Qatar’s local culture and social ethos are a complete blend of the past and future. Also, it spans a broader range of fields. Qatari culture has different ethics for dress, behavior, ceremonies, language, behavior, gender behavior, and many other aspects. To live in Qatar, you must have a high knowledge of their ethics. Here we discuss many things, from small items like Understanding Qatar Culture: Take Off Your Shoes inside a Qatari’s House.

Society and Culture in Qatar

The Arabian desert inhabits Qatar with many beautiful and ancient traditions. It is one of the most attractive mosaics. Most expatriates live in Qatar due to high living standards and job opportunities. That is why Qatar is the country with the second-largest expatriate community in the world today.

Apart from the booming economy, understanding Qatar Culture will be accessible for you because of the world-famous museum, culture, festivals, open-air concerts, and many other things Qatar offers. With the soccer world cup at the end of last year, Qatar’s culture very highly opened up to the world.

The main religion in Qatar is Islam. Their official language is Arabic, but since there are many foreigners in the country, English, Urdu, and Persian are also used. Although Qatar is ahead as the wealthiest country in the world, they still have great social inequality. The most significant divide is between Qatari citizens and foreigners.

Etiquette for meeting people in Qatar

Salam Alaikum means peace to be upon you. It is a very common colloquialism in most of the Gulf countries. You’ve probably heard it often in gatherings where people frequently meet, like at meetings. Also, men and women in Qatar have different ways of greeting each other. Males often shake hands when identifying another person. 

Also, when you meet a person you know well in an informal environment, you can kiss each other three times on the right cheek. You can also touch your nose twice when meeting a close friend or relative. The procedure is also standard for women when it is done officially.

To understand Qatar Culture, you need to know the different dating etiquette for men and women in Qatar. Men and women are generally forbidden to touch, and men refrain from reaching out to women or sitting next to them. To know that it is safe to shake hands with a woman. & wait for her to extend her hand from a distance. If she does so, men can also shake hands. Otherwise, she places her right hand over her heart to salute.

Accepting invitations in Qatar

In Understanding Qatar Culture, you can understand there is a different way of accepting an invitation in Qatar. You cannot go there with your family when you get an invitation to visit someone’s house. Qataris do not usually entertain families. Also, although not mandatory, you can bring a small gift, flowers, or sweets if you receive an invitation from a Qatari home.

Visiting a Qatari home as a guest

When you visit a house in Qatar, you must go to the reception room or majlis. There are separate majlis for men and women. When you go home, dress in a more modest, traditional Qatari dress. Be careful taking pictures when you get home. Avoid taking photos of women without their permission. Don’t stare at people at home.

  When you go home, greet each other according to the rank and age of the people there. Also, after you enter, you should accept all the food and drinks served by the hosts with your right hand. They consider it impolite for you to avoid getting their hospitality. When you are done eating, put a small portion of food in your bowl.

While eating, you have to sit cross-legged on the floor and eat with your hands. But if you feel that is difficult, you can request a spoon and a fork. Say “Bismillah” before you take food for the first time and thank the host with “Alhamdulillah” after eating.

Do you take off your shoes at home in Qatar? Don’t? 

One of the main things in Understanding Qatar Culture is Take Off Your Shoes inside a Qatari House. It is a common feature not only in Qatar but also in many traditional countries. That is, they consider walking barefoot in houses in Qatar as a significant act of adultery. Children and adults must take off their shoes inside a Qatari’s House. Also, shoes can be seen in schools and some daycare centers. 

Take off shoes inside a Qatari’s House because the people of Qatar use the floor to eat and often sit. It may seem cultural to remove shoes before entering a house, but in some religions, shoes are removed when entering a sacred place. 

Take Off Your Shoes inside a Qatari’s mosque before entering a mosque if you are Muslim. Similarly, those who take off their shoes and enter for religious reasons are sensitive about it in their own homes and other people’s homes.

From a cultural point of view, taking off your shoes when entering someone’s home can be considered a sign of respect. Also, asking someone to remove their shoes when entering their home can be awkward. 

Most people don’t care about taking off their shoes and entering the house as it is not part of their culture. But if we go to a place, we should be humble enough to stand on their level.

Why should you take off your shoes inside a Qatari’s house?

The main reason for this is the purity of the Qatari tradition that we must understand. They take off their shoes inside the house for significant health reasons. Urban waste is hanging around in the streets, and bringing them home when we come home is like touching a lot of sanitary problems. Our shoes are the primary source of many dangerous pollutants that follow us.

Pesticides, tar, toxic stones, lead, etc., and many poisons remain on the shoes. Also, if there is a sinkhole carpet for all the toxins coming to the house on the shoes, definitely take off your shoes inside a Qatari’s House. 

You know this is not only in Qatari homes, but in many homes, children often spend time on the floor. Small amounts of toxic chemicals can quickly damage their developing central nervous and immune systems.

When they ask you to take off your shoes in a house in Qatar

Many people may need to be in the habit of taking off shoes when entering a home. But when you enter a Qatari house, they will address you as Take Off Your Shoes inside a Qatari’s House. 

Be kind enough to take off your shoes and join as a gesture of respect and courtesy to them, the Qatari culture. We should be flexible enough to make an exception for taking off shoes in a Qatari home, considering all three: religion, culture, and health.

Here are some tips you should follow

  • If you are considering whether or not to take off the shoes inside a Qatari’s house, first observe other guests when entering the house. Or ask your host. The hosts will then direct you where to go.
  • Also, if you take off your shoes when you enter the house, if the host does not offer you shoes, you should take a pair of socks & a pair of slippers from home. Please keep them in your handbag or car.
  • Also, if you are the host of the house in Qatar, provide your guests with what they need to take off shoes and be comfortable in the place.
  • The host accepts slippers of various sizes. But many people don’t like wearing someone else’s used socks and shoes. It is a matter of sanity.
  • If you are the host, provide your guests with a place to sit and leave their shoes comfortably.

Final thoughts

Qatar is a country with many different traditional ethics. If you live there, you must understand the Qatari tradition. Our guide to Understanding Qatar Culture: Take Off Your Shoes inside a Qatari’s House has covered most of what you need.