Living in Qatar can be one of your dreams. Qatar, the upscale country in the world in 2013, is rapidly developing. We can show it in both human development and economic development. For reasons like these, more than 500 foreigners come to Qatar every day to live in Qatar. What are the things to prepare before relocating to Qatar? Can you adapt to the Qatari tradition? Here we cover anything you need to know about life in Qatar.

Relocating to Qatar is no small matter. There is a list that you should prepare and have with you before going. We will show you some of the must-haves and things to do.

1. Passport and Documents

If you expect to get a work visa before relocating to Qatar, you should send a valid copy of your passport and certificates of educational qualifications you have obtained. Suppose you are thinking of moving to Qatar alone with your family.

In that case, you must also provide valid copies of your marriage certificate, copies of family passports, and children’s birth certificates in advance.

It would be best if you got a medical examination before you travel to Qatar. The said medical tests should be forwarded to the relevant authorities. In addition to police verification documents, obtaining an International Driving Permit is required if you drive within the country.

2. Bank accounts and insurance

Insurance limits change all over the world. Insurance covers many things like your auto, property, health, etc. Banks should be informed about relocating to Qatar. In addition, you should review all accounts related to managing and transferring funds internationally.

3. Contacting transport companies

While relocating to Qatar, you will also have to carry your necessary furniture. It can include many things like electronic goods, household items, etc. It can fetch you a lot of money to repurchase them in Qatar. So contact the transport companies to take them to you. Get an insight into the scheduling of transport companies in Qatar.

Additional Things to Prepare Before Relocating to Qatar

There are other things to consider before you relocate to Qatar. We have listed some of them below.

Cost of living in Qatar

You will have many opportunities to save money while working and living in Qatar. The main reason many foreigners come to Qatar is the high salary and lucrative package offered for employment. You can easily manage your living expenses in Qatar without any pressure.

The primary reason for this is that most Qatari jobs receive many allowances, including housing. Suppose you are relocating to Qatar from abroad. In that case, you will also receive a shipping allowance for your salary based on your contract period to bring your furniture back to Qatar. Food prices may vary during certain times of the year, but it is affordable.

Accommodation in Qatar

When you think about Preparing Before Relocating to Qatar, you must focus on accommodation. Accommodation options in Qatar range from the most luxurious to spacious apartments and modern homes. 

Expats have more protection in Qatar. Most apartments have all the amenities you need. They can have gyms, pools, cafes, and more. You can pay the landlord by post-dated check to pay for your accommodation.

Healthcare in Qatar

In Prepare Before Relocating to Qatar, you focus more on whether it is possible to live safely in Qatar. Whether a regional or a foreigner, you can get free medical treatment if you register with Hamad Medical Corporation. 

However, due to the increasing number of people coming for services or to live in Qatar, long queues have been formed in medical centers. Because of this, people have now resorted to private health services. We also emphasize that it is pretty expensive. However, some companies provide health insurance to employees.

Qatar Women’s Rights

When thinking about Prepare Before Relocating to Qatar, the main thing that comes to mind for most people is women’s rights. Unlike Saudi Arabia, the rights of women in Qatar are different. In other words, Qatar’s women can drive and work at any level.

However, gender discrimination still exists in schools in Qatar. Also, only the man can still be the head of the family. Foreign women are not expected to wear Qatar’s traditional abaya or hibajaya. But they should dress modestly. In Qatar, women must wear clothes covering their shoulders and knees when going to public places. However, these policies may be relaxed for foreigners.

Departure of Qatar

Everyone who works in Qatar works according to the Kafala system. Suppose the employees have to leave the country in an emergency. Or on vacation, the employer will specify the permission to do so. However, many employers implement this in different ways. 

Some employers have allowed the high-level employees of their company to come. And go according to their wishes and needs. Other members must file a separate application for each visit.

All foreigners must have an exit visa before leaving Qatar. They also need permission from a sponsor. The Government of Qatar provides an online service to submit all your application forms. Someone who needs to learn Arabic can fill their forms the old-fashioned way. Also, since the app is in Arabic, foreigners should find a translation service.

Also, women and other family members are sponsored by the head of the family, husband or father. Because of this, they do not need an exit visa. The Al Gharafa Immigration Department acts as the government agency responsible for permits for exit from Qatar. You can also download several visa application forms from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Travel in Qatar

You know that the price of petrol in Qatar is meager. Because of this, most people use their cars to travel to Qatar. Public transport in Qatar is erratic, so private vehicles are preferable. If you don’t have a private car, you can get help from a taxi service in Qatar.

Also, some companies offer great discounts on car rentals depending on the length of your stay in Qatar. That is, the longer the lease period, the lower the price. If you need a car in Qatar, getting a secondhand car is a good choice instead of a brand-new one.


Q. Is it a good idea to go to Qatar?

Qatar is among the top 10 places for ex-pats to live and work. Liveability in Qatar is highly rated for aspiration and future vision.

Q. Is Qatar suitable for resettlement?

Yes. Qatar is one of the best countries in the Middle East for work and relocation. The reason for that is the rapidly growing economic development of the country. A particular reason is that there are many opportunities for foreigners in Qatar.

Q. How much money do you need to live comfortably in Qatar?

If you live alone, you should have an income of QR15,000 per month to live comfortably in Qatar. If you live in Qatar as a family of four, you should have around QR35,000.


Life in Qatar can be very challenging for a newcomer. You should know well about many things required for that. Follow our guide, Things to Prepare Before Relocating to Qatar, to live a good life in Qatar.