Doha Hamad International Airport has embarked on an intelligent journey by improving its services. The primary purpose of their technology is to create a high level of control and independence for passengers. Hamad International Airport (HIA) participated in QITCOM 2019 as an official sponsor of the biennial event. The Hamad International Airport is Transforming into a “Smart Airport” What is the latest change?

Hamad International Airport in Doha

Hamad International Airport, known as New Doha International Airport a few years ago, is the main airport in Doha. It is mainly based on operations with the national carrier, Qatar Airways. It is a state-of-the-art airport and opened to the public in 2014. Two runways run parallel to one terminal here. According to their development policies, Hamad’s capacity is expected to increase from 30 million to 50 million passengers annually.

Skytrax has awarded Hamad International Airport the World’s Best Airport at the 2021 World Airport Awards. It is the first airport in the Middle East to be so equal.

Hamad International Smart Airport

The Prime Minister & the Minister of Internal Affairs participated in the trial of HIA. Engineer Badr Mohammed al Meer demonstrated HIA’s new technology” – an excerpt.

What is an intelligent airport?

A Smart Airport is where operations are done digitally using various connected technologies like IoT devices, GPS, and sensors. It provides excellent support to the operational staff. A Smart Airport has several features. to them,

  • Automatic gates
  • Digital Wayfinding
  • biometric identification to identify passengers at automated gates and checkpoints
  • Implementation of Health Surveillance System’
  • Automation of immigration processes
  • Automated baggage scanning as well as weight viewing
  • Automated vehicle locations
  • Listing for airlines
  • Remote monitoring of tools and equipment
  • Implementation of automated robots for task scheduling of maintenance and remote maintenance activities using mobile devices

Accordingly, Hamad International Airport is transforming into a “Smart Airport.” They have officially launched an innovative digital twin program as part of its program. This program provides a real-time view of the airport through a technical 3D interface. It combines information from multiple airport systems to provide intelligent recommendations.

They have integrated 3D modeling techniques and artificial intelligence to deliver faster data-based decisions. 

Digital Twin primarily manages static aircraft collisions. They conduct health monitoring of critical airport assets for alerts.

Regarding Hamad International Airport, Mr. Subhail Qadri, Senior Vice President of Technology and Innovation, said: Hamad International Airport, along with industry partner SITA, is actively shaping the entire industry’s future as one of the world’s most scalable airports. By experimenting with their functional digital duality and challenging use cases, a new era of efficiency begins.”

He further stated that this one-of-a-kind technology would continue to be implemented and radically change how operations teams across airports consume information and make decisions. He also said that Hamad International Airport is transforming into a “Smart Airport,” which will speed up the time for the people to experience.

The Hamad International Airport is Transforming into a “Smart Airport” through the self-service concept for passengers from check-in to check-out including the above features. Instead of the previously done home-printed bag tags, HIA uses daily self-service check-in and bag drop services. 

Also, 63 automated border control e-gates were operational before the intelligent airport concept was developed. 

As well as, HIA-registered nationals and permanent residents can expedite their journey through immigration processes through biometric technology.

HIA has teamed up with Qatar Airways to provide an intelligent security experience. They aim to use the latest technology to create a more seamless airport experience. Coinciding with the last 2022 FIFA World Cup, Qatar 2022 TM’s official airport partner managed to win a unique tourist attraction through a seamless journey. The state-of-the-art technology used by them was continuously implemented. The award-winning Hamad International Airport is on a clear mission to make it the world’s leading digital aviation hub. As an effort, HIA has now become the technology leader in the region.

Final thoughts

Named the world’s leading airport, Hamad International Airport has taken a technological leap. The Hamad International Airport is Transforming into a “Smart Airport” to provide excellent travel convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the specialty of Hamad International Airport?

It will provide more experience to passengers than an airport. Retail, hospitality, food and beverage, and entertainment are extremely attractive.

Q. Where does Hamad International Airport rank in the world?

Qatar Hamad International Airport will be named the world’s best airport in 2022.

Q. How many terminals are there at Hamad International Airport?

There is one terminal. It has one terminal and two parallel tracks. They expect to increase capacity from 30 million to 50 million passengers per year in the final phase of airport development.