One of the many things you must do when you live in Qatar is to get a driver’s license. You know that petrol is cheap in Qatar. In addition, more people travel by private vehicle than by public transport in Qatar. the new way to Apply for a driving License in Qatar? What are the latest driving license regulations? Let’s talk.

Requirements to obtain a driving license in Qatar

There are three main requirements that you must have when getting a driving license in Qatar. What are age requirements, residence requirements, and professional requirements? Let’s talk about them separately.

Age: Anyone applying for a motorcycle and light car driving license in Qatar must be at least 18 years of age. But the minimum age to apply for heavy vehicles like buses, trucks, and forklifts is 21 years.

Residence permit: A person applying for a driving license in Qatar must have a valid residence permit. Also, if there is no Qatari ID card, the applicant must have an original passport and a copy of the visa.

Occupation Requirement: Foreigners with certain occupations cannot obtain a driving license in Qatar. There is a list of people who are not eligible for driving support in Qatar.  Qatar’s traffic department has explained that it is a measure to reduce traffic congestion.

Procedure for Applying for the Driving License in Qatar

1. Choose your driving school.

There are several government-sponsored or state-authorized driving schools in Qatar. The General Traffic Directorate of the Ministry of Interior also administers a consortium of driving schools in Qatar. Most of them follow a standard curriculum. If you are applying for a driving school in Qatar, you can choose any type.

2. Apply for NOC

As the second step in applying for a driving License in Qatar, you can apply for NOC on the Metrash 2 mobile app. A few years ago, the applicant had to get the NOC from the sponsor in writing. 

But as per the latest driving license regulations in 2023, you can do it through Metrash 2 mobile app or the MOI website. 

For company sponsorship, the company has to provide NOC using Metrash 2 application.

Also, for personal sponsorship, the sponsor should provide NOC using the Metrash 2 application. NOC is not required for Qatari Males. But for Qatari women, NOC is provided by a guardian using the Metrash 2 app.

In applying for a driving License in Qatar, you must know how to use a driving license NOC on the MOI website and Metrash 2.

How to Apply for Driving License NOC on Metrash 2?

  • First, visit the Metrash 2 mobile app.
  • Now, click on the sequence ”Traffic -> ”License Service” -> ”License NOC” there.
  • Enter the sponsor’s QID or visa number in the specified box.
  • Now select “New Release.”
  • Mention the driving license category for which you want to get the license.
  • Now enter the email id. Then click “Next.”
  • Review and confirm the details.

How to apply for a driving license NOC from the MOI website?

First, visit the E-Services page on the MOI website.

Now click on traffic services.

Click Driving License > Driving License NOC.

Complete the fields and submit the form.

3. Time series

If you have a driving license from your home country or another country, you can opt for a part-time driving license in Qatar. But you need to show your old driving license and get approval from the traffic department. 

Your driving school will then provide you with a range of advice based on your qualifications. If you choose a half course, it includes 20 practical classes. But a complete driving course includes 40 practical classes.

4. Eye exam

When you apply for a driving license in Qatar, you must undergo an eye test. It is mainly done at driving schools, and you can even get it done by a traffic department-approved optometrist. The fee for an eye test ranges between QR 25 and QR 50. It tests your near vision and long vision.

5. Submit the documents

Submit the correct documents related to the scheme of your choice. You may need several separate driver’s license application documents if you are a foreign resident. that is,

  • A valid original of a Qatari ID
  • NOC applied for by Metrash 2
  • Eye exam certificate
  • A colored passport
  • Original valid home country license if you are applying for a partial license

After you follow the steps above and pay the fee, your driving school will provide you with an online file for the relevant lessons. They give you a CD or a guidebook for that.

What are driving license lessons in Qatar?

Theoretical Lessons: Here, in the academic classes held at the driving schools in Qatar, you will have to study traffic laws, driving, and traffic signals. These classes are held in many schools over five days. There may be small tests in between. 

You can study with the help of a tablet or computer. Some driving schools in Qatar also include simulator training in their education.

Finally, you have to face a theory test. You can theoretically do those tests using computers. There you have to answer 37 out of 40 questions correctly. You can get tests in the language you want.

Practical Lessons: These will prepare you for the “L” and “P” parking tests. They are driving lessons that you can learn from a driving instructor.

Road Test: You can get this at the end of road training. For that, your driving skills will be evaluated on a specific date. A traffic police officer is also in the car for that.

Parking Test: After passing the above road test, you have to appear for the parking test. You have to complete tasks L and P on the same day. That is perpendicular parking and parallel parking, respectively.

After you pass the above tests, you can get a driving license in Qatar.


Q.  Is the Qatar driving license international?

Qatar’s driver’s license is a signatory to the United Nations Convention. To rent a car and drive legally in Qatar, you must have a valid driver’s license.

Q. How much does it cost to receive a driving license in Qatar?

500 Qatar Riyals. The fee is applicable for a validity of 10 years. Also, if a non-Qatari obtains a driving license in Qatar, they must pay 250 Qatari Riyals, valid for five years.

Q. How long does it take to obtain a driving license in Qatar?

The total time including theory, training, waiting period, practical training, and tests, is 65 to 90 days.


You need a driving license to drive in Qatar. But getting it can be a problem for many. We have answered most of the questions through our guide on the new way to Apply for a Driving License in Qatar.