Community health centers play a significant role in adequately functioning a nation’s health care system. Several centers are operating in the same manner in Qatar. Knowing about Doha’s Best Community Health Centers will be extremely important in Qatar.

Community health services are the provision of services tailored to the particular circumstances of the community they serve. There are several specialized health centers in Doha, Qatar, and you can choose the best among them.

Royal Medical Centre

Qatar’s Royal Medical Center provides healthcare services from diagnosis and disease prevention to a comprehensive range of cosmetic and preventive services. In addition, their dermatology department offers excellent services in diagnosing and treating skin, nails, and hair.

More broadly, they are dedicated to providing care for internal surgery, rectal surgery, and colon surgery, as well as specialty surgeries. Also, to ensure the quality of care at the Royal Medical Center in Doha, the Department of General Surgery has recruited a team of specialist surgeons with experience in several fields.

Another highlight of the Royal Medical Center at the top of the list of Best Community Health Centers in Doha is that they work with the most renowned professors regionally and internationally to provide cosmetic solutions.

Royal Medical Center Address: 6 Al-Gharafa Street – Al-Mashabia Road, Opposite Al-Jazeera Residential Complex, Street No. 920 – Doha, Qatar

Royal Medical Center Liaison

Phone Number: 0097444602060

Fax: 00974-44655400

PO Box: 22638

2. Palliative care

Sama Medical Care provides health services tailored to various sectors. Many senior healthcare professionals who are suitable for them also support you in the clinic. The specialties include dentistry, dermatology, obstetrics, and gynecology. In comparison, there are three doctors in the small healthcare center, and Sama Medical care is one person in each specialist field. Many services are performed here, including hormonal disorders, cosmetic injections, and infertility treatment.

Address of Sama Medical Care: 11 Haloul Street, Doha, Qatar

Sama Medical Care Contacts 

Telephone numbers: +974 44435401 · +974 77738911 

3. Apollo Clinic

Apollo Clinic in Qatar is one of the world-class Apollo Hospital Group, mainly in India. They are currently Asia’s most significant operating hospital conglomerate and the third largest in the world. 

This clinic is included among the Best Community Health Centers in Doha due to the focus on the specialties they have. They cover all aspects of cardiology, family medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, dermatology, and ophthalmology. They provide specialized outpatient treatment and counseling for all those areas.

Apollo Clinic in Qatar operates several laboratories for pathological examination. It is extraordinary that they have many other facilities like ECG, medicines, X-rays, ultrasound, and PFT.

Address of Apollo Clinic Qatar: P.O. Box 23656, Near hafza traffic Signal, Doha, Muntaza, Doha, Qatar

Telephone numbers: 00974 4441 8441

4. Q.P. Health and Wellness Centre

Qatar Q.P. Health Wellness Center operates 15 specialty clinics covering all medical needs. It includes many clinics and departments. Emergency medicine, dental clinics, obstetrics and gynecology, nose, and ear clinics, larynx, internal medicine clinics, and radiology departments are related.

Also, an intensive care unit at Qatar Q.P. Health and Wellness Center, an isolation room for infectious patients. They include a monitoring room, a separate room for recovery, operating rooms, and an operating theater for obstetrics and gynecology. Its specialty is that these are 24-hour services.

Q.P. Health and Wellness Center services include highly-skilled, scientifically qualified nursing staff and outpatient clinic medical services. On the other hand, many modern medical technologies are incredibly excellent. Their vision is to provide the best care and medical facilities.

Address of Q.P. Center for Health and Wellness: 309 C Ring Road, As Salatah al Jadidah, Doha, Qatar

Q.P. Health and Wellness Center Contacts

Phone Number: +97440135555

Fax: 47770029

PO Box: 50070

5. Al Wajba Health Centre

Among the Best Community Health Centers in Doha, the other clinic with the most critical position is Al Wajba Health Center. It is one of the services that provide special facilities in Qatar and throughout the region. It represents a quantum leap, mainly due to the inclusion of Health and wellness.

Non-communicable diseases are mainly treated through Al Wajba Health Centre. Implementing family health services, including immunization for children, is a particular task here. This health center provides medical services and travel immunizations to GCC nationals.

They also operate a range of wellness services focusing on health promotion. It also has gyms, swimming pools, steam rooms, and massage equipment. Many benefits are working here among the complete health services, psychology, child and women’s Health, eye and vision clinic, dermatology clinic, therapeutic nutrition clinic, radiology, and laboratory pharmacy.

Al Wajba Health Center Address: Umm Al Dome St, Ar – Rayyan, Qatar

Phone Number: +97444069917

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many health centers are there in Qatar?

Qatar Health Services has 27 regional centers overseen by the Ministry of Public Health.

Q. What is my health center in Qatar?

My Health is part of the clinical information system operating in Qatar. Specifically, it is a health online management tool for patient portal users.

Q. Is Qatar health service free for foreigners?

All non-Qatari visitors must have private health insurance to receive primary medical care during their stay. Qatari nationals can continue to receive free services through government health facilities.

Final thoughts

Medical services and clinics operate across a large region of Qatar. Knowing the details about the Best Community Health Centers in Doha during your stay in Qatar is essential. The staff is committed to providing excellent service in all areas.