher than any nation in the world. Horse riding will be crucial if you consider any Qatar sports culture without football.

The latest Sports of Qatar

Volleyball, Cricket, and tennis are the main parts of Qatar’s sports culture without football.


Qatar started to invest in volleyball in the 1950s. They started the Volleyball; Association in 1962 and took special care to improve the sport in the country. Both men’s and women’s Volleyball achievements came into the country from regional and continental since 1979. Also, the country paid attention to the other formats, such as Beach Volleyball. The 2019 ANOC Beach Game was one of their major sports incidents, which brought them to win the silver medal as the host.


Although the government sponsoring did not come well for the tennis, the individuals went ahead in the field. As a result of the improvement of players, the Qatar Tennis Federation was set up in 1984. The Khalifa International Tennis Complex was introduced to tennis players in 1993 for the well-being of the sport.


As one of the most influential and trendy games, Qatar has chosen Cricket for its development. They are among the most active countries in bringing a world-class title into the country. The Qatar Cricket got Affiliate membership in 1999 and became an associate member in 2017. Qatar ranked 21st in the world and has also contested against major teams. The team has been able to get 16 wins from 24 total games. Inam Ul Haq is leading the side who has been leading team. The 43-year-old player is about to retire.

Conclusion: The Qatar sports culture without football

This article has explained that The Qatar sports culture without football is in a good position. This article aimed to show the tourists that Qatar is not all about football, but they are skilled in many. Therefore, if you be attentive to the mentioned modern and traditional sports, you will be able to increase your entertainment from Qatar.