You know that Qatar is a hotter country. But its winters are the same. That is, the time of winter in Qatar is also extraordinary. You must make sure to stay warm during that time. This guide provides you with details about 11 Tips to Stay Warm and Safe During Winter.

The general climate of Qatar

January is the coldest month in Qatar. During that period, the temperature during the day is usually 21.7 degrees Celsius, and at night it decreases until it reaches 12.8 degrees Celsius. It is actually on par with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. 

However, as many would expect, the possibility of snowfall in Qatar is extremely low at any time of the year. If you want to play in the snow, you can visit the Snow Dunes Park in Doha Festival City Mall.

The monthly average rainfall in Qatar is 5.99mm, and the rains are scarce from June to October. Daylight lasts about 10 hours in winter in Qatar.

Tips to Stay Warm and Safe During Winter

1. Get hot food and drinks.

Always make sure you keep warm when the weather is cold in Qatar. What should you do to stay warm and safe during winter? Drink warm drinks first. Drink hot water, herbal tea, homemade hot soup, etc. Make sure they are mostly homemade. Eat as much hot food as possible. Heat the food and eat it.

2. Protect yourself with wool and flannel.

Be sure to wear a fur coat or coat when you go out in the winter in Qatar. It will help you stay warm and safe during winter. Cover your head and ears to avoid catching a cold. Please wear clothes that are not tight and uncomfortable for your body during winter in Qatar. Because wearing tight clothes during that time affects blood circulation.

3. Exercise daily.

Exercise is essential to keep your body warm during winter. Then your body burns calories to generate heat and warm the body. Do things like walking and running as much as you can. It makes the blood burn faster and gives you higher immunity.

4. Drink water often.

Another key to staying warm and safe during winter is staying well hydrated. We don’t need to drink water during winter. So you can avoid drinking water. Lack of water makes you susceptible to infectious diseases. So remember to stay hydrated.

5. Avoid oversleeping.

Don’t you get very sleepy during winter? That’s because our body produces more melatonin due to less sunlight. This hormone makes us tired. To prevent this behavior, you should sleep only for 7-8 hours in winter weather. Oversleeping is terrible for your mood.

6. Socialize

Many people spend time indoors during winter. It significantly affects your mental and physical health. You often meet friends during winter in Qatar. Do things like fighting the winter blues with them. Staying at home and being bored creates more productive thoughts in your mind.

7. Get Vitamin D.

Did you know that we can get vitamin D supplements from the typical environment through sunlight? But in cold weather, the body cannot produce enough vitamin D without exposure to the sun. It can cause you to develop various disorders. So try to go outside and expose yourself to the sun. Or get extra vitamin D from a doctor.

8. Maintain skin moisture.

It is something that both men and women should follow to stay warm and safe during winter. Winter is a time of an arid environment. That is, cold air constantly removes external moisture from your skin. That’s why your skin always itches in winter. You can easily apply a moisturizer for that. Or you can use olive oil, coconut oil, etc.

9. Take a warm bath.

To Stay Warm and Safe During Winter, we recommend you bathe with hot water only. Soaking in cold water will make it harder. Maintain your hygiene regularly to stay safe from skin infections and health problems during winter weather. Washing your face with hot water and washing your hands and feet will protect your body’s warmth.

10. Eat only healthy foods.

You may be employed while living in Qatar. Even if you pay little attention to food, take good care of it in winter weather. If you eat processed foods regularly, keep them in check during winter. Eating unhealthy foods can make you sick very quickly. Eat winter foods like cabbage, pumpkin, and beetroot.

11. Use heating equipment more carefully.

Many people turn on the heater in their house and heat the bath water in winter. But for many people, it can also cause various accidents. You should use heating equipment very carefully in winter to warm up. While you must stay warm during Qatar’s winters, you must also take care of your health.

Use of heaters in winter

Careless handling of hot liquids while bathing or cooking can cause injuries and burns. You must pay attention to ways to prevent them.

Use only quality heaters purchased from reputable stores. For that, you can check the UL mark of the heater.

Keep the heater away from flammable materials when you plug it in. Maintain a distance of at least three inches between the material and the heater.

Always check if the heater’s automatic timer is working correctly. Also, use the timer to limit the running time of the heater and prevent overheating.

If you use a space heater for heating, let the children know that getting close to it can cause burns.

Use of hot liquids in winter

You will also frequently use warm liquids while thinking about Stay Warm and Safe During Winter. Be careful to minimize the damage they can cause you too.

If you are using warm water to warm a baby, distribute the bath water temperature even before the baby enters. That is, ensure the recommended temperature does not exceed 45 degrees Celsius. Or do a thermometer or hand test to see if it’s tolerable for the baby.

Be careful when you carry hot food or liquids. The baby may bump into you.

You will often cook hot food in winter. Then keep the child out of the kitchen. Be aware of potentially dangerous situations.

And if you have children under one year of age, be extra careful when bathing them in hot water.

Final thoughts

Qatar is a country that feels the winter and hot seasons more strongly. Preparing for cold weather is just as important as preparing for hot weather. Knowing 11 Tips to Stay Warm and Safe During Winter will be more beneficial for you. In addition, remember that self-defense is also essential when you warm up.