Qatar is one of the fastest-growing tourism hubs in the Middle East. When visiting Qatar, many people think of a country full of oil. But it has changed a lot nowadays. An efficient metro system opened in Qatar in 2019, making it much easier for commuters to get to attractions. Anyone can get the opportunity to visit and engage in activities not only in the capital city of Doha but also throughout the country. What are the Top 5 Things to Do in Qatar? How do you get to them? Let’s talk about it.

1. A circle to the Inland Sea of Qatar

It is a natural border between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. At one of the most attractive high tide points, there are cliffs where the dunes meet the vast blue water. We call it the Inland Sea or Khor Al Adaid. This beautiful sea is one of the main attractions in Qatar. Its beauty is enhanced during the full moon when the salt flats glisten in the gaps between the sands. Tourists here are very much engaged in expeditions.

However, many people visit Qatar’s Inland Sea not because of the area’s tranquility. For many outdoor activities like quad biking, sand skiing, and singing. Also, many tourist agencies are centered in this area.

In Qatar’s Inland Sea:

If you access this area, it should be done by 4WD. Also, being stuck in the sand after the first hour is fine. Remember that it is dangerous to go there during summer.

Be sure to bring a compass, a map, a water bottle case, and a tow rope when you go here.

How to get to Qatar’s inland sea?

Qatar’s inland sea address is Inland Sea Off Road, Qatar. It will take 1 to 2 hours to drive from Hamad Airport to reach this place. You can use a cab for a quick trip.

2. Go to Souq Waqif

For a quieter glimpse into Qatar’s past, head to Souq Waqif to pick up what you need. The road has a more stable market, and it will be a lovely walk here to get some snacks, food, or whatever. The shops along the route are full of lights and decorations, so it looks beautiful. Among the Top 5 Things To Do In Qatar, Souq Waqif is one of the main ones because of its festivities.

We can also introduce this as one of the most prominent places to see Qatari culture. It is located in the center of Doha, just off the waterfront. It is where foreigners came about 100 years ago to get local traders, spices, jewelry, livestock, and much more. Qatar is the capital of pearls. To buy pure, precious pearls, you must go to Gold Souq.

Also, shisha smoking is one of the most popular leisure activities among Qataris. When thinking about Things To Do In Qatar, this is also an excellent thing to find a table outside in a restaurant enjoying shisha with the lo is radicals.

How to go to Souq Waqif?

You can visit Al Souq St, Doha, Qatar, for delicious food and merchandise. Its opening hours are 10 am – 2 pm from Sunday to Friday except for 10 am – 12 am on Friday.

3. Participate in camel races

Camel racing is one of the most popular titles in Qatar. Racing began in the 1970s and is also a popular winter spectator sport. If you’re interested in things to do in Qatar, visit the Al Shahaniya Camel Track, located west of Doha, on Fridays from October to February.

Several camel races are held there. Also, many significant events like HH and Emir’s Main Race are held in March and April. The robot jockey pioneered almost two decades ago in Qatar camel races.

Although you are not allowed to bet here, the sponsors offer many prizes to the winners of their matches.

4. Go to Aqua Park Qatar

If you are thinking about things to do in Qatar and like swimming, let us introduce Aqua Park Qatar as a must-go place. Most of the twists and loops you need are here. Also, you will find many slide designs and challenges for garden patrons. 

If someone is looking for things to do in Qatar while traveling with family or friends, plenty of activities suit all ages. That is, the depth of the pools here varies. You can also enjoy a pool experience that simulates waves along with the beach.

There is a 200-meter-long navigable river here. You can sail there. Aqua Park Doha Qatar rides include Lazy River, Boomerang, Giant Wave Pool, Multi Slide Complex, Family Pool, and Exotic Village. 

Among the admission ticket fees for this,

For adults: QAR 180

For children: QAR 120

Family Package (This package includes three children + 2 adults.): QAR 600

If you are making a list of Things To Do In Qatar, then Aqua Park is a place you should include. It is open from Sunday to Wednesday from 10 am to 8 pm. Also, the opening hours on Fridays are from 10 am to 10 pm. This place is closed on Mondays, and Ramadan timings in Qatar are 8 am to 2 am. You can get here by taxi or car from the city.

5. Go to Barzan Tower

It would be best if you visited the Barzan Towers among the things to do in Qatar. Qatar’s local army defeated the Ottomans a few years ago. But they were afraid of the generals even in such cases. For that reason, they built these massive towers. However, they have used the buildings over the years to view the new moon in the holy month of Ramadan.

There is indeed a lot of history in Qatar’s Barzan Towers. Anyone visiting Doha will have this place on their bucket list. 

You can enter these towers and climb the inner stairs to the top. Interesting places around it will attract you more.

How to go to Barzan Towers?

You can visit Barzan Towers 24 hours daily, from 2 pm to 7 pm. Its address is Umm Salal Muhammad, and admission is free.


Q. What are free things to do in Qatar?

Walk through the Qatar Cultural Village, observe Pearl Qatar, spend a fun afternoon at MIA Park, and spend time at the Qatar National Library.

Q. Is Qatar friendly to foreigners?

Qatar is a traditional Muslim country. They also expect foreigners to respect religious norms and act according to known conservatives.

Q. What is Qatar most famous for?

Qatar has one of the world’s largest petroleum and natural gas reserves. Also, many foreign workers are employed due to their production capacity.

Q. Is it cheap to travel to Qatar?

Yes. It provides you with a budget-friendly destination. You will get the most unmatched service and a great experience at a lower cost.