Qatar is a country where past and present traditions come together. Even if you travel to many countries, there are many traditional combinations here that you need help finding elsewhere. Infrastructure, food patterns, accommodation, and people’s lifestyles also offer a high degree of diversity. Among many interesting facts, we will reveal the most important one about 8 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Qatar.

We know Qatar as a country with an Islamic culture in everyday life. Most famous in Qatar are the Islamic prayers that take place around five times throughout the day, Islamic festivals, and many special honors. 

In conjunction with the FIFA World Cup held in December last year, many social and economic changes occurred in Qatar. Qatar qualified to host a FIFA World Cup for the first time among the Arab countries. It is also a unique fact that many people worldwide paid particular attention to Qatar during that time.

General facts you should know about Qatar:

  • Qatar is a country without forests.
  • Qatar Airways is the super airline in the world.
  • Hamad International Airport is the third-best airport in the world.
  • Qatar has the longest oil well in the world.
  • Robots are used for racing in Qatar.
  • Qatar has many beaches.
  • Average monthly temperatures in Qatar range from 17 degrees Celsius in January to 36 degrees Celsius in July. In some months, the temperature can exceed 40 degrees Celsius during summer.
  • The currency used in Qatar is the Qatari Riyal.
  • The capital of Qatar is Doha.
  • Qatar has the cheapest gas.
  • Weekends in Qatar are Friday and Saturday.

What you don’t know about tradition in Qatar

  • Among the traditions of Qatar, the clothing style stands out more than in other countries. Its citizens should always wear civilized clothes.
  • All commercial and business activities in Qatar are suspended during Friday prayers.
  • There is also a commercial 5G network and free Wi-Fi facility in Qatar’s Hamad International Airport and many public places, such as shopping malls.
  • One of the most critical aspects of Qatari homes is the Majlis room. It is a reserved area for visitors. It is extraordinary that all the guests staying at the Majlis are served Arabic coffee, dates, etc., in small cups by the residents.
  • The Most Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Qatar. Another common fact is that smoking is restricted in museums, shops, and sports fields. Those who violate the rules must pay a fine of QAR 1000 – 3000.

 The most Exciting Facts You Need To Know About Qatar.

1. Male-to-female ratio in Qatar

One of the best talked about things is the male-to-female ratio in Qatar. When you visit Middle Eastern countries, you can see that this is noticeable. Of the 2.5 million people in Qatar, there are about 700,000 women. The main reason for this is the job opportunity in Qatar. 

Many immigrants from other foreign countries come to Qatar for better living conditions and job opportunities. Most of them are men.

2. Qatar is the safest country in the world.

Many people have heard about Qatar terrorists and extremists. No, if you are worried about the safety of Qatar, you should put that fear to rest because Qatar is the safest country in the world. In terms of crime rates, Qatar is higher than countries like Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong. The risk of adverse climate change is also 1%. Therefore, if you are thinking about a trip to Qatar, take it.

3. Doha is the wealthiest city in the world.

Doha, the capital city of Qatar, is one of the best choices for shopping. Doha is known worldwide as a city with many surprises, chasing the latest trends. Doha has many places in the city, such as the best museums, sites for entertainment, and places to roam around the city. Due to these reasons, Doha has become a significant tourist attraction. The modern homes in Doha have managed to cover the desert in Qatar.

4. The national dish of Qatar is Machboos.

The Most Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Qatar One of the main facts you may need to learn is that Qatar has Machboos as its staple food. It is so popular that local and foreign Qataris are eager for it. It is a food mixed with rice, tomatoes, meat, fish, and spices.

5. Giant Teddy Bear at Hamad International Airport

The Most Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Qatar A favorite among many tourists is the giant teddy bear. It is the first exciting thing you see when you enter Qatar as a foreigner. The vast teddy bear in the airport’s main terminal with a lamp on its head is beautiful. 

This gigantic masterpiece weighs nearly 20 tons and is worth $6.8 million in cash. Every tourist who catches sight of this will not take a picture.

6. Qatar is the second flattest country in the world.

Qatar is not the correct country for you if you are a hiker. Qatar is the second flattest country in the world, behind the Maldives. It has an average elevation of about 91.9 feet, and its highest peak is about 338. You don’t see mountains or slopes in Qatar. But you can rely on many buildings. Even though the country is flat, they are more attractive to view.

7. Qatar is a country where the sea meets the desert.

The most exciting thing about Qatar is that it is one of the countries in the world where the sea meets the desert. You can see more extensive dunes in Qatar. Also, Khor Al-Adaid is an entirely different story. It had become a nature reserve a few years ago. 

But now, the environment has become more prosperous due to various marine species and young camels. It has many other archaeological sites.

8. Qatar was the first country to produce purple shell dye.

Interesting Facts all Need to Know About Qatar The fact that attracts many foreigners is that Qatar was the first to make purple shellfish dye. That full credit goes to the people of Qatar’s Al Bor Island. It is one of the super beautiful and fascinating cities in Qatar.

Anyone who comes to visit Qatar will only go back after seeing the beauty of the city. As a city with a very long history, many tourists call it the purple island because dye production occurs here.


Q. Are there any adventures in Qatar?

Yes, there is. Among them are adventures like jet skiing, mountain climbing, wakeboarding, skydiving, scuba diving, sailing, and camel riding.

Q. What are the prohibited things in Qatar?

Firearms, weapons, and ammunition, as well as pork products and alcoholic beverages

Q. What is the age of marriage in Qatar?

According to the General Family Code, the minimum age for marriage in Qatar is 16 for girls and 18 for boys. marriage can be performed before the age of 16 with the consent of both the persons to be married and their legal guardian.

Q. Can I buy beer in Qatar?

In stadiums, you have restrictions, but alcohol is not illegal. But drinking alcohol in public and being drunk in public is prohibited. Those over 21 can purchase alcohol in licensed bars and hotel restaurants.

Final thoughts

Qatar is a job paradise for many expats. At the same time, many tourists are attracted to Qatar and there are many reasons for that in the country. Due to the developing economic and social patterns, special tourism zones are also opening up in Qatar. If you are also thinking of visiting Qatar, our guide “Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Qatar” will show you the way.