It is always better to know about the nature of the people with whom you are in. Here are 10 Things you must Know About Qatar People.

Qatar is one of the most appealing countries in the Arabian region. Unlike most of the Arabian countries in the region, you get to experience modernized technology, nature, outside activities, entertainment, and fewer restrictions. They all together make the perfect destination you know as Qatar. But, there are many things that you must know about the Qatari people which is directly associated with their culture and religion. This article will explain 10 Things You Must Know About Qatar People.

They Remain Calm Most Of The Times

Qatari people are known for their calmness. You know that Arabians are calm and take more time to think before taking a decision. When it comes to Qatari people they have more tenderness than the rest of the Arabians.

Even if you want them to take an immediate decision, they will hang on a bit longer and will let you know what they think. Just like they think too much they make wise decisions. Even if you are from Asia or Europe or even any part of the world, you will not have to consider a decision made by a Qatari. When it comes to a tense situation, they make quicker decisions but the calmness will be there most of the times.

You Can Understand Them Pretty Easily As They Slaw Speakers

If you are new to Qatar, then the language will always be a barrier. But, trust me, you will not have to listen hard to understand what they say as they are slow speakers. Now you know that they are calm and they don’t rush anything.

Just like they don’t speed up their activities, the Qataris do push themselves with the talking. Even if you are not getting the language, the body language and the calmness will be enough to be understood. Also, Qataris are not loudspeakers. You will have to listen carefully with all your ears.

It Is Hard To Identify Them Among The Migrants

You must know that Qatar people respect themselves and their culture. That urges others to adapt to their culture and you will find it hard to identify a true Qatari. Since most of the Qataris try to stay hidden, you will not be able to identify them easily. The most important thing is, the Qatari people, don’t show off their heirship to the country.

Also, there is a considerable number of migrants in Qatari who have got citizenship of the country. You will have to talk to them and understand their behavior to know whether they are truly Qatari or not. Therefore, the fact is among the 10 Things You Must Know About Qatar People.

They Hate Those Who Don’t Like Their Country

Now you have read and understood how the Qatari people think and how they may treat you as a friend. But, you must not see the way they treat a traitor in front of their country. Even a word is enough. Suppose that you have a best friend from Qatar. He will not tolerate any bad words you tell to Qatar in front of him. The responsibility goes to the education which causes the particular behavior. They learn their motherland is precious and they won’t allow any harm to it.

They Are pretty safest when driving

If you have heard that a good driver is a person who drives fast and be safe, then you must learn the definition of driving from the Qatari people. They consider driving to be a harmless as well as a nuisance activity. Although they may be slow on the road, they will take you safely to the destination. According to research conducted by the University of California, Qatar is among the top 10 safe drivers in the world and the Uber-like taxi services are among the happiest careers in the country.

They Seek Comfort Most Of The Time

Arabs have had a hard time throughout history until god blesses them with the precious gift, oil reserves. Then after Arabs have been able to live a comfortable life. That is a common factor for the Qataris and they have addicted to that at present.

Qataris seek comfort most of the time such as staying up in Air-conditioned houses all the time, using SUV vehicles for transportation, the use of servants more than needed, and the use of technology for most of their tasks. The best example is Arabs inventing a cooling system for the Audience in the upcoming Fifa 2022. If you have Qatari friends, then you will have to respect this quality as one of the 10 Things You Must Know About Qatar People.

Qatari People Hate Thieves

Not stealing from others is one of the 10 Things You Must Know About Qatar People.  As a part of the religious background, being most of the Qataris are Islamic, they hate stealing from others. You will find Qatar to be among the countries that have a decreased rate of the theft case.

We got to know some cases people forgot their bags in Metro Stations and reserved them a few hours later. Although you are an Asian or from Europe, you must know that it is rare to occur in these kinds of situations. As a visitor, you may make mistakes such as forgetting things at some places. But, Qatari culture will forgive those mistakes by not stealing them.

They Measure You With The Eye Contact

Among the easiest ways to measure a person’s eye contact is crucial. Also, it is among the 10 Things You Must Know About Qatar People as well. Qataris use eye contact to measure you and your attitudes. the best advice to be given to you is not to look away or down when you talk with a Qatari person.

If you look at a Qatari, you will realize that they have slow talking, calmness, and deep thinking as extensions of this particular quality. If you get excited or don’t manage to maintain eye contact, then you will have to compete for their friendship. As a confirmed fact, you must earn it easily and eye contact will be the best way.

They Take Care Of Themselves

Among the 10 Things, You Must Know About Qatar People, this is about being healthy. Qataris love spending a healthy life. According to research, Qataris are among the 10 healthiest nationalities in the world. Just like they think about comfort, they tend to keep their bodies healthy. Qataris don’t like to be a burden to their children or any other when they are old.

Therefore, they go to the gym or follow healthy food routines. Even if you are not following a healthy lifestyle, they will warn you and urge you to be on the right track. On behalf of Qatar, the Qatar Government is regulating new rules for the sale of people. They have restricted the importation of several quick foods such as noodles and some unhealthy biscuit products. Also, oil products are always in check.

They Are Religious

Being Islamic doesn’t make them strict but their teachings do. Although you may feel a softness in your inside that they are not going hard on their religion, they are obviously. If you talk any word or hint against their religion, then your relationship may be against that. Although you don’t feel, it is restricted to bring most of the religious books into Qatar and there are many examples you may identify as the stiffness of their religious behavior.

Therefore, you must not test their patience on religious influence. That is why we included the religious influence of the Qatari people as one of the 10 Things You Must Know About Qatar People.

Conclusion: 10 Things You Must Know About Qatar People

We have explained to you how special Qataris are. You must know that Qatari people are better with their attitude, thinking, and intelligence level when compared to most nationalities. We hope the mentioned factors will help you to be a good friend to a Qatari in Qatar and make yourself a better person than you were. Although the tour you are having at the moment is shorter, you will never have to worry about that.