If you are in Qatar this year, 2022, Tik Tok will be among the best ways to get fun. Here are  09  Top  09  Tik Tokers in Qatar 2022 for you.

Among the influencing media for entertainment, Tik Tok has been an inevitable medium. Although it has not passed even a decade since its arrival, influencers have found the best ways to entertain themselves and others.

Getting to know ongoing trends, and finding out the creativity in new dimensions and Tik Tok is responsible for increasing the common awareness of people regarding various matters.

We have brought you the Top  09  Tik Tokers in Qatar 2022 to know. If you follow them, you will have a better understanding of Qatar, its culture, and how they entertain.

Fares and Farouk- Itsdehbi

As one of the owners of Tik Tok account that has over 3 million followers, Fares and Farouk Dehbi is crucial.


منشن البيست فريند ⬇️🙈 #fyp #الدهبيز

♬ الصوت الأصلي – NAM JOO😩

حبيت اشارك في الترند على طريقتي 🙇‍♂️❤️ #الدهبيز #fyp #فارس_و_فاروق

♬ original sound – 𝗙ِ

They have reached the 1Millon goal within a year as well.

The commencement of these two Tik tokers was regarding a simple practice. They taught to followers how to count from 0 to  09  in both Moroccan and Tunisian dialects.

Not only their efforts succeeded, but they also started attracting followers rapidly. In fact, the two brothers had got 1M views within 24 hours.

If you are a person who keeps the concentration on accents of various languages, then these two will be what you must join.


As one of the Top  09  Tik Tokers in Qatar 2022, Kareem ha reached 3.2M followers on Tik Tok.


الآن في كيو-تاير،@q_tire اشترِ ٤ إطارات واحصل على ٤ إطارات لسيارة أخرى مجانًا! لمزيد من المعلومات، تواصل معنا على ٨٠٠٨٤٧٣ أو عبر الواتساب على الرقم ٣٠٥٩ ٣٠٥٩. يسري العرض لغاية ٢٤ سبتمبر، على مقاسات مختارة من جوديير وفالكن. *تطبق الشروط والأحكام. توجّه إلى أقرب مركز لكيو-تاير في: طريق سلوى، الدحيل، المطار القديم، العزيزية، قرية بروة، أم صلال محمد، المنطقة الصناعية، الرويس، الوكرة والخور. Now at Q-Tire, Buy 4 tires & Get 4 tires for another vehicle for FREE! For more info, contact 800-8473 or send a Whatsapp message to 3059 3059. This offer is valid until 24 September, on specific sizes from Goodyear and Falken. *Terms and conditions apply. Spot your nearest Q-Tire at: Salwa Road, Duhail, Old Airport, Al Aziziyah, Barwa Village, Umm Salal Mohammed, Industrial Area, Al Ruwais, Al Wakrah and Al Khor.

♬ original sound – Kareemtime 🇶🇦

Kareem is an Indian who migrated to Qatar a few years back. Among the talents Kareem has shown through his Tik Tok channel, his humor is most admired.

He uses deep humor to entertain others and obviously he has succeeded.

Since Kareem has a YouTube channel, his content updating is frequently happening.

As she videos, special conversations, and family-related videos are Kareem’s main concerns.


Amir is the person who conducts this Tik tok account. He was born in Lebanon and has moved to Qatar for occupation.


الكنافة رجعت👴🏼ناطركم عاليوتيوب😏#fyp

♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

While doing his job, Amir started his Tik tok account which went viral due to his vlogging and funny videos.

Amir visits some of the embracing places in Qatar and he doesn’t forget to add videos of his motherland, Lebanon.

You will be able to see Qatar’s beauty through Amir’s view as Amir is also some sort of visitor to Qatar yet.

Zeyad Kamar

The best way to name the content creator of the Zeyad Kam mozamirar channel is as either special-effects or an SFX makeup artist.

The profession Zeyad found to be effective was to create horror and various sound effects for commercial content.

But, he found himself to be more useful as Tik tokers.

He is especially creating content for Tik Tok and he is among the Top  09  Tik Tokers in Qatar 2022.

The YouTuber has got 2.1MFollowers and 65.7MLikes.


No matter you are a visitor to Qatar or any part of the world, your desire to cook, may still be there.


What traditional food do you eat for Eid? #eid #pizzahut

♬ Malibu – Miley Cyrus

Reem is among the Top  09  Tik Tokers in Qatar 2022 who teaches you to prepare food with ease.

Not only food that is special to Qatar but any food you would like to see on your table as a dessert are his concerns. Reem started his Tik tok channel a couple of years ago and has now reached to 175,000 people along with a total of 1M likes.

 Nancy Zeidan

There are not so many artists who can copy the personalities as well as the characteristic they have. Nancy, the Egyptian born Tik Toker is creating Tik tok content as a rare creator.


خدوني جمبكو في الترند لو سمحت 😂

♬ Itsonlyabod – اونلي عبود

She has created various characters following a comedy role throughout the script.

Nancy is a makeup artist from profession and she has done a great job to entertain others with her skills and talents. Sometimes, she is a man, a ghost, a child, and a character you would have never imagined. Nancy went past the million subscribers recently while her views are 54Million.


Qatar is a place where you don’t get to see a religion that believes horror and any other ghost stuff. That is why horrorjabi has been able; to get the attraction.

But, that is not just the reason but the content creator, Maya sends her content with Qatari taste to her followers. The content creator has been producing videos that have scare scripts, theories, stores, and many things an easily-scared follower may like. She has 607.5KFollowers along with 15M total likes.


Prince Teodoro is the person who I maintain this channel and he is only interested in dancing and some amazing moves.

You will see him performing in landmark places such as shopping malls, Stadiums, and public places. He is a football player in his school and you will be able to see some football moves as well. Prince has 72.3KFollowers and 2M total likes. Along with the upcoming Fifa 2022 in Qatar, he will be a busy Tik toker for sure.

Conclusion:Top  08  Tik Tokers In Qatar 2022

We have brought you Top  09  Tik Tokers in Qatar 2022 who create content with a vast range of variety. As soon as we know more about these and more who become trendy, we will bring them too. Stay with us!